Top 5 Adventure Travel Places in Europe to Visit Right Now

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Sep 30,2021

You may be tired of your daily routine and maybe on the search for an adventure. Many adventure travel places in Europe can satisfy your thirst for it. These places can help you take a hot air balloon or bungee jump off a bridge. These adventure travel places in Europe are the ticket to some great adrenaline rush. You will get to spend your time and money on experiences and not materials. Instead of collecting many things, you will get numerous wonderful stories of adventure. These adventure travel places in Europe do not need you to risk your personal or family’s safety. It is mainly about going out of your comfort zone and finding out about the wonderful people and the continent.


You can camp under the Northern Lights in Scandinavia with locals, stroll around the ancient temples of Athens while learning Greek, talk with people over the perfect cup of coffee in Italy, and get to understand the people of Europe. You must now be raring to go to these adventure travel places in Europe. To start, save your cash to enjoy the vacation. Following that, choose your locations. You can get your adrenaline pumping for activities such as snowboarding, rafting, or mountain biking. You can also go for other activities such as cooking classes or local homestays. Then, pack the correct gear for the activities you are seeking to do. Get hiking boots for mountain climbing and comfy flats for walking around on the pavement. Without further ado, here are the top adventure places in Europe. 


Best Adventure Places in Europe


1. Roam around Italy on a Vespa



The Vespa tour is a unique trip experience in the South of Europe. The country that comes to mind when we think of Vespa is Italy. On this Italian trip, you will be able to escape your daily routine and enjoy the feeling of complete liberty while roaming through the Italian landscapes with your very own Vespa. Find out more about Tuscany, Sicily, or the Amalfi Coast in an adventurous and special method. You are sure to delight in the landscapes, the cuisine, and the historic villages in this highly memorable tour. The choice is up to you to make. You can easily ride on the winding road of the Amalfi Coast and soak in several of the best views you will ever get. You will be able to see this incredible region in Italy like no other. You will return home with a great experience by your side.


You may also enjoy riding through the vineyards in Tuscany. Watching the sunset over the sunflower fields while drinking a lovely glass of red wine is the essence of Italy. Sicily is also a great option that can give you one of the biggest adventures. This tiny island is well known for its active volcano Mount Etna. But it has many hidden gems to see as well. Indeed, it is one of the best adventure places in Europe.


2. Go Hiking in Iceland



The Iceland Trail is an exceptional and adventurous tour experience in one of the fascinating countries of Europe. On this trip, you will go from shelter to shelter. On the way, you will encounter hot springs and volcanoes. The scenery makes it one of the gorgeous hiking trails on the planet. We have never been able to point it out exactly. But Iceland gives an extraordinary feeling. You will understand how nature came to be and how incredible natural beauty can be. Each day, you will go on distances that cover nearly ten miles. A few shelters have a hot spring nearby where tourists can relax after spending the whole day hiking. Hikers do not have to worry about bringing their camping gear also.


You can easily rent special meals, hiking sticks, and your tent for a small fee. You can also have your luggage carried by jeep. This means you will not have to carry around a heavy backpack all day long. You can simply stroll through the paths and discover one of the most diverse and gorgeous nations on the planet.


3. See the Northern Lights and go on a Safari 



Lapland travel is one the most special trip experiences in Europe during the winter. It is on the bucket list of many people. Lapland is the most northern area of Finland. Every season in Finland is very different. In wintertime, it is as close as you can get to a dreamy winter wonderland. On this tour, you must spend time in Akaslompolo. It is a very cozy village in the Finnish Lapland. From here, you can go on a special and new adventure daily. You can drive a snowmobile, go on a safari with a sled, and see the northern lights. There are so many things to see that you will not decide which activities to prioritize. But you must start your planning quickly if you want to visit one of the best adventure travel places in Europe.


4. Go Kayaking in the Norwegian Fjords



The Kayak tour is a special trip experience that will have you paddling in the deepest fjord of Norway. The place is Sognefjord, which is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Eons ago, this was the location where the Vikings had their headquarters. This is the place from where they launched their attacks all over Europe. You may have never been in a kayak. But you do not have to worry. This will not hold you back from enjoying your trip. You will see the top sea kayaking techniques on the first day, so you are ready to set out into nature and enjoy this kayaking tour. Overall, you will cover nearly 75 miles. All kayaks come with waterproof storage space. It helps to keep your camping gear and belongings safe and secure. 


The nation is well known for its wild camping trips. You can set up your camp anywhere you like as long as you keep some rules in mind. Just think about getting to the middle of these stunning fjords and having the liberty to set up camp anywhere you want. It is one of the great adventure travel places in Europe.


5. Go on a Hiking Adventure in the Balkan



The Balkan Trail is a special and once-in-a-lifetime hiking trip where you will see the peaks of the Balkan. You will be amidst some of the gorgeous landscapes that the continent has to provide. These include Kosovo, Albania, and Montenegro. The tour is an absolute delight for every hiking fan. It has an award from World Travel and Tourism for the most beautiful hiking trail. On the hiking adventure, you will encounter some of the top highlights that the trail has to give. Some years ago, this tour would not have been possible because of the closed borders. But a new border crossing has been constructed. Now, you can see the great mountain ranges of Montenegro, Kosovo, and Albania.



You must be tired of always looking at the same category of vacations when planning a trip. You must be on the lookout for a greater adrenaline rush on your holidays. Then, you should try out these adventure travel places in Europe. Over the past few years, we have explored every nook and cranny of our incredible planet as much as we can. We come to the eventual realization that it is not the destination that matters always. The most important thing is the experience that you derive that makes the vacation truly special.


Some vacations surprise you because of their compelling and astounding nature. These trips give you a great feeling of liberation every time you go on one. You will feel so free that you may start singing along with every song on the radio during the drive. In this article, we have chosen some of the best adventure travel places in Europe. These locales will give you the trip of your lifetime. Also, you will get to meet similarly minded tourists who are also on the lookout for the ultimate adrenaline rush.




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