Top 8 Tips for Choosing the Best Adventure Travel Accessories

You must be very excited when you decide to start traveling. But you may have been clueless about picking the right travel gear. 

We have traveled and lived as nomads for years. In the process, we have gained a lot of knowledge about travel gear. This has happened through trial and error.

 As long-term travelers, we look for quality, durability, and good value in our travel gear. 


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Cost concerns were the main factor for much of our early purchases. But we have found out that it can be great to buy high-quality adventure travel accessories. These cost more but last longer as well.


We have put together a wealth of resources with the team's combined experience. Find out the best adventure travel accessories for your next trip. 


The Top Tips For Adventure Travel Accessories


1. Canon Rebel T6 Kit



The incredible wildlife. The stunning watercolor. The beautiful sunset. 

Experiencing it in person is out of this world. You take out your phone to get the picture. But the photo you click has grainy zoom, poor visibility, and dull colors.

Phones are good for close-up shots. But they do not do justice to landscape photography. Your phone is not enough if you want to take high-res photos on your trip.

We have traveled to numerous cities, states, and countries. The most significant thing we learned was that photos are your best takeaway. They help you in sharing the memories of your trip with family and friends.

 With a good camera, you will be happy with the photos you took. They will help you recall the experience to the best extent.

You do not need to be a professional photographer with the Canon Rebel T6 kit. It is packed with customization features. It is also fit for the newbie DSLR user.

A good camera is vital whether you plan to visit Europe or go on another adventure. The Canon Rebel T6 kit is one of our top adventure travel accessories.


2. Fitbit Versa



We love tracking our adventures and are fitness enthusiasts. We have used a variety of fitness trackers and smartwatches, and fitness trackers. 

Nothing has matched the usability and price of Fitbit's Versa watch. It has numerous exercise tracking modes. So, you can keep track of nearly any adventure of yours.

Versa can also detect your adventure even if it is not listed. And after your travel workout or adventure is complete, you can take a look at your workout statistics in detail on the mobile app.

Analytics like your calories burned, fat burn, heart rate, and more provide an overall picture of the workout intensity. Also, the Versa is waterproof in freshwater. This allows you to keep it with you for almost every activity.

The Versa has smartwatch features in addition to exercise tracking. You can get notifications of your phone calls, social engagement, texts, and more. You can reply to texts while swimming in the pool!

You may be looking for a watch to tackle both smart and fitness features. The Versa does just that without costing an arm and a leg like many other adventure travel accessories out there.


3. Bose QuietComfort Headphones



 It is midnight, and you are exhausted. You want to sleep. But all you hear is fans, the airplane engine, crying babies, and chatty neighbors. The background is turbulent. You cannot drown out the noise.

Sleeping on airplanes is brutal. But you can do a few things to improve the overall experience. One differentiator for us was the Bose noise-canceling headphones.

These headphones will eliminate any noise you hear on your travels. It will help you to sleep soundly in conditions where you typically lose hours of your sleep.

Turn on the noise-canceling feature even when you are not listening to music. You are sure to hear nothing but silence.

Suppose you are still using generic headphones. Or worse, airline headphones. In that case, an upgrade will make you rethink your feelings towards travel.

Do not travel anywhere without them! 


4. Anker Portable Charger



We have all experienced it before. We are watching some YouTube videos, browsing Twitter or Instagram, and finding out that our entire battery is drained. You are stuck with no TVs and zero plugs on a flight.

That phenomenon keeps happening with travelers. Airplanes are certainly getting more advanced, and now many have plugs. But it is nice to have your charging bank.

It is great for day trips like a long hike where there may be a loss of service. Having extra battery life gives you peace of mind. It allows you to keep using your phone freely.

We have been keeping the Portable Charger Anker PowerCore as one of our go-to adventure travel accessories.

The power bank has a 20100mAh battery. This gives you about seven charges for your phones. With 2 USB ports, you can also charge two of your phones together!

 We bring this everywhere, from local coffee shops or city adventures to hikes in Hawaii.

You may be a power user or need more battery life. Then this is a powerful, compact battery bank to get the work done.

 It is near the size of another mobile phone. So, it is easily stored in a tiny purse or your backpack.


5. Power Plug Adapter



You may not know something if this your first travel abroad. It would help if you had a power plug adapter to use wall outlets and charge your devices.

Suppose you are traveling to multiple nations around the globe. In that case, you will need more than one, as the plug points differ according to the region.

There is no worse moment than reaching your destination to find that you are not able to charge your equipment. And the adapters skyrocket in price to capitalize on forgetful travelers. 

For all of our travels, we have been utilizing the SublimeWare travel adapter. It has 4 USB ports. You can charge your tablets and phones anywhere on the planet. It supports nearly 150 countries!

We bought ours for $20. It has been held up for years now. Be sure to get one of these if you plan to travel out of the country!  


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6. Hydro Flask Water Bottle 



You rarely get clean drinking tap water when traveling. You have to purchase bottled water on the go more often than not. But this expense adds up quickly, both in terms of the environment and your wallet.

Most bottles do not keep cool. They produce large amounts of condensation. This makes the outsides wet and soaks backpacks.

Then we chanced upon Hydro Flask. We have never looked back. Presently, we have the 40oz wide mouth Hydro Flask.

The bottle has zero condensation. It keeps our drinks cool for up to 24 hours. We have even left it under the blazing sun. We came back to find the ice still intact.

It is by far the best bottle we have used. And it is highly durable. We have taken it on numerous hikes. We have dropped it on rocks and trails. We have even left it at the beach.

And it has still held up to this day. This is a stellar option if you care about hydration.


7. GoPro



We ranked the Canon Rebel T6 Kit as one of the best travel cameras. But the GoPro is great for the adventure lover. 

A GoPro is a must if you find yourself swimming, snorkeling, ATVing, skiing, hiking, or something of the sort.

We have used our GoPro on every one of our trips. This is whether it was taking time-lapses or capturing underwater shots.  

The HERO 7 has a waterproof housing up to 33 feet. It also has video stabilization technology and 4k 60fps video. 


8. Fitness Resistance Bands



According to us, there must be a rare breed of adventure enthusiasts who do not love the gym. 

But finding a gym is not cheap or easy during traveling. You cannot get your desired workout sometimes.

Thankfully, we found fitness resistance bands. We have the OlarHike brand resistance bands now. We love using them on trips. 

These are amazing to get a quick workout if your Airbnb or hotel does not have a gym. Besides, they fit into a small pouch. The pouch weighs just 2lbs for all of the gear! 

These bands are must-have travel accessories for us.  



Traveling can be stressful. Sometimes, your adventure travel accessories can create all of the differences.

Nothing beats an ice-cold water bottle or having a portable charger to watch the latest movie.

The perfect travel gear can improve your traveling experience tenfold. We had nearly zero gear and regretted it when we first started traveling.

You may have outdated travel gear and maybe looking to go on a tour. Then consider replacing it with our recommended adventure travel accessories to improve your traveling experience significantly.





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