Top Festivals And Events In Greece That You Can't-Miss

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jan 24,2024
Events In Greece

Festivals and events work as the cultural identity of the land. This aspect of the country becomes the selling point for tourism over there. Greece is a country that has recently amped up its cultural spectrum inviting travelers to enjoy the celebrations of the land. The top festivals and events vary for every season here and are celebrated throughout the year. This spruces up the land and accentuates its beauty to captivate travelers from across the world.


The celebrations are also held for every historical and artistic milestone of the country. This invites a lot of experts and history buffs to come and partake in such events which entice them to extremes. Let us look into some top festivals and events that are celebrated in Greece which marks the identity of the land and attracts tourists.


1. Psimeni Raki: Amorgos


psimeni Raki: Amorgos


This event is special for the unique celebration it entails. It is marked as a day which is dedicated to the famous drink of the Greek islanders, the Psimeni Raki. The celebration for this event gives festive vibes as people witness the making of this special drink. Dancers and musicians flock the boat across the sea and land on the shores to finish this remarkable festival. This entices the travelers to a larger extent as they get to be a part of this top festival which flaunts the rich culture of the islanders. Every reveler of this event is bound to have a cup of this drink which marks the specialty of this festival.


2. Easter: Corfu


 Easter: Corfu


Easter is one of the top festivals which has a special bearing in Greece for the kind of celebrations it showcases. The processions, music bands, and illuminations across the country are worth a visit. Vacation packages to this country are designed to accommodate travelers to partake in this top festival. Corfu celebrates Easter with the maximum vibrations which orchestrate programs by the Philharmonics. This calls for attention from travelers across the world who never miss this spectacular event if they are lucky enough to land here during Easter times.


3. Syros International Film Festival: Syros


Syros International Film Festival: Syros


This is another top festival of the Greek Islands which honors the talents and artistic brilliance of the International film fraternity. Screenings of famous Greek and international movies are staged in the Islands inviting people from all over the world to rejoice in the artistic splendor of these crafts. The environment looks vibrant and enthusiastic with every big shot and filmy legend marking their entry to celebrate this top festival. Tourists get a glimpse of their favorite stars if they are lucky. This is a never-to-be-missed event that is invariably listed in most of the vacation packages of the country or islands.


4. Epidaurus Festival: Athens


Epidaurus Festival: Athens


This is one of the music festivals of the country which embodies the natives love for music and play. The open-air theaters stage these plays in gorgeous locations of the country attracting the fantasy of locals and tourists from across the world. Amphitheaters are constructed and designed in the main junctions and cities of the country to organize this spectacular festival. One of the top festivals of the country which often receives higher footfalls from tourists all over the world.


5. Mykonos Biennale: Greek Islands


Mykonos Biennale: Greek Islands


One of the top festivals that represent the culture of islanders who celebrate their pleasure without any inhibitions. This is usually a culmination event that invites artists from all over the country to showcase their talent and in a way to entertain the local islanders who celebrate their mojo. There is a combination of all talents including music and oration from the established artists of the country who are present here for the event.


6. Kalamata Dance festival: Messinia


Kalamata Dance festival: Messinia


Dance is the quintessential ritual for celebration in the country. This festival which is celebrated in Messinia invites pioneers and champions of choreography around the world to stage their performance. It is a mammoth show with international visitors who witness the exaltation of enthusiastic dancers. One of the top festivals to invigorate the artistic brilliance and spirits of the attendees to the maximum. Vacation packages enlist this event without fail to serve the best interest of travelers.


7. Corfu Beer Festival


Corfu Beer Festival


Another festival that underlines the significance of a drink is the Corfu Beer festival. Beer is considered as a staple drink of the country which celebrates and values the making of this splendid drink. This festival is dedicated to the sole purpose of honoring the creation and making of Beer. This is one of the top festivals celebrated in the summers which calls for the attention of more travelers. One of the elite festivals that are commonly listed as an event to be visited on vacation packages of the country.


8. Aegina Fistiki:


Aegina Fistiki


One of the top festivals of the island which is celebrated for the value of green pistachios, Fistiki. Aegina is the island that boasts of splendid beaches and white shores that are festooned with trees bearing Festiki. The growth of this nut is an aspect of celebration for the people who feast and binge on this green nut for their healthy life. The harvest of this nut is marked with boisterous musical and art exhibitions across the island.


9. The Cretan Diet Festival:


The Cretan Diet Festival


A festival for reversing the Cretan diet that has been the staple food choice for Crete islanders. The Cretan flavors are offered for sample tasting where the locals and tourists get to entice their taste buds. It is also celebrated with the induction of folk dance, and folk music to invigorate the spirits of the partakers. One of the top festivals of the country that are specific and bound to Crete.


10. Spetses Mini Marathon:


Spetses Mini Marathon


This event is for tourists who crave an energetic vacation that tests their physical abilities to the maximum. The coastal routes of the island are allocated for the partakers to run distances according to their whims and fitness. Harbors and ports will be the passage for the sprinters who also apparently enjoy the sight-seeing pleasures of the place. This has the tone and vibe of top festivals which never fails to excite the tourists who also participate in this marathon for fun and excitement.


11. Thessaloniki International Film festival: Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki International Film festival


For film fraternities across the world, this festival serves as the platform to groom their pedestal and status in their career. It also lends avenues for talented directors worldwide who exhibit their talent by screening their creations in the wonderful premise which welcomes 70,000 people. This is a testament to the native movie lovers who promulgate and popularize the artistic brilliance of exceptional international directors. One of the top festivals that are also rightfully positioned in the vacation packages of the country without fail.


12. Naoussa Carnival: Imathia


Naoussa Carnival: Imathia


The beautiful town, Naoussa, which is located on the slopes of the Vermio Mountains has a special culture which is worthy of celebrations. The culture is a little folksy and natives of the town celebrate this Carnival as a memorandum to their tradition and culture. It has a unique celebration ritual that involves donning native costumes along with music and dance about the town. One of the splendid and town-bound top festivals which attracts a bunch of tourists for the newness and rawness it boasts.

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