Exploring the Best Thermal Spas in Hungary

People enjoying thermal spa in Budapest, Hungary

Hungary is the land of natural hot springs. With close to 1000 active springs beneath the ground, there are hundreds of places where you can indulge in a magical soak during your Hungary trip. The spa resorts in Hungary are spread out all across the country, and you can find various options to choose from as you explore the beautiful landscapes of the nearby region.


Learn about the culture of bathing in the healing waters of the thermals spa resorts in Hungary and check out the best places that you should visit for a rejuvenating experience on your Hungary Vacation.



  1. History of Thermal Spas
  2. What you should know
  3. Best Thermal Spas for your Preferences
  • Lake Heviz
  • Hagymatikum Baths (Mak)
  • Miskolctapolca Cave Baths
  • Gellert Spa and Bath


Let us understand a little about the culture in Hungary of Taking in the Waters


History of Thermal Spas

Throughout history, Hungary has been a popular destination for travels, armies, and rulers to halt their journeys and soak in one of the medicinal thermal spas in the country as the country is landlocked on all sides by seven different countries and is situated in central Europe. Travelers from different parts of the continents visit its amazing natural spas.


It is believed that over 2000 years ago, the soldiers of the Roman Empire used to come to Hungary to soak in its amazing thermal spas. The mineral-rich spring water is believed to have medicinal properties and can help with several medical issues such as arthritis, blood flow, muscular pain, and various skin diseases.


It is a common tradition in Hungary to Taking the waters, which means soaking in one of the hot spring water pools. Hungarians locals visit the spas in the morning as well as evening to relax and enjoy the pristine waters.


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What you Should Know About Thermal Spas

The thermal pools in spa facilities in Hungary offer various services for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The temperature of the water varies for different pools, from warm to hot. Other services offered by spa resorts include massages, sauna, steam rooms, and cold water pools.


Most thermal pools are well built, in a swimming pool-like structure with steps at the edge to sit on. Most pools are large and deep enough to do laps while swimming in hot water.


Every thermal pool offers different characteristics in terms of temperature, properties of the water, and ambiance. Most Hungarian locals have a preferred spa of their choice when they wish to go for a swim. Make sure to check out our list of best spas in Hungary before you book your Hungary Vacations.


You will need a swimsuit, flip-flops, and a towel on your visit. Although most establishments offer these things at the property, it is better to bring your own. You will receive a locker where you can put your belongings and a key that hangs on your wrist while you soak up. Make sure not to lose it.


When you enter the establishment, you will have a range of services to choose from. Make sure to tell the receptionist what you would like; otherwise, the soak in the common activity of choice for most people in many places.


Most spa facilities are unisex, and you will find people of all ages and genders bathing in the pools. However, certain spas will find different timings for men and women and designated places for children and adults.


One of the most amazing things to do after soaking in the pools for a long time is filling up delicious Hungarian dishes. You will find great eateries and restaurants inside and nearby the spa, where you can taste some delicious dishes and beverages.


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Best Thermal Spas in Hungary

Hungary has close to 1300 thermal water springs across the country, and 123 are situated in the capital city, Budapest. You will never run short of options to choose from, no matter which part of the country youre in. This is one reason why many locals have a particular preference when it comes to going to a thermal spa. With so many establishments, competition is always high in the market, and therefore every spa tries to offer something unique for its customers.


Here are the best thermal spas in Hungary that you should visit on your vacation:


Lake Heviz, Heviz


thermal lake Heviz


The thermal lake Heviz is one of the most amazing natural spa resorts in the world. The lake is situated near the capital city and covers an area of 511,000 square feet. The massive lake is Europes largest Thermal lake and the second-largest in the world. The lake sits in a crater with natural springs over 100 meters below the surface bubbling to the top. The temperature at the lake ranges from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.


Throughout history, the lake has served as a spa retreat to Roman soldiers and travelers. Today, there are various hotels, lodges, spa resorts, and even a hospital around the lake. It has become the most popular spa town in the country.


Hagymatikum Baths (Mak)                           


Hagymatikum Baths

Image: archilovers     


Opened in 2012, this is one of the unique spa facilities in Hungary. More than just a place to soak in the hot waters, the whole property is an architectural marvel with various fun, and exciting activities spread out all around you. The property has a network of multiple hot water pools, which form a sort of lazy river, and various levels in the mushroom-shaped domes, where you can relax. Visitors can choose from 18 different pools and 9 types of saunas. The spa resort has natural hot springs from where it draws water and the pristine mud from the Maros, which helps with various medical ailments.


Miskolctapolca Cave Baths


thermal bath in a natural cave in Miskolctapolca


Situated in the third-largest city of Hungary called Miskolc, this peculiar spa resort is one of our favorite from the list. Mainly because of its unique structure of caves that are interconnected with the hot water pools. It is one of Hungary's most popular spa towns, dating back to the 1700s when they were first established under the Ottoman Empire. The limestone caves add to the mineral properties of the waters and offer a total of 150 meters of pristine relaxing pools. The property has outdoor and indoor pools and offers one of the most magical experiences of your lifetime. The water temperature is not too hot at 86 degrees Fahrenheit and lower salt content, which makes it ideal for longer durations of soaking.


Gellert Spa and Bath


Gellert Thermal Bath, traditional Hungarian thermal bath


Located in the heart of the capital city of Budapest, The Gellert Spa and Bath is, without doubt, one of the most luxurious spa resorts in the country. The spa itself is situated inside a swanky hotel with royal architecture and beautiful decorations all around. The property is full of greenery and art, giving off a museum vibe, with multiple hot water pools segregated for men and women. the property has both outside and indoor pools, with the lap pools situated inside and a modern artificial wave pool located on the outdoors. It is definitely a spot worth checking out on your Hungary vacation packages.



Hungary boasts a remarkable array of top-tier thermal spas that offer not just relaxation, but a holistic wellness experience. From the grandeur of Heviz Thermal Lake to the serene offerings of Gellert Spa and Bath, each spa carries its unique charm, therapeutic waters, and a legacy of rejuvenating treatments. Visiting these thermal spas isn't just a leisurely indulgence; it's an invitation to immerse oneself in centuries-old traditions of health, relaxation, and vitality amidst Hungary's breathtaking settings.

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