Uncover The Charm of the UK With This 12-Day Luxury Tour Package

The United Kingdom is a nation that has so many things to explore that a visitor can't explore everything even after staying there for a considerable time. It has iconic monuments such as the London Eye, Big Ben, the Tower of London, UNESCO World Heritage sites at Dover, the London Bridge, and a tour of Oxford University. We will help you to soak in all that you can in the nation with a 12-day luxury tour of the United Kingdom.

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Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Day 1: Welcome to London

Meet your private guide at London airport, who will transfer you to your hotel. Set off with your guide on an introductory tour of the city. Stroll around the city's lanes and soak in the city's brilliant vibe, culture, and architecture. Relax and enjoy some coffee at one of the various bistros that line the city. Following that, enjoy a lavish dinner at a premium restaurant before retiring to your hotel for the night.

Day 2: Exploring London

Explore the United Kingdom's capital city, one of the most visited cities in the world. It's been swinging around on the banks of the Thames for more than 2000 years. Stroll around to see the wonderful historical attractions, museums, and lively street markets present here. Visit massive parks that dot the entire city, peek into the crumbling cemeteries to get a mystifying experience. Finally, go to one of the posh pubs in the city to enjoy the vibrant nightlife.

Day 3: Venturing to Oxford

Stroll through this city that is jam-packed with massive buildings, mainly the form of the Oxford Colleges. Admire the amazing structure of these architectural beauties established by lavishly wealthy establishments. Mingle among the crowds of students and tourists from all over the globe. Enjoy a fun time interacting with the locals in one of the various premium pubs spread around here.

Day 4: Excursion in Cotswolds

Head out for a punt on the river and relish some Pimms or a cream tea. From here, immerse yourself in the wonderfully scenic Cotswolds area, all laid-back villages, and rolling countryside. Enjoy the quintessential English village with lush green countryside and boisterous country pubs where you can find great company. Discover the local cricket ovals as well and find out more about this beloved sport of the English. 

Day 5: Tour of the Peak District

Make your way "up north" towards the Peak District national park. It's all about rolling hills, charming old-fashioned villages, and wonderful walks. There are also some magnificent stately homes to visit. On the way from Oxford, stop at Warwick Castle, one of the best-preserved castles in the UK. Admire the great architectural beauty of the castle and be immersed in the history that it symbolizes.

Day 6: Discovering Manchester

Visit the city of Manchester, nicknamed Cottonopolis in the 19th century because it is famous for the fiber industry present here. So, there is plenty here for all the yarn enthusiasts amongst you. Then, stroll in the city and indulge in some great retail therapy. After that, enjoy the city's vibrant music scene and have a delicious dinner at a premium restaurant.

Day 7: Visiting York

Discover the city of York, another of the favorite UK cities, not situated far from Manchester. Visit the marvelous Gothic York Minster and soak in the religious environment of the place. Explore the twisted, rumpled-down alleyways of the shambles of the city. Then, learn about Viking history from the locals here to understand the past way of life in this city.

Day 8: Heading to Northumbria

Experience a somewhat off-the-beaten-track experience of this nation by visiting the region of Northumbria. Wonder at the Roman equivalent of the great wall of China. Then, relax and rejuvenate at the miles of abandoned beach that is present here. Be awe-struck at the rolling landscapes that are present here. Finally, view the famous collapsing castles present in this region.

Day 9: Strolling in Edinburgh

Cross some of England's least traveled yet spectacularly wonderful landscapes to reach Edinburgh. Venture to the iconic Edinburgh castle and spend a wonderful time here, being transported back in time. Explore the exquisite art and architecture of the place. Then, stroll the fabulous Princes Street and enjoy a great time there. Finally, enjoy some of the finest whiskeys of Scotland in one of the premium pubs that dot the city.

Day 10: Wandering in South Wales and Cardiff

In Wales, arrive at Fishguard or Pembroke, both fantastic places to explore the Pembrokeshire Coast national park. Discover pretty beaches, craggy cliffs, and amazing opportunities for walking. Then, your guide will take you on a short scenic drive to Cardiff. Explore the famous castles in this area and visit some popular sporting venues. Following that, mingle with the locals to immerse yourself in Welsh-based culture.

Day 11: Enjoying Bristol and Bath

From Cardiff, cross the extensive Severn estuary over the impressive Severn road bridge and return to the UK, or Bristol, to be precise. Here, discover exciting items of historical interest, mainly focused on a nautical theme, and some of the best street art in Britain. Bristol has been a significant English port for over a thousand years. This is why the expression "ship-shape and Bristol fashion" has a place in the English language. 

Day 12: Departure

Today, your private guide will transfer you to the airport for your international departure.

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