Top 10 Cheap Beach Vacation Spots In The US For Every Budget

Author: Saumya Khanduja on Sep 13,2023
couple enjoying beach vacation

You seriously dont have to spend a huge chunk of money to have fun at the beach! 


Beach vacations in the USA do not really have to be super expensive! Our country is massive. There is a huge coastline, which directly means there are going to be many beautiful beach vacation spots scattered around. Sure, our most famous beaches like the San Diego beach or other tropical beaches in Hawaii are pretty much on the expensive side; there are plenty of cheap beach vacation spots too. Yes, you can actually enjoy a beach vacation on a budget!


Leisure is listing out some of the best cheap beach vacation spots in the USA, all of which will fall under your budget. From quiet beaches with a touch of wilderness and nature to lively ones surrounded by pool parties and other amusements - there is a cheap beach vacation spot for every requirement.


10 Best Cheap Beach Vacation Spots in the USA 


1. Ocean City, Maryland 


Ocean City Maryland sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean


Starting with one of the most popular beach vacation spots - Ocean City, located in Maryland, is a part of the Atlantic Ocean. This beach is pretty touristy and is always loaded with people all around. You can really feel the hustle and bustle anytime you come here. 


This long, sandy beach is not just full of entertainment but has a beautiful, long, and broad walkway that will soothe your soul. Youll also find loads of arcade games, restaurants, souvenir shops, theme parks, ice cream stands, and cheap accommodation options. 


If you need another reason to visit this beach, check out Ocean City for an extra dose of fun. The city area is exciting, lively, and really fun to be in. 


2. Olcott, New York


Olcott Beach


Coming up next to our beloved East Coast, Olcott Beach is something not a lot of people are familiar with. But, those who are aware of this beach know how lively and fun it is to be here, especially with your entire family. 


The beach spot is located right on the shores of Lake Ontario. Here you can explore and enjoy the Olcott Beach Carousel Park, ride around the vintage carousel for just a quarter and shop around the Lakeview Village shopping place right on the boardwalk. The destination is amazing for people interested in spending their weekends fishing. It is just a short drive away from Niagara Falls State Park. 


Here, most accommodation options are in Lockport, with amazing views and family-friendly amenities.


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3. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 


Myrtle Beach , South Carolina at sunrise


Miles and miles of South Carolinas sandy shoreline, Myrtle Beach never disappoints anyone. This cheap beach vacation spot is blessed with sun all around the year and is loaded with a wide variety of budget-friendly activities. It is the perfect weekend getaway for family and friends. 


You can relax, lounge under the sun, hear the Atlantic ocean waves crashing down the shoreline, and enjoy a game or two of frisbee and volleyball. If you are looking for some adventure, try surfing and swimming. If all of this is not your thing, just indulge yourself in some peaceful dolphin watching. 


Myrtle Beach is a fantastic place to be with your entire family, with hundreds of family-friendly and amenities-rich accommodations. You can take your kids to the Ripleys Aquarium and the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel to have fun all day long. 


4. Florida Panhandle, Florida 

This classic beach destination in everyones beloved Florida is popular for many reasons. Trust us when we say this; the reasons are all legitimately valid in terms of beauty and serenity. The only downside here is that this beach spot is densely populated due to its popularity. But you can always get great deals around for almost everything! Florida Panhandle has some of the best deals around, especially around the Gulf Coast of Florida. 


From here, you can easily reach the most popular spots around the beach in Panama City and Pensacola and enjoy your weekend with your friends and family. The best time to visit the beach is from April through October when temperatures are sunny and pleasant. 


The primary reason you should pack your beach bag and fly straight down here is for the beautifully mesmerizing emerald waters at the most picture-perfect shoreline. 


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5. Cannon Beach, Oregon 


Cannon Beach in Oregon


Another picture-perfect cheap beach vacation spot is located in Oregon. Cannon Beach has a range of outdoor activities which people really enjoy. Cannon Beach proves all stereotypical images of a basic beach town. You dont have to wear a bikini and relax with coconut water every time. You can actually enjoy and take in its stunning beauty in other ways too. 


Located just an hour and a half away from Portland, Cannon Beach feels like a different world upon reaching. Here, admire the iconic Haystack Rock, a natural landmark protruding right from the ocean. It is located just a few hundred feet away from the shoreline. 


While you are here with your loved ones, indulge in amazing outdoor fun and snap some Instagram-worthy shots with the stunning view as your backdrop. And for those of you who are interested in some adventure, opt for biking, hiking, and flying a kite while you are here. 


6. Galveston, Texas 


This small and charming beach town is perfectly accessible, especially for the Houstonians, for whom the drive is just under an hour. Once you are here at Galveston, you can go around, exploring everything on foot. You dont have to pay for any cabs or car rental services! 


While you are here, learn a lesson on the history of Galveston since the 19th century at the Moody Mansion, home of one of the founding families of Galveston. You can even visit the East End Historic District to get an up-close and personal look at the dazzling life of the Victorians back then. 


After this, you can start indulging in some gastronomical adventure and enjoy delicious corn on the cob, a three-pound platter of crawfish, and some hush puppies at the beach. Everything is delectable and wallet-friendly here. 


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7. San Diego, California 


San Diego beach


There is a reason why San Diego beach made it to our list of cheap beach vacation spots in the USA. It is beautiful, family-friendly, and can be wallet-friendly if you consider it. Here, you will always have something to do. 


This beach spot is extremely popular for the weekend away with your loved ones with a lively atmosphere, sunny eateries, and amazing people all around. Just grab your camera and go on an adventure for the weekend. Watch sea lions, become mesmerized by the rock formations, and be awe-struck by the exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary Art. 


8. South Padre, Texas 


Popular among every beach lover for a great spring break, South Padre is a tourist attraction with its own charm! You can just get a table out on the Patio at The Cafe here and indulge in some delicious shrimp tacos while sunbathing. The food here is to die for! 


After lunch, just venture out and explore the boardwalk along the Nature Trail of Laguna Madre. You can even indulge in a fun picnic with your loved ones on the beachfront of Isla Blanca Park. The 70-mile long seashore is popular for being a naturally undeveloped barrier land, giving you just another reason to explore around. 


9. Hampton Beach, New Hampshire 


Hampton Beach aerial view


Though known to be expensive, New England can still offer some cheap beach fun at one of the most gorgeous beaches of all time in the USA - Hampton Beach. You can really enjoy it here on a budget. This is a summer favorite, especially among the locals here in New England. 


This huge beach has tons of activities to do, like playing a sport, surfing, fishing and so much more. You can enjoy a weekend away here tucked in a cozy cottage relishing some local seafood. You can indulge in some arcade fun surrounding the sandy beach. This is one of the best cheap beach vacation spots for families in and around New England. 


10. Sleeping Beach Lakeshore, Michigan 


Sleeping Beach Lakeshore, Michigan


This is truly bizarre and unexpected, but yes, Michigan can offer you some beachy fun too! The Sleeping Beach Lakeshore is actually a beach vacation spot on a lake and not exactly on an ocean. But it certainly serves our beach cravings well! It is an incredible weekend beach getaway, especially if you are in and around the midwest and are not interested in traveling far away. 


This beautiful beach even has sand dunes where you can indulge in adventure and fun, including climbing, kayaking, hiking, and so much more. If you are tired from all this fun, just soak in the sun and relax at the shore. 


This pseudo-beach is nestled right between the forest and the freshwater lake. It is one of the best places if you are looking for beach adventures and chill vibes! 


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