10 Places In Florida That You Ought To Visit In February

Author: Megha Agarwal on Mar 15,2021

For people who are looking out for a winter getaway, Florida is an ideal escape destination in the US. In the month of February, this state gets a bit chilly in comparison to others. This lures the tourists from the US and outside to plan a vacation to Florida and enjoys this winter escapade. People prefer to travel in February to avoid crushing into the heat of summers and get pleasant weather. The charming weather and beautiful beaches make February the high time to visit this destination. In this month, this state offers ample places to enjoy the blustering cool winds and beautiful snowy drifts. If you too are planning to visit the state in winters, then this article is for you. We have penned down a few best places to visit in February that are worth your time in Florida. Review the list and start planning!


1. Key West



Key West is one of the prime destinations to travel to in the month of February. It is known for its beaches and outstanding seaside adventures that become more beautiful in the winter season. Visitors to Key West love to book Kayaking, Sailing, and several other adventurous activities. It is the perfect destination in Florida where you can lay back and relax on the beachside. The pristine and pleasant surroundings in February add to the beauty of the city. This amazing city is known for its great watersports, fun-filled nightlife, stunning historic architectures, and tranquil beaches. In February, this city hosts an annual art festival which remains the key highlight of the vacation. Visiting here, tourists end up strolling, shopping, dining, and having the best time celebrating Valentine's day with their loved ones. 


2. Naples



One of the best places to visit in February in Florida is undoubtedly Naples. It is an exclusive city which is a core of ancient history and magnificent beaches. Naples is well known for its comfortable weather, quiet ambiance, great luxury, and amazing golf courses. Along with the archeological richness and exquisite cuisine, this city of Florida has several welcoming restaurants and luxurious hotels that offer amazing views of the coast in the winter season. This city is also a hub of trendy restaurants, art galleries, and beautiful boutiques that adds to the wonderful experience. The pleasant weather in February makes Naples an ideal destination to enjoy with less crowd and cheaper accommodation. With all this, Naples becomes the city that you must add to your bucket list and visit in February. 


3. Miami



On the south of Florida lies this beautiful city that is a perfect mix of music, people, and visitors. It is a vibrant spot in Florida which is great for having real fun with the pleasant chilling weather of February. This month offers the visitors a breathtaking and soothing atmosphere along the coasts of Miami. One of the highlights of the city is its calming beaches. It has ample beaches to enjoy the scenic views. Among all, South Beach remains the best which is quite attractive because of its unique art decorations and trendy strolling paths. Visiting this city is a must if you want to enjoy every aspect of life with endless entertainment, cultural festivals, beautiful music, fine dining, and much more.


4. Orlando



Over 50 million visitors move to Orlando every year to enjoy the fun rides and unbeatable weather conditions. But this city remains less buzzy in the month of February. Orlando is no less than a dream destination in Florida as it holds the famous Disney Land. Along with the Disney Land, this beloved city has a list of numerous world-famous theme parks that guarantees a fun experience. Not just the roller coasters, Orlando is well-known for its significant history. Although the weather in the city remains low in February, the less crowd makes it ideal to enjoy the thrilling experience. Together with the chillness, this month is the least rainy month that offers a great weather condition to beat the heat of the summers. 


5. Daytona Beach



Another most stunning and one of the best places to visit in February is Daytona Beach. It is an amazing winter getaway that enjoys mild weather with warm days and chilling nights. The pleasant temperature in Daytona Beach makes the city ideal for strolling on the beaches and enjoying various outdoor activities. The city is ideal for all the visitors as it has something for everyone. As Daytona Beach is known for comfortable weather year-round, people love to visit this city in February to escape from the chilling weather in other parts. This makes the city crowded in winters which might be a little expensive but great to enjoy the real beauty. The magnificent city is no less than a paradise that you must visit on your vacation to Florida. 


6. Sarasota



Nested on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Sarasota is a breathtaking land with outstanding white-sand beaches, stunning shopping centers, and fine dining restaurants. Visiting this city in the month of February offers the visitors a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Although this month remains great for enjoying the beauty of the city, it gets filled with people and cars on the streets. This month receives a lot many visitors which makes this place a lot crowded. The high season in Sarasota starts from Christmas and ends at the end of February. This month, the city also hosts great festivals like the Highland Games & Celtic Festival and Downtown Sarasota Festival of arts. These are must-to-attend festivals in the city. However, this month is a bit pricey, the pleasing weather is quite rewarding. 


7. Pensacola



The dropping temperature of Pensacola in February makes it a perfect winter getaway to enjoy the chill breezes. This city is situated in the western part of Florida, hence, it is known as the “Western Gate to the sunshine state”. The beaches and seas of the city remain chilled in February that makes it difficult for the tourists to enjoy the water. However, the less crowd in this month remains the highlight. With the less crowded streets, strolling in the city is great this month. In this city, you will surely be spoiled with ample choices of natural beauty. Along with the beaches, the magnificent museums and luxurious restaurants in Pensacola are worth seeing. This makes it one of the best places to visit in February with beautiful coastlines and great offerings.


8. Tampa



Tampa is a historic and pleasant city in Florida that must be visited in February. The days remain warm this month but the temperature goes a bit down in the evenings. This city gets cold in winters but it won’t last for too long. The winters go away from the city very quickly and offer the visitors a relaxing atmosphere in February. In this month the city keeps away the tourists and provides a quiet and soothing ambiance all over. Regardless of the month, this city is great for outstanding wildlife attractions year-round. It has some amazing zoos and National Parks that are perfect for a fun time in Tampa. With this, Tampa has a lot more enjoyable attractions. Make sure you visit this city on your vacation to Florida in February and experience the real heaven in the US.


9. St. Augustine



No trip to Florida is complete without traveling to St. Augustine. If you want a vacation in pleasant weather, then you must plan a vacation to St. Augustine, Florida. It is America’s oldest city, which is a charming destination in the winter months. The temperature here goes down in February that makes the city empty with just a few visitors on the street. This city is an interesting historical landmark with more than 500 years of history. Visitors here love to witness the youth fountain and various forts from the colonial-era. The cold temperature in the city and less crowd make it ideal for strolling across the forts. Due to the slowdown of the tourists in February, you get the accommodation and flights at a much cheaper price. Along with this, many cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, and other businesses offer great discounts to the visitors. 


10. Destin



With mild to warm temperatures, Destin remains one of the best places to visit in February. The city is much silent in the winter months as compared to the summers in Florida. This makes Destin great for celebrating Valentine’s Day and chilling vacation in the US. Although the month of February is not great for sunbathing on the beach, it is outstanding for enjoying the hot tub in the city. In the pleasant weather, you can take a walk along the beach or relish biking on the trails. Being the dry month, you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about unwanted rainfalls. With breathtaking beauty and outstanding atmosphere, you must plan your romantic getaway during Valentine’s week in Destin. 


These are the 10 best places to visit in February that you ought to visit on your vacation. Not covering these destinations will make you miss out a lot in Florida. So, check out the list carefully and add every destination to your bucket list. 

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