Visiting Seattle For 24 Hours? Here Are 10 Fun Things To Do

Seattle is a blend of urban attraction and nature. There are so many things to do in Seattle for all kinds of travelers. As personal advocates for the city, we will be sharing our take on ten fun things you can do in Seattle for that perfect one day! 


Be it nature-lovers or urbanites; everyone loves Seattle. The city fascinates everyone with mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. Of course, there is no shortage of fun things to do in Seattle, even if you are just here for 24 hours. 


So what can you do here apart from admiring its majestic beauty and calming sense of belongingness and the vibe of this city? 


10 Fun Things To Do In Seattle 


1. Start your day early with coffee



Seattle would definitely take all awards for serving the best Coffee in the United States. Hands down, you will get the best Coffee around all kinds of blocks in Seattle. Some fantastic coffee shops serve a great cuppa Joe! 


And for the very same reasons, it is tough to go wrong with the coffee shop you choose. If you are new to Seattle and are looking to start your day early, start with a good cup of Coffee. 


Here are a few local gems you definitely want to try out! 


- Cafe Vita

- Herkimer Coffee

- Seven Coffee Roasters Market & Cafe

- Milstead & Co.

- Ballard Coffeeworks

- Zoka Coffee Roasters & Tea Co.

- Storyville Coffee Queen Anne



2. Visit Kerry Park for the best Seattle views. 


Get fantastic views of the Seattle skyline at Kerry Park. Not only will you see the city from a totally different perspective, but you will also get to view Mount Rainier from a distance. Just pray it is a clear day so you can get amazing views of the same, though! 


While you are here, don't be fooled by the extensive views of the park. Kerry Park rests right on this minimal land, which does not allow people to spend much time here. Just click one for the gram, and off you go! 


However, on the other hand, you can look for a picnic spot in Kerry Park, solo, with your special someone, with a family member or a friend! Anyone. You can sit and relax. 


3. Free Walking Tour 


Who doesn't love doing touristy things when traveling to a new destination? Just like you, we love doing a free walking tour. It offers us a sense of calm that we are looking at everything there is to look at. The walking tour guide also usually shares their local points of interest, exciting history, and facts about the place. 


We are in love with a free walking tour. Get excited because they are in Seattle too. 


Here are some free walking tours in Seattle you can choose from: 

- Pike Place Market Tour

- Seattle 101

- Old Seattle Cemetery Tour


A pro tip - Usually, when we like our walking tour guide, we tend to stay afterward to get their insight on the best restaurants, flea markets, bars, and pubs in the new location. We always get some inside scoop on things! 


4. Get closer to the art scenes at the Museum of Pop Culture.



Also known as the MPOP, the Museum of Pop Culture is an offset, quirky purple and silver building you can quickly identify. MPOP will take you through the history of culture and how it has managed to shape and mold our very existence. 


You don't get to see such a take on a museum everywhere, so this should definitely be on your list of things to do in Seattle. 


Inside, you will find a rock 'n' roll lab, original Game of Thrones manuscripts, and thousands of props from different movies and TV shows. 


The entry fee for MPOP is $28 for an adult, while for kids, it is $19. 


5. Visit the Pike Place Public Market. 


What are you doing if you visit Seattle and not go to the Pike Place Public Market? 


Your visit to this iconic marketplace is incomplete if you don't step foot in the market. The Pike Place Public Market is a historical, continuously operating market in the US. It sounds a little crazy, but yes, it is exceptionally touristy! 


The marketplace is one thing you should definitely not miss in Seattle. 


Some of the most famous tourist attractions in this marketplace are fishmongers. You will absolutely fall in love with them. You will see them tossing around their fresh catches of the day as and when customers are making their purchases. Whenever we are there, we are spellbound under their fascinating tricks. So, you better get your cameras out when you are there. It is absolutely pure delight! 


However, if watching dead fishes being tossed around creatively is not your cup of tea, you can walk ahead and get closer to some other fresh produce, along with artisan goods and locally-curated delicacies and cheese! Lots and lots of cheese! 


You will definitely find something that will interest you. 


Also, while you are in this iconic marketplace, be sure to check these shops out: 


- The Beecher's Cheese shop: You can sample incredibly heart-warming cheese, which even Oprah loves. 

- Pike Place Chowder: You can get yourself a tasty, warm bowl of creamy seafood. 

- Rachel's Ginger Beer: Who says you cannot be in a marketplace with a fun drink in your hand? 


You can thank us later! 


6. Soak up the sun at Alki Beach 


While in Seattle, if the day looks sunny and beautiful to you, don't forget to check out Alki Beach. Spend a couple of hours drenching your body in some Seattle sun. We are definitely not kidding. It's different here! 


You will get a unique experience while you spend your day (or even just a couple of hours) at the beach than in the other parts of the city. You will have a different perspective and vibe about the city. We define this vibe to be Jersey Shore meets hipsters. The crows are much more local than in other parts of the city. You will really get a good look at how people in Seattle really are. 


You can just spend your time here, relaxing on the sand, using their public grills and tables to have a nice picnic. 


Also, while you are here on this beach, you should definitely check out the Ampersand Coffee Shop and get a taste of their iced coconut Americano! Trust us when we say this. You will not go back to other coffee shops. If you are visiting the beach during evening hours, be sure to check out the usual bonfires and watch the Seattle sunset colors. 


To catch that perfect Seattle sunset, be sure to check out other viewpoints around the city as well if you are unable to visit the beach. You can visit: 


- The Discovery Park Lighthouse 

- Kerry Park 

- Gas Works Park 

- Golden Gardens Park 


7. Have a unique dining experience with a Cabaret show 



Who doesn't love a unique dining experience? We sure do! 


If you are like us, be sure to check out The Pink Door. You will love it. The Pink Door is an intimate venue that offers some incredible views of the city and delectable Italian-American cuisines. The restaurant is eclectic at its core, with its dosage of nightly entertainment. 


Apart from their delicious food, you will also love their live music and the highly famous Cabaret and Burlesque shows. They feature these shows on Saturdays with aerial artists performing their hearts out. Ensure you have a reservation, so you don't have to miss out on all the fun. 


8. Laughing my night off at a comedy show 


If you make spontaneous plans and cannot get a reservation at the last moment at The Pink Door, we have another option for you! We empathize with you first of all because we have also been there! 


But, nothing is over. You can get a unique take on Seattle's nightlife by laughing your night off in one of the many comedy clubs spread across the entire city. So, be ready to get your dosage of dopamine while you enjoy a terrific improv show or a comedy night. You can even hit the stage yourself, as many shows offer an open-mic opportunity to people at some local pubs. 


There is likely a comedy or an improv show happening as you read this right now, somewhere in Seattle! 


9. Discover the Discovery Park Lighthouse 


Discovery Park is a fantastic place for spotting some sea lions and harbor seals! It is also a tremendous location for birdwatching. It's 12 miles of walking trails. You can escape the everyday city traffic and visit a totally new dimension in Seattle itself. 


The location also leads you to the famous West Point Lighthouse, a fantastic sunset-watching spot. Spend some time here, watching the sunset with your special someone while visiting Seattle. It will be a memorable experience for the two of you! 


The lighthouse is just 1.5 miles from the parking lot, so you will have to walk a little. But, overall, it is totally worth every step you take. 


10. Local Secret - Taste these doughnuts!



Okay, so this one's a local secret. You might not find it anywhere on other Seattle travel guides or blogs. You have to check out some of these local bakeries to get a taste of the best doughnuts. Sultan Bakery is a must-visit. It is located just off the highway in a tiny town called Sultan. 


The bakery is an entirely no-frills, reasonably priced, colossal bakery that will absolutely make you drool. Everything we have tasted so far in this bakery is fantastic! It has gotten to this point that we deliberately take the route just to visit this hidden gem! Their buttermilk bar doughnuts are something out of this world! It is like we are unicorns and are tasting clouds. 


They also have other options to choose from if you are more into fancier doughnuts! You also get a fantastic variety of cookies and cakes. Also, if you are hungry, you can order their sandwiches, made on their signature, in-house bread. 


Sultan Bakery totally has a way with food. They are definitely not your ordinary, just another bakery. They are indeed masters! 


So, there you go! These were the top 10 fun things to do in Seattle if you are spending at least 24 hours in the city. Be ready to fall in love with Seattle. For more such tips, reviews, and guides, be sure to check out the Leisure travel guides and other blogs! 


Happy Vacationing to you! 


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