The Best Adventure Activities To Do In 2020

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 01,2020

2020 has been completely out of the box year. The one most important thing we have learned in just 3 months of this year is that life can end any day. Our work is not life; whatever makes us happy is life.


While we struggle every single day to complete our deadlines, how is it ever going to give us the golden spark that makes us happy? It won’t. We have to make each day count, and make memories that last for years and years to come.


Times are tough but it is not going to be the same forever. The day will come very soon when you will be free to go around the world and live.


Living this quarantine, we all know how important it is to take that adventure we had always wanted to before life takes away the chance.


To help you with the same, here are some of the most heartwarming adventures one should take in 2020.


1.The Other Lost City of Peru

2.Sail around remote Philippines Island with locals

3.Trek in the Himalayas

4.SkyDiving in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


The Other Lost City of Peru

The world knows Machu Picchu and 1.3 million different pictures of the ancient city have been shared on Instagram. If you wish to see Machu Picchu, you won’t have to go all over to the other part of the world. Just scroll through all the pictures of the Instagram of Machu Picchu and TADAAA.


But Machu Picchu is not the only ruins in Peru. There is a lost city out there that demands to be found. 


(There are just 9,300 pictures of it on Instagram and are widely unknown).


Take the trip, go find the unknown. Fill your heart with the thrill. And when you find that lost city, scream out and tell the entire world about it.

This lost city was found by Incas in 1536, Choquequirao. It is filled with ruins preserved in the lifetime of centuries. This lost city is massive and is said to be 3 times larger than Machu Picchu.


The path that takes you to this lost city goes through Peruvian Andes, the breathtaking desert, the enchanting cloud forest, and through stunning snow-capped mountains. 


The trail is taken by a very very few people in a day. This means there is a great possibility you are the only person there at the time. 


The trail exhausts you, it is 7 to 10 hours of pure physical strength to walk through. You should only take up the challenge of this adventure if you really can.


Sail around remote Philippines Island with locals 

Hold your heart because this adventure will bust it open. It’s a hunt, a race; it’s the massive adventure of life. Starting from Boracay, you will meet the group of locals that will take you to this fantastic adventure. You will dive into the sea and take the path to the group of islands that sits to blow your mind. 


After reaching, you will be introduced to the challenges of making your own camp out of coconut trees and leaves. You will go hunt for your own food. If needed, you will also build a raft.

The purest leisure and struggle of living in the lap of nature is something to be experienced here. 


The temperature will be hot, the sailing will be for days, it will be exhausting but you will be on the edge of the grim life of a local. 


You will be sleeping in a hammock built by yourself. You will be living on an island all alone. And you will be doing every single thing the locals do for their sustenance to feel the magnitude of adventure right in your bones. 


This is not a travel for a traveler; it is for an adventure seeker purely and entirely. 


Trek in the Himalayas

The Himalayas, the name that sends a shiver down your spine. The massive mountain peaks penetrating the clouds stand with all their pride. Trekking and concurring these mountains is the most tremendous adventure one can take in this whole wide world.

While Mount Everest steals all the attention, the Himalayas have several other mountains that challenge a person with equal difficulty.


The Himalayas are 10 times larger than the area of France. Thousands and thousands of people live in the mountains. While some regions are extremely remote, there are many filled with population, tradition, cultures, and lifestyle.


Trekking Himalayas is an adventure that will fill you up with the spirit of power and strength and amazing love for adventure.


To take a trek, you need to be physically well trained. The sloppy mountains of the Himalayas are covered with thick layers of snow that makes it extremely cold and difficult to walk through.


Several villages and towns around the Himalayas will fascinate and astound you with their rich culture and beauty.


SkyDiving in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Sky diving is one of the most thrilling adventures for a human that is out of your natural skills. Humans were not made to fly or be in the air at such a height. But we managed to break nature’s code to survive in the air, even if it is only for a few minutes.


A helicopter takes you in the middle of the clouds and then pushes you out while you surf the sky just like a bird. The thrill will fill your heart, and the rush of craziness will run in your blood.


Dubai is a place of wonders. Dubai does not leave any opportunity to astound a traveler. The humongous skyscrapers. Ditching nature, we have taken Dubai for the best skydiving adventure. Despite being a city, Dubai is stupendously gorgeous and in collaboration with nature, it has many man-made wonders.


One of them is Palm Jumeirah, the artificial archipelago. It is made on reclaimed land standing out of the city in the Persian Gulf.


Skydiving requires proper training and a lot of focus on attention. It is not on the higher levels of difficulty, but the adventure can scare you to the bits. Make sure you are confident enough to rise above your fear to conquer it. 

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