Immerse Yourself In A 7-day Luxury Tour of Queensland

Australia, the land of wonders, is a fantastic tourist spot that offers a variety of attractions and special activities for all age groups. It gives visitors a blissful experience of sandy beaches, dreamy landscapes, beautiful deserts, varied wildlife, theme-based parks and much more. Australia is the smallest continent and sixth largest country, lying in the lap of the Southern Hemisphere. This Australia tour will give you once in a lifetime experience of this smallest continent with countless memories.

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Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Day 1: Green Island, Barron National Park, and Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park

Your private guide will bring you to your luxury hotel upon arrival. After relaxing, head to Green Island, a part of the Green Barrier Reef Marine Park, for snorkeling and witness ancient turtles, rare fish, and coral reefs.


Next, you will proceed to Barron Gorge National Park. The park has beautiful mountain scenery, lush tropical forests, diverse wildlife and a long history. Spend your evening in Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park. Enjoy a cultural performance at the Night Fire, learn a traditional song by joining the Rainbow Serpent Circle, and see a fireball shot into the stars to light the ceremonial fire. In "The Magic Space," you'll witness 40,000-year-old Tjapukai relics.

Day 2: Warner Bros and Skypoint Observation Deck

Your guide will take you to Warner Bros. It features the worlds tallest and fastest rides and high-quality performances. After that, eat at Dirty Harry Bar & Grill and Ben Jerry's.

Head to the Sky Point Observation Deck for a 360-degree view of the Gold Coast from 230 m off the ground. Look out for rare bird species like King Parrot or Bower bird at the Lamington National Park. Experience a walk over the worlds first suspension bridge to observe the forest life at close range.


Your guide will then take you to North Burleigh Surf Club for dinner.  The club offers live music, a large grass area, and a stunning beach view. End the day by relaxing in the most luxurious and comfortable room of Sunshine Beach Resort.

Day 3: Sea Life Sunshine Coast aquarium

Your guide will take you to a fantastic Sea Life Sunshine Coast aquarium, which provides a unique swimming experience with its resident seals and seals show. Walk through the 80m Ocean tunnel to see rays, reef fish, and eight shark species. Then you visit Australia Zoo, a prominent animal site, to cuddle koalas and see tigers, eagles, and kangaroos. 


Explore Queen Street mall, a Queensland shopping hotspot with local, national, and international labels. The Mall's casino, museum, galleries, salons, spas, and more are very popular.

Day 4: Chillagoe

Chillagoe is a town in Queensland, Australia. Visit the Chillagoe Observatory & Eco Lodge and learn about Chillagoe's interesting history and how the little village quickly grew into a bustling mining town where copper, gold, silver, and lead were extracted and processed. Explore the former location of Chillagoe Smelters' blast furnaces and chimneys. Here you will go on a short journey to the Balancing Rock (a rock that remains upright on only a little touchpoint) and other limestone outcrops, as well as the Wullumba Aboriginal Rock Art Site, which is an Aboriginal cave painting gallery.


In the evening, head to the Chillagoe Historical Centre in town, a mining industry museum. Take a walk along Main Street through the ancient bank vault, and envision life in the old mining days!

Day 5: Mareeba and Daintree river

Today, you'll depart Chillagoe and drive via a few tiny historical communities. Wallaroos, wallabies, wild cows, or a snake may cross your path. When nearing Mareeba, you'll be back in the countryside. The region is known for its sugar cane, banana, coffee, macadamia nut, cocoa, papaya, pineapple, and mango crops. Taste the Mango wine (Golden Drop) which is made locally. 


Head to Skybury Coffee Plantation, which has terrific morning coffee and tableland vistas. It's also Australia's oldest commercial coffee plantation. Mareeba produces 70% of Australia's coffee. Try a variety of coffees at Mareeba's Coffee World Museum. Your guide will drive you to the World Heritage-listed Daintree Rainforest. You will go on boardwalks and other trails through the rainforest.


It's a great way to explore the 135 million-year-old rainforest. Stay at a luxurious hotel in the rainforest with a pond and a swimming pool - a true jungle experience.

Day 6: Port Douglas

The tropical seaside town is the starting point for exploring the Coral Sea and the reef. In the shallow sea around the islands, you can examine the unusual hard and soft corals, beautifully striped fish, various sea turtles, and even small sharks. In the afternoon, you will visit Four Mile Beach. Spend the night at Port Douglas to explore the nightlife.

Day 7: Outer Barrier reef and International departure

There are no stingers or crocodiles in The Lagoon's filtered salt water, making it a popular swimming spot. There are barbeques in the vicinity. You will take a scuba diving course to see more reef life, including more magnificent corals and fish than you would see in shallow water at the shore. 

You must visit Cairns City Library in the late afternoon. Look out for the fascinating group of flying foxes that seems to be dangling from the tree. Head back to your hotel later in the day and pack your bags before your international departure. The tour guide will ensure you end your trip with a smile on your face as you leave Australia. 

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