Cruising With Senior Citizens: Here's Everything You Need To Know

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jun 15,2021

Traveling is not meant just for children, youngsters, and families. When an individual gets older, they need to take a break from the hassles of daily life and step out of their comfort zone. In today’s world, we are all well aware that elderly citizens, those over 55 years old, live a longer, healthier, and much more active life. Therefore, it is always a fantastic idea to plan for senior citizen travel and let them explore the world. While most people think of traveling alone or with friends, including the elderly people helps in creating a special bond with them. Traveling with family is always fun, especially if it brings multiple generations together. 


When it comes to traveling with family, nothing can be as great as cruising. A cruise is actually the best holiday for seniors, as it is a carefree way to travel the world and enjoy luxury. In addition, cruising with family helps travelers enjoy a wealth of activities and have endless memories. 


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If you are planning a senior citizen travel, it might seem a little daunting at first. However, to make traveling easier for you, we have done the hard yards. We have curated this article that will take you through the senior citizen cruise travel. Here, you will get some vital information that will help you plan a cruise vacation for older people. 


It’s time to pamper yourself and your loved ones with an unforgettable cruising experience. So let’s take a look!


Cruise Travel With Senior Citizens


- Are There Cruises For Senior Citizens?

- Things To Consider While Choosing Senior Citizen Cruises 

- What Can Senior Citizens Do On A Cruise?

- Tips For Cruising With Senior Citizens

- Best Cruises For Senior Citizens


Who says senior citizens can’t relish the adventures or head for a dreamy coastal vacation? Well, they can, and they definitely should. So, let’s dive deeper into the article and plan a senior citizen travel like never before. 


Are There Cruises For Senior Citizens?



Cruising is one of the finest ways to experience multiple tourist destinations in a single holiday. It gives guests the chance to benefit from luxury amenities and a selection of fun-filled activities. Without an iota of doubt, it is a fantastic opportunity to have a leisure time with the family, reconnecting with them, and sharing a memorable experience. So how can we abandon older people in such circumstances? Well, most people think that cruising, partying, traveling, adventures, etc., are not meant for elderly travelers. But that’s not the case. In fact, cruising is a popular way for senior citizens to experience the world and its natural beauty. 


Although there is no special cruise for senior citizen travel, older folks can indeed have the best time on all voyages around the world. They can have an incredible experience on any cruise anywhere. Furthermore, cruises attract individuals of all ages and interests, including the elderly. As a result, the cruise itineraries are created with all types and ages of travelers in mind.


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Things To Consider While Choosing Senior Citizen Cruises 


Although choosing the appropriate cruise is critical for all tourists, older citizens must be extra cautious when traveling. Therefore, while selecting a cruise for them, some elements must be carefully considered to ensure that the trip is safe, stress-free, and enjoyable. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind. 


1. Upscale Services: Cruises with high-end services are preferable for senior citizen travel. Younger generations are often more concerned with parties and entertainment than with quality. Senior travelers, on the other hand, value comfort, luxury, and exceptional service over anything else. Hence,  check for the cruise's top-tier offerings and make a selection.


2. Mobility Solutions: It is one of the most crucial factors to consider when selecting cruises for older tourists. The majority of seniors use mobility aids such as a wheelchair or a walking stick. As a result, if a senior traveler needs such services, they should look for cruises that can assist them in moving around and making their cruise experience more delightful.


3. Medical Services: As people get older, their medical demands change, and they need constant attention. Hence, if you are planning a senior citizen travel, either for yourself or for your loved ones, you should seek ships that provide superior medical services and can handle all kinds of medical emergencies.


4. Deck Plan Of The Ship: The ship's deck plan contains fundamental information about the cruise, such as the number of staterooms, architecture, passenger capacity, venues, facilities, and so on. So, go over the deck layout and choose the best stateroom for the travelers, as this will make their trip more comfortable and enjoyable.


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What Can Senior Citizens Do On A Cruise?



When we think of a senior citizen travel, the first question that comes to our mind is, “what will they do on the cruise?” Since we associate cruises with only parties, pools, and adventurous activities, we believe that older folks have nothing to do on a cruise. While these activities can be enjoyed by everyone, there are many other activities waiting for elderly travelers. This is the allure of a cruise experience that everyone, regardless of age, may enjoy.


From morning to late evening, senior travelers can indulge themselves in multiple fun-filled, educational, and entertaining activities. There’s no dearth of options for senior citizen travel. Some of the most notable activities for senior visitors include:

- Enjoy an exquisite dining experience at opulent establishments.

- Have a relaxing experience with spa services

- Take ship tours and relax in the lounge

- Have fun gambling with a couple of drinks

- Take dance classes and enjoy dancing with your friends and family

- Be a part of cooking classes, art lectures, or other seminars 

- Go shopping at stores or boutiques

- Have fun enjoying live music, concerts, and other shows

- Get into the pool and enjoy water or other basic adventurous activities


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Tips For Cruising With Senior Citizens


Regardless of which destination you pick or which cruise line piques your interest, you need to keep in mind specific travel tips to make the most of your cruise vacation with older adults. Here are such tips. 


1. Check with your doctor before embarking on a cruise vacation

One of the most crucial tips for a senior citizen to travel is to talk to the doctor and share the travel plans with them. This will help them in bringing the necessary medication for the journey and also find out whether they should be going on this trip or not.


2. Choose the length of the vacation that is feasible for senior travelers

When traveling with elderly people, choosing the appropriate time and destination is of utmost importance. Going for a longer duration for which the traveler is not ready will spoil the experience. Hence, select the appropriate time which can be enjoyed thoroughly with the family. 


3. Carefully check for special deals and discounts for senior citizens

Well, this is one of the most vital money-saving tips for senior citizen travel. On cruises, elderly tourists can frequently avail fantastic discounts and offers. As a result, when booking the tickets, hunt for the best deals to save some extra pennies.


4. Look for senior travel groups

If you are a senior traveler all by yourself, this should not preclude you from traveling. Either you can take your family with you or look for senior travel groups. Such groups have a number of travelers who are looking forward to senior citizen travel on a cruise. Joining the groups will let you enjoy your vacation with several people of your age. In addition, it will undoubtedly enhance your cruising experience.


5. Buy travel insurance

Regardless of the age of the travelers, travel insurance is usually a good idea. However, while cruising with a senior citizen, the insurance comes in quite handy. It will safeguard passengers from bag loss, passport loss, illness, and so on. As a result, always get your travel insurance before departing for the trip. 


6. Plan activities that elderly travelers can enjoy

If you are arranging a cruise vacation with your family that includes both younger and older travelers, make sure you pick the activities that can be enjoyed by all. This will help every traveler to make the most of their vacation, especially the elder ones. 


7. Be prepared with extra medication

Even if you have talked to your doctor, you should keep some extra medications in hand. Never keep medicines precisely as the number of days you are traveling for. Even if cruises can handle minor medical requirements, you must be prepared for everything. In the case of a senior citizen traveling, getting sick is a common phenomenon. Hence, they must be well-prepared for the worst.


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Best Cruises For Senior Citizens



Which cruise is the best for senior citizens? With a myriad of available options, it is quite a task to pinpoint one cruise that is the best for senior citizen travel. However, to assist you in making your choices, we have selected a few cruises that are deemed ideal for elderly tourists. These are some great options, regardless of your preferences.


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Holland America Line Viking Cruises
Cunard Cruise Line American Cruise Lines
Avalon Waterways Princess Cruises
Evergreen Tours Silversea Expeditions
Crystal River Cruises P&O Cruises
Celebrity Cruises Holland America Line


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