10 Best Countries To Travel In North And South America

Author: Shubhankar Sen on May 20,2022
North And South America

The North & South American continents offer the most exotic and fabulous locations for your vacation. There are plenty of great spots to visit on these magnificent continents. Millions of tourists from across the globe flock every year to these continents to enrich their travel experience. These two continents have something to offer for every kind of travel lover. Whether you are a nature admirer, a wildlife enthusiast, a history buff, a cultural enthusiast, an art lover, or a sophisticated urbanite, the countries of North and South America has everything you need for a great vacation. Historic sites, geological wonders, natural attractions, incredible manmade wonders, glamorous cities, and many other landmarks adorn these continents.

Let's dive deep in search of the best countries to travel to in America, which will offer you a whole different experience of traveling. Grab your passports, and let's take off! 


1. United States of America, North America



The United States comprises 50 states and encompasses a massive area of North America that offers various and diverse travel destinations to explore. The heavenly Hawaii Islands with world-class food, beautiful sights, fresh ocean scents, and inviting weather is a must-visit if you are in the States. The iconic Statue of Liberty is located in New York, Hollywood, Washington D.C., and many other towns and states greet visitors every year from around the globe and offer an enthralling travel experience. Marvel at the incredible Grand Canyon. Spend a fun-filled vacation with kids exploring various amusement parks in Orlando, Florida. Take a trip to the famous Disneyland or find yourself immersed in the beauty of soft sand and palm trees!


2. Ecuador & the Galapagos, South America


There's no better place to start exploring South America than right in the world's middle! Straddling the equator, the aptly named country of Ecuador is one of the smaller Andean nations and is one of 17 megadiverse countries. Ecuador also houses the world's first and second UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In recent years, this nation has grown tremendously in popularity. Ecuador invites you with optimal weather year-round and is a cost-effective travel destination if you plan to travel low. Extraordinary scenic landscapes, friendly locals, fantastic visitor sites, and all of it within a relatively small country make Ecuador a hit for your vacation.


3. Colombia, South America


 Among South America's long list of countries that are a must-visit, Columbia tops it all. It has gained tremendous popularity among travelers because of its eclectic culture, numerous visitor sites, festivals, food, and globally renowned coffee. This country is one of the world's most diverse nations with two oceans, a range of climates, energetic cities, and astonishing wildlife. It is a haven for travelers looking for recreational activities, including kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, paragliding, surfing, diving, dancing, and many more. Colombia has blossomed into a stunning and fun destination to travel to.


4. Cuba, North America



Cuba, a beautiful Caribbean island situated in North America, is a must for vacationing. Sugar-white shores and tobacco fields adorn the sugar bowl of the world. Havana, the capital city of Cuba, boasts of impressive Spanish-colonial architecture. Pastel houses line the street of the beautiful town, and vintage cars dating back to the 1950s can be seen in the quiet city. A short drive from Havana will take you to Varadero's famous beach resort town. If you are an explorer, visiting Bellamar Caves, a sprawling cavern system located in Matanzas, is necessary. Holidays on the sandy beaches and azure waters will warm you up from within.


5. Peru, South America


Peru shines with its numerous heritage sites containing ancient ruins, massive hieroglyphs, incredible valleys, history, and rich soil. This country boasts of historical monuments and is the birthplace of the Inca civilization. The people of Peru are also immensely proud of their heritage and are quite welcoming to travelers who wish to admire the impressive features of their enchanting country. Peru's most popular tourist destination is undoubtedly the sublime and "Lost City" of Machu Picchu. Situated high up top in the majestic mountains, this archeological wonder never fails to dazzle tourists from around the globe to admire its timeless beauty and jaw-dropping vistas.


6. Canada, North America


Canada is a beautiful and diverse country in North America, extending from the USA in the south to the breathtaking Arctic Circle in the north. Ottawa is famous not just for being its capital city, but it is a treat for architecture lovers with gothic monuments lined across the busy city. Canada is known for being home to the astonishing Niagara Falls and the scenic Rocky Mountains. From bustling Toronto and Vancouver to the Francophone regions of Montreal and Quebec, Canada's many prominent cities are worth exploring. The spectacular and picture-worthy Penticton City in British Columbia is a must-visit when in Canada. This attraction is between two lakes with rolling mountains in the background and vineyards surrounding the area. The Banff National Park hosts a haven for nature lovers and wildlife photographers.


7. Chile, South America


There are so many activities in this very exotic nation that it's hard to know where to even begin. Indeed, the country is vast, but this is precisely what makes it an extraordinary place, as it caters to a wide gamut of tastes and interests. Nature lovers, artists, wine and food connoisseurs, hikers, climbers, and explorers alike will all easily fall in love with what the country of Chile has in store for them. The vistas in the Atacama desert, the driest desert in the world, have great vast swathes of colorful terrain. A wide-open blue sky seems to be endless under a scorching sun, all of which seem endless, which then cools down under one of the starriest skies you'll ever rest your eyes on.


8. Mexico, South America



Located between Central America and the USA, Mexico is a spectacular country. It is famous for its vast deserts, green forests, and mighty mountains. It also boasts elegant and beautiful Pacific shores and pristine beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. Make sure you visit ancient ruins such as Chichén Itzá and San Juan Teotihuacán during your vacation here. Touring through the unique towns that date back to the Spanish colonial era is a must here. Visit famous museums, shop at upscale malls, and enjoy fine dining at the gourmet restaurants in the capital city of Mexico.


9. Bahamas, North America


An alluring archipelago, the Bahamas is another fascinating destination to explore in North America. Nassau, the trendy capital city of this island paradise, is enchanting enough to cast you in its magic. The Bahamas comprises more than 700 islands and cays that range from uninhabited areas to bustling places and upscale beach resorts. The Grand Bahamas and the enchanting Paradise Island are some of the islands home to massive luxury hotels and resorts. The fun of snorkeling and scuba diving at Andros Barrier Reef and Thunderball Grotto or seeing the black coral gardens at Bimini island cannot be missed when in the Bahamas.


10. Costa Rica, North America


Costa Rica lies in the lap of mother nature, all covered in rainforests and close to the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Even though the capital city of San Jose is famous for its cultural and historical significance and landmarks, Costa Rica is renowned for its gorgeous beaches, active volcanoes, scenic lakes, and extraordinary biodiversity. This country is full of protected forests that house fantastic wildlife, such as quetzal birds, tapirs, ocelots, and spider monkeys. Besides this, Costa Rica boasts dense flora and fauna. So if you are a wildlife enthusiast or a nature lover, this country is a must-visit for you!




The American continent comprising both North and South America is the most-visited travel destination globally. Both the continents of North & South America have a plethora of vacationing countries welcoming you to the most exotic of all the locations around the globe. Whether it be the natural terrains and forests to the most glamorous skyscrapers, these countries have a lot to offer. The American continent hosts some of the best countries for traveling and exploring. From the USA to Columbia, from ancient Peru to the bustling cities of Canada, these are the best countries to travel to in America. Pack your bag and head to the nearest airport for a flight to these incredible hotspots for your next vacation. For more travel tips and information, visit Leisure.com!

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