Perfect 7-Day New Zealand and Australia Tour Itinerary

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Mar 20,2024

Embark on an Unforgettable 7-Day Exploration of Australia and New Zealand

Prepare for an extraordinary journey through the heart of Oceania with this meticulously planned itinerary. Over the course of seven days, immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes and vibrant cultures of Sydney, Wanaka, Mount Cook, Lake Tekapo, Glenorchy, and Queenstown. From the sun-kissed beaches of Sydney to the pristine wilderness of Mount Cook, each destination offers a unique blend of adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty. Get ready to experience the best that Oceania has to offer on this epic adventure.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Enjoy the Beach Life of Sydney

Embark on a memorable trip to Australia & New Zealand, starting with the stunning Sydney Beaches. Your private guide will walk you to Bondi Beach, ideal for surfers and swimmers alike. Then proceed to the laid-back & family-friendly Coogee Beach. On your way, stop by the Bondi Icebergs Club for lunch. Later in the evening, visit the unparallel Sydney Opera House and finely constructed Sydney Harbour Bridge with Captain Cook Cruises.

Day 2: Set out on a Historic Tour of Sydney

After breakfast around Surry hills, keep up with your private guide to climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The widest and tallest bridge on the planet overlooks the cityscape, giving you a scenic city view from its top. Later, embark on the old Sydneys exploration. Ramble around the rocks and relish the historical tour.

Day 3: Lake Tekapo & Mount Cook - Venture into the Wilderness

Begin your New Zealand adventure by driving with your guide to Lake Tekapo. Visit the Good Shepard Church and rejoice in the aqua life. Lunch at Astro Cafe and advance toward freezing blue Lake Pukaki. Soak up the beauty of Mount Cook. Make the most of your time in Cook National Park by hiking, clicking pictures, and kayaking. Enjoy a delicious dinner before your guide leads you back to your accommodation.

Day 4: Espy the Serene Waters of Tasman Lake

Start your day with a hike around Tasman Lake to treasure the scenes of floating icebergs. Later, follow your guide to Mount Cook Airport. Enjoy the breathtaking view of Tasman Glacier Top. Relish an experience of a lifetime and then hit the road to visit Wanaka. Start exploring Wanaka, called the laid-back sister city of Queenstown.

Day 5: Be Taken with the Peaceful Lake of Wanaka

Today, you can slow down a little! Your guide will hire a boat for you. Enjoy the serenity around Lake Wanaka. Or ride a mountain bike to traverse the city! Take a dip into the cold water of Lake Wanaka. Sample some local cuisines as you hit the town. In the night, savor a toothsome dinner in the picturesque view of the Mountains.

Day 6: Explore the Photogenic Town of Glenorchy

Depart from Wanaka for Glenorchy, a scenic town that boasts several movie locations, for instance, The Lord of the Rings. En route, take a lunch break at Arrowtown. As you arrive in the town, the scenic backdrops will gladden your visual senses. Reach Kinloch town by boat, and enjoy the splendor of Lake Wakatipu and a delicious supper at Kinloch Lodge.

Day 7: International Departure

Burn up the road toward Queenstown. You will spend the day sightseeing in the city. Try your hand at bungee jumping, skydiving, and other adventurous activities. Queenstown is indeed a mecca for an adventure lover. Return to your hotel in the evening. Your guide will then take you to the airport for an international departure.


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