10 Days of Luxury in Hungary: A Cultural and Culinary Journey

Hungary is a country in Central Europe known for its rich history and culture. Its capital, Budapest, is home to several iconic landmarks, such as the Parliament Building and the Szchenyi thermal baths. Hungary is also known for its beautiful countryside, including the picturesque Lake Balaton and the rolling hills of the Great Plains. Enjoy the best of Hungary with this 10-day luxury Itinerary. 

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to the capital city, Budapest!

On arrival in Budapest, meet your private guide who will transfer you to your hotel. After rest, spend the day exploring the capital. Visit the famous thermal baths and the Castle District. In the evening, enjoy a traditional Hungarian meal at a local restaurant and check out the vibrant nightlife of the city before returning to your hotel.

Day 2: Budapest exploration

After breakfast, visit the top sites of Budapest including the Hungarian Parliament Building, and learn about the history and architecture of this iconic landmark. Then, explore the Buda Castle, the Hungarian king's residential place. Take a lunch break in one of the premium restaurants and then proceed to visit the Szchenyi thermal baths and relax in the warm waters before returning to your hotel for a lavish dinner.

Day 3: Another day in Budapest

Head to the beautiful Lake Balaton and spend the day swimming and soaking up the sun. Enjoy wine tasting at a local vineyard along with a traditional Hungarian dinner in the evening,  which is a must-do activity in Budapest that you wouldn't want to miss.

Day 4: Travel to Gyor

Today, hop in a comfy private drive and travel to the city of Gyor (an hour and twenty-minute drive) and visit the Gyor Art Museum and the Gyor National Theater. Explore the city's historic center in the afternoon and visit the Cathedral of Gyor. Wander through the cobblestone pedestrian street and explore different shops, bars, and cafes to have dinner. Return to the hotel.

Day 5: Explore the town of Siofok

Take an hour's drive to Siofok, known for its beaches and vibrant nightlife. Spend the day at Japanese and English gardens, then proceed to Jokai Park. In the evening, explore the nightlife, have dinner, and chill at Borsodi Beach before returning to your hotel.

Day 6: Visit Szentendre

Today, journey to the town of Szentendre and explore its picturesque streets and art galleries. In the afternoon, visit the Open Air Ethnographic Museum and learn about traditional Hungarian village life. Return to your hotel for dinner.

Day 7: Explore the city of Pcs

Head to the city of Pecs (a two-hour and twenty-minute drive) and visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Early Christian Necropolis. Explore the city's historical center in the afternoon and visit the Mosque Church and the Pecs National Theater. Return to your accommodation.

Day 8: Day trip to Eger

Drive an hour and fifteen minutes for a day trip to Eger and visit the Eger Castle and the famous Eger Minaret. After lunch, visit The Gothic Palace, Art Gallery, and the Underground Passageways. In the evening, attend a concert at the Eger Castle Orchestra before checking in to the hotel.

Day 9: Eger exploration

Spend the day in the countryside, hiking and exploring the beautiful landscapes of Hungary. Visit the Valley of the Beautiful Woman (Szepasszonyvolgy), where you can enjoy Hungarian wines. In the evening, visit a local farm and enjoy a traditional Hungarian feast.

Day 10: Return to Budapest and fly back home

This morning, you will travel back to Budapest and spend your final day exploring the city's museums and galleries. Enjoy a farewell dinner before your private guide takes you to the airport for your trip home.


Reason Why You Should Plan A Trip To Hungary

Budapest offers a captivating blend of Gothic architecture, the magnificent blue Danube, and the picturesque Buda hills. Prepare yourself for a culinary experience like no other, indulge in the relaxing thermal spas for hours, and behold some of the most awe-inspiring city views in the world.


The uniqueness of Hungarian culture is truly remarkable. The Hungarian language stands apart from any other in the world. Hungarians possess a wonderful sense of humor and speak with passion. They are known for their straightforwardness, which took me by surprise when I visited the Hungarian Embassy for the first time! During your trip to Hungary, you can expect to encounter friendly locals who are more than willing to help.


In summary, a visit to Hungary promises an unforgettable experience filled with stunning architecture, natural beauty, delightful cuisine, and encounters with a truly distinctive culture.


Important Information to Know Before Your Trip



Hungary is a member of the European Union, so the Schengen Visa regulations apply here. Your visit to Hungary can be as short as 10 days or as long as 90 days!



Hungary experiences all four seasons, so pack accordingly. I've included a packing list below. It's worth noting that not all places have air conditioning during the summer, so if that's a necessity for you, be sure to book accommodations that offer AC.



While Hungary is part of the European Union, the currency used is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). While some establishments may accept Euros (EUR), it's not widespread yet. Credit cards are widely accepted, but it's a good idea to have some cash on hand for situations like public restroom fees or bus fares outside of Budapest.



The official language of Hungary is Hungarian, a unique and beautiful language. Many younger people speak English fluently, and German is also commonly understood. Here are a few useful Hungarian phrases:

  • Igen - yes
  • Nem - no
  • Ksznm - Thank you (pronunciation guide available)


I felt very safe in Hungary, even when walking around at night. However, like any city, there are certain areas in Budapest, such as H?s Street, that should be avoided. Keep an eye out, conceal your valuables, and use common sense to ensure a safe trip.


Where to Stay in Hungary

Budapest serves as an excellent "home base" for your Hungary itinerary. It's conveniently located, making it easy to explore various parts of the country during your 10-day visit. The city is divided into two parts: Buda and Pest.

Please note these essential details when planning your Hungary vacation, so that you can have the best time with your family or friends and make it a memorable trip.




How many days is enough for Hungary?

The ideal duration for a trip to Hungary depends on your interests and the places you wish to visit. Generally, spending around 7 days in Hungary allows you to explore Budapest and some other popular destinations in Hungary, giving you a good overview of the country. However, if you want to delve deeper into the regions and experience more of Hungary's cultural heritage and natural beauty, extending your trip to 2 weeks or more would be recommended.


Which is better: Budapest, Prague, or Vienna?

Budapest, Prague, and Vienna are all captivating cities with their unique charm. The choice between them depends on personal preferences. Budapest is known for its stunning architecture, vibrant nightlife, and thermal baths. Prague boasts a well-preserved medieval old town and a fairy-tale-like atmosphere. Vienna is renowned for its classical music, imperial palaces, and elegant coffee houses. Each city has its own distinct appeal, so it's best to consider your interests and priorities when deciding which one to visit.


How many days do you need in Budapest and Prague?

To explore the main attractions and get a good sense of both Budapest and Prague, it is recommended to spend at least 3-4 days in each city. This timeframe allows you to visit the iconic landmarks, experience the local culture, sample the cuisine, and have some leisure time to immerse yourself in the city's atmosphere. However, if you have more time available, extending your stay in both cities will provide you with a more in-depth experience.


Which month is best for Hungary?

The best time to visit Hungary largely depends on your preferences and the activities you plan to engage in. The spring months of April and May offer pleasant weather with blooming landscapes, making it ideal for outdoor activities and exploring the cities. The summer months of June to August are popular for festivals, events, and enjoying the lively atmosphere, although it can be quite hot. Autumn (September to October) showcases beautiful fall foliage and milder temperatures. Winter (December to February) is a great time for experiencing Christmas markets and enjoying thermal baths. Consider your preferred activities and weather conditions when choosing the best month for your visit.


Is Hungary an expensive country to visit?

Hungary is generally considered to be an affordable destination compared to some other European countries. While prices can vary depending on your travel style and preferences, Hungary offers good value for money. Budapest, in particular, provides a range of accommodation options, dining choices, and attractions to suit various budgets. Exploring beyond the capital can also offer affordable experiences. However, as with any travel destination, costs can increase depending on your choices of accommodations, dining, and activities.

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