An Unforgettable Glacier Trekking Tour Of Patagonia

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jan 17,2024

Ever wondered what it actually feels like to go back in time, coming in front of something thousands of years old? Although time travel isnt yet possible, walking on a glacier formed during the last ice age definitely is. Bonus: the glaciers in Patagonia hold some of the purest water on Earth. Referred to as the "Eighth Wonder of the World,  the beauty of Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia has earned it its nickname. The third-largest reserve of fresh water on the planet and one of the last advancing glaciers of the continent, Patagonia is slowly marking its way as one of the beautiful destinations visited by a number of travelers.



El Calafate, El Chalten, Cerro Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre, Perito Moreno Glacier



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Day 1: Arrival in El Calafate

Today morning, youll arrive in the city of El Calafate, the heart of southern Patagonia. After being picked up from your hotel and transferred at your lodgings, you can take the afternoon to stroll the streets of El Calafate. Do visit the Glaciarium which is a nearby museum dedicated to the history, makeup and importance of the regions glaciers.

Day 2: Excursion in El Chalten

The day starts with a picturesque drive to El Chalten, which is known as the trekking capital of Argentina. Stop halfway for some delicious Argentine pastries with hot and rich coffee. Youll meet with your fellow travelers before beginning out on your unforgettable adventure, ready for the most splendid three days of your life. Embark on a moderate slope on the Fitz Roy trail and project your gaze over the serpentine River de las Vueltas, stealing your first glimpses of the ragged splendor of the Mount Fitz Roy massif, before you set off for Laguna Capri on a relaxing hike on a smooth and well-marked trail. 


You will finally reach a fully pitched camp which is perfectly prepared for your arrival. The comfortable tents provide you the ultimate outdoor accommodations, kitchen facility, and a roomy dining tent. After leaving your packs off at the camp, set off for an afternoon sightseeing walk around Laguna Capri, getting the first glimpse of your spectacular surroundings and getting ready for a hearty and delicious camp dinner.

Day 3: Visiting Cerro Fitz Roy

Wake up early this morning to catch a glimpse of the early morning suns dazzling sheen and glimmering off the marble pink face of Fitz Roy and a warm and welcoming cup of coffeebefore you set out to discover the majestic wonders of the country surrounding this captivating peak. Embark on the Fitz Roy Trail to the base camp at Rio Blanco before you start on a careful hour-long hike whose conclusion displays an astonishing vista over the surrounding countryside. 


You will marvel at the brilliant turquoise waters of the lake before catching the glimpses of the iconic and unforgettable ridges of the Fitz Roy formation. Youll feel like you are truly looking into the ceiling of the Earth, deep in this mountainous landscape, a wonderful scene of delicate light shining off colorful granite peaks with an explosion of hues that shifts with the setting sun. You return back in the late afternoon and will steal a glimpse of the valley awash with the shades of the dying of day.

Day 4: Fun Day in Cerro Torre

Today, wander along the shores of Laguna Capri before you follow the strolling path of the Fitz Roy River to the full camp at the base of Cerro Torre. Soak in the outstanding scenery surrounding you, from the turquoise waters of the river to the ideal foreground of the horizon beyond. Following a quick hike from camp, find yourself alongside Laguna Torre, where the majestic glaciers continue to shape the landscape, from the moraines of soil to the driven plains and rocks that these splendid features left in their wake. 


In a chain of four mountain, Cerro Torre is the tallest peak rising from the Earth rending the horizon in splendid fashion. After peering across this sophisticated massif, youll return back to your lodgings at the full camp in view of this majestic mountain.

Day 5: Spending More Time in El Chalten

Your final day of exploring the outstanding mountain ranges of the area starts at Laguna Torre. You will visit the base camp of Cesare Maestri. The campsite exhibits amazing vistas and the point for an optional adventure for advanced hikers. This unforgettable excursion displays full mountaineering gear, from ice-clinging crampons to safety harnesses, and climbing that will give you a closer look at the picturesque country of Patagonia. 


The afternoon is dedicated entirely to returning back to Chalten along the picturesque and scenic Fitz Roy River Valley, where youll enjoy in the comforts of this laid-back and charming town.

Day 6: Heading to El Calafate

This morning offers you a chance to rest your feet and soak in some of the charms of El Chalten and its surrounding countryside. Head out to the isolated, yet grass-covered, Lago del Desierto, offering an outstanding contrast to the distinct setting of the spiraling peaks beyond. You can also make your way to the nearby KouSeki Mountain Spa, where a panoply of therapeutic and soothing services is offered, along with an invigorating herbal sauna and lavish steaming compresses.


Later in the afternoon, youll be driven back to El Calafate, where your comfortable accommodations will provide you the rest you need to take on the rest of your adventurous journey.

Day 7: A Tour of Perito Moreno Glacier

Today is dedicated to discovering one of the most outstanding geological structures on Earth, the massive and clean Perito Moreno Glacier, a lively and crucial part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Fields and one of the most distinctive examples of its type in the world. It is one of Patagonias only three glaciers that is still growing, and its unusual positioning makes it susceptible to dramatic and fascinating instances of rupturing.

Day 8: Departure Back Home

Today you leave the incredible world of Patagonia to return back home. You will be filled with amazing memories that youll never forget and tales youll never tire of telling!



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