The Best Time To Visit Greece For Your Next Vacation

Sparkling sapphire waters and an all-bleached infrastructure, Greece is magnificent and exceptional in its own way. Its remarkable history and scenic views make Greece a stunning vacation destination, which no other country can really match! People visiting Greece are welcomed not only by its quaint restaurants and pretty beaches but also by its overall eccentric vibes that stay with them even after they leave! 


Greece reflects cultural and abundantly present natural treasures along with all the socially inclined locals, making this a must-visit location for everyone. If you are planning your dream vacation to Greece, you would want to know the best time to visit Greece and the Greek Islands. Make sure you figure out the best time to visit and make the most of the vacation and all of its offerings. 


At Leisure, we have curated a fool-proof guide on the best time to visit Greece and Greek Islands just for you! Keep reading. 


Brief Synopsis 


Best Time To Visit Greece - May through August 


Best Time To Visit Athens - Spring (March through April)


Best Time To Visit Greek Islands - June through July 

Best Time For Sightseeing - March, April, and October


Best Time For Beaches - May through October 


Cheapest Time To Visit Greece - Winter (November through February)


1. The Best Time To Visit Greece 



The best time to visit Greece falls from late April through early November. During this time, you get to experience a lot of sunshine and very little rain here. The best time to go swimming and sunbathing around Greece is June through September. 


July and August are the most expensive and crowded months of the year but are amazing if you really love to be submerged in crowds at the best parties and vibrant nightlife scenes. If you are looking for a more peaceful time, just sightseeing around Greece, you should probably choose the months of March through October.


2. Best Time To Visit The Greek Islands


Now, as far as the Greek Islands are concerned, the most impressive thing is the sheer amount of options and things to do here. It is said that there is a Greek Island for every kind of person and temperament! 


If you love indulging in some nightlife, clubs, and cocktails, Zante is the one for you. If you are inclined towards spending quality time with your loved ones and family in a peaceful manner, you should be heading towards the resorts of Corfu. And if you are a bubbling Instagrammer or a blogger, you should definitely be heading towards Mykonos or Santorini. 


Leisure’s personal pick of the best Greek Islands is the boho-chic hotspot, Hydra. This gorgeous little island is just a short ferry away from everyone’s beloved, Athens. 


In most ways, all the Greek Islands can be better experienced during the months of June through July. Days during the summertime here can be hot, but the nights are super long, and the beaches are buzzing with hundreds of people. Some of the Greek islands are open completely only during summer, and at other times, it’s at half capacity.


If bustling city life is not your forte, you should visit the Greek Islands from the months of April through October. The weather is sweet and pleasant at this time, and the crowds are not there anymore. 


However, it is pretty difficult to get to the Greek Islands during the shoulder season or lower seasons since the flights are fewer in number. And the remaining flights that are here can be pretty expensive. Ferries also operate during these months on a reduced basis. Yet, if you are looking forward to planning ahead for the vacation, you can probably spend some time on transportation and easily make it happen. 


3. Shoulder Season In Greece 



Some of the best memories to make in Greece can be possible during the shoulder season. The shoulder season is spring, i.e., April through mid-June, and autumn, i.e., September through October. 


During these months, the weather in Greece is actually pretty mild, the days here are longer and brighter, and the island, as well as the city, is less crowded overall. Of course, the shoulder season will lie outside the summer holidays and school breaks, so it could be a bit difficult for families to travel during these months. But, for those planning to travel without children and family, this is the perfect time to be here! 


The spring season here also sees wildflowers and fewer crowds, and the autumn season boasts warm sea temperatures, which are heated up nicely during the summer months. 


4. Low Season in Greece 


Most of the hotels and restaurants in Greece and the Greek Islands are closed from mid-November through April. Therefore, it is not the best of times to come to visit Greece or nearby islands for a fun vacation. You will find multiple places to eat, explore and stay, but the options will be pretty limited. 


The weather during the low seasons is also not exactly the best thing to look forward to on vacation since, most days, the temperatures will be below 20 degrees. So, if you plan to visit Greece during this time, don’t expect the country to be a hot destination. During the low seasons, it is rather better to head to the bigger islands among all Greek Islands, like Rhodes, Crete, and Corfu. These locations have better tourist-friendly infrastructure all around the year, and there are plenty of things to do. 


There are some places that are always open in Santorini too during the winter months, so it is perhaps one of the best times to visit this picturesque island in all the peace and quiet you can. If it is not too windy, you should be having an amazing time here during the winter months. 


December through March are pretty much the coldest months, accompanied by a little snow and some rainfall on and off. Suppose you do not want to head straight to the larger Greek islands. In that case, you can just visit the cities of Thessaloniki, Athens, Nafplio, or head straight to other archaeological sites like Ancient Olympia, Delphi, and Meteora. If you are interested in exploring these locations, be sure to check them out during the winter months! 


During these months, the hotels and restaurants in Greece will also not close down. In fact, everything will be much cheaper and less crowded! 


5. The Cheapest Time To Travel Greece




Yes, you can travel in and around Greece for much cheaper than you’d expect. All you need to do is plan your budget and vacation times accordingly. As per Skyscanner, the cheapest months to travel to Greece and book flight tickets are from September through November. If you are booking your tickets to Greece during September, you are going to be saving as much as 13% in contrast to fare during other times of the year. Visiting during the shoulder season or low season also lets you explore Greece in a much cheaper way.


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