Top Tips And Tricks For Choosing The Best Car Rental In 2021

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Mar 23,2021

An instant collapse in the booking of rental cars has impacted the industry terribly; however, car rental companies have got a sigh of relief after seeing a rise in the number of people who prefer to travel by car. 


When the coronavirus outbreak hit the U.S., a sudden fall was seen by the car rental companies - a drop-off in the rental car business, and of course, a drop-off in used-car rates. The unexpected drop-off in the prices of used-cars was a straight blow in the face for Hertz Global Holdings Inc., pushing it hard to the verge of bankruptcy. 


As the summer knocks in, and coronavirus seems to be acting milder on the human body, the travel industry faces a comeback of the traveling trend. The used-cars prices snapped back again and people prefer to travel again without the fear of getting Corona positive. 


Travelers, wary of air travel, rush to rent a car for their road trips for keeping themselves safe while having a leisure trip. This travel trend follows the coronavirus safety measures and precautions while helping big travel companies like Avis, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Hertz in growing their businesses in car rental. 


After scrutinizing this new travel trend, Avis and Hertz - the top car rental companies, around the world, grabs the opportunity to offer the best deals on car rentals. This makes it easy for travelers who look out for car rental services to grab the opportunity of exploring and enjoying the travel within the safety precautions. 


Top Tips and Tricks For Choosing The Best Car Rental For Your Next Road Trip:


“Sometimes, it is always good to be lost in the right direction”


Before we proceed, you must be thinking about “Why To Go For The Best Car Rental?” Well, many car rental companies have a catch to which travelers only reveal when they picked up the rental car. Either, agreement or prices, you must be aware of all, before you pick up the best car rental for your trip.


You might end up picking your own car, but you have to take up the bigger risk of car damages and mileage. This article would reveal tips and tricks that will help you save money, and earn Points+Miles in a leisure way. Apparently, you would also understand the benefits of renting a car. 


1. Choose A Vehicle Wisely And Smartly 



Choosing a vehicle that suits your needs is quintessentially the most significant thing to do when you rent a car. Hence, pay attention to the details while picking a vehicle for your road trip. Car types can be so mind-boggling that you end up choosing the wrong car. For instance, if you are traveling with kids, or with a lot of travel bags, SUV and Sedan are the perfect vehicle types that are meeting your travel needs. If you are on a solo trip, Economy, Intermediate and Compact cars will fulfill your travel preferences. 


Tip: Pay attention to specifications and features of the car - comfortable seats, an automatic transmission, power windows, and an entertainment system installed with free music, series, and movies. 


2. Crack The Best Deal On Car Rental 



Travelers on a budget or without a budget must understand that traveling can never cost you the same of what you have budgeted for your leisure trip. It may vary depending on your travel type, so, ensure that you crack the best deal on rental cars to save some money on the wheels. For cracking the best deal, you need to do some research online for the best budget car rental companies offering handsome discounts. Big car rental companies - Avis and Hertz, provide “Online Exclusive Offers” to their customers in the form of coupons and discount codes. Do check for these discounts, before you rent a car. 


Tip: Don’t forget to compare the big saving options on the car rental websites. Pick the site offering the best coupons and discount codes on rental cars.


3. Avoid Airport Locations To Skip Surcharges 



The airport offers the best airport car rentals, but don’t fall into this trap since many car rental companies charge supplemental fees from the customers at the airport location. Undoubtedly, it is the most convenient way to set off for your desired location right from the airport. However, car rental companies charge extra dollars in the name of “Customer Facility Charge” and you have to pay twice the taxes if you pick a rental car right from the airport gate. Instead, you can book a car rental online from Avis to avoid the pesky fee. 


Tip: Pick-up and drop-off location should be the same to avoid adding extra dollars to your bill when on a road trip. 


4. Read The Instructions And Agreement Carefully 



Going through the papers before you get into paperwork, would open many closed doors. Several rental car companies mention the real catch in their terms and conditions, so if you are booking online, read the terms and conditions section carefully, or if you are making a reservation over a call, don’t forget to ask for the restrictions from the agent. Here are some important questions you should be aware of: 


1. Is there any forfeit for no-shows? 

2. Are there any charges for a driver?

3. Do I have to pay the driver for extra gas while dropping-off the car?

4. In case of breakdown, whom should I reach?


A few questions that might come to your mind while you rent a car. 


Tip: Carefully read the instructions to understand the travel restrictions and penalties. Ask for drop-off charges if you are picking a one-way rental car. 


5. Inspection Is The Real Key 



Mostly, car rental companies never trouble their customers but you never know when can they ask for extra charges for previous damages. Carefully inspect the car before you pick-up the car and if you find any dents, scratches, dings, or any kind of damages that are not mentioned or discussed in the papers, contact your agent. 


Tip: Make a video of the car before you get started with the car ride. A small pre-rental inspection is required to keep safe from unnecessary expenses. 


6. Always Read Reviews Before You Choose Car Rental Online



“Reviews and feedback do influence our purchase decisions!” 


Reading feedback and reviews about the services would surely help us in finding the right rental car company since they guide us in the right direction. Reviews carry real customer experience and getting aware of them would give a clear idea about their services. Hence, always consider reviews as someone has already used their services, which is an advantage to you. 


Tip: Always use your brains while reading reviews to sense out if a frustrated traveler is pouring out the anger in the reviews or it is genuine.


7. Fill Up The Tank To Skip Double-Charges   



Many of you don’t know that rental car companies have this clause in the agreement that the customer requires to fill the tank with gas when returning the car. If you don’t refill the tank with gas, they would charge you extra for the gas as per their rates. So, pull over the car at the nearby gas station and refill the tank.


Tip: To avoid getting charged high for gas refilling, you get it refilled at the gas station at a reasonable price. 


When you plan a road trip, choosing the right car rental without proper research can be stressful, and expensive. However, the aforementioned tips and tricks will lead you to grab the best car rental for your next road trip in 2021. 


So, let’s pack the bags and go explore!

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