A 11-Day Luxury Tour Through The Heart Of Madagascar

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jan 18,2023

Madagascar is a very special nation. This is because nearly all flora and fauna found here are not found anywhere else on the planet. This has led the country to try its best to preserve the biodiversity it has at its disposal with the development of several national reserves and parks. Every park that is present here is unique in its own right. They have an area filled with incredibly sharp limestone karst and some endangered species that have made this place their home. Tourists can also enjoy some wonderful hiking in this region. Find out more in this 10-day luxury tour of Madagascar.

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Day 1:Welcome to Madagascar

Meet your private guide at Ivato airport, who will transfer you to your hotel. Set off with your guide on an introductory tour of the city. Stroll around the city's lanes and soak in the city's brilliant vibe, culture, and architecture. Relax and enjoy some coffee at one of the various bistros that line the city. Following that, enjoy a lavish dinner at an excellent restaurant before retiring to your resort for the night.

Day 2: Attractions of Antananarivo

Today, enjoy an early breakfast before your guide drives you in a private vehicle to view all the attractions that are located in the city. Visit the Pirates Museum and learn about the interesting history of the pirates that used to operate in the waters surrounding this island in the past. Then, go to the Andafiavaratra Palace and soak in the royal environment rich with this place's cultural history. Continue to the Botanical Garden of Tsimbazaza and explore the variety of flora and fauna. Then, go to Lemur Park and enjoy the frantic activities of lemurs that take place here.

Day 3: Scenic Andasibe-Mantadia National Park

Today, enjoy a scenic drive to the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, which is reputed to be one of the most accessible parks on the island. Soak in the gorgeous natural surroundings that pass you by as you drive to the park. Upon reaching, reach the primary forest, which provides great biodiversity. The park is well known for inhabiting the Indri, the biggest lemur species whose call is so loud that it can be heard from a couple of miles away. Following that, retire to your lodging that can be found just outside the vicinity of the park.

Day 4: Historical Antsirabe

Today, enjoy an early breakfast before your guide drives you in a private vehicle to Antsirabe, the second-largest city on the island. The buildings that are present here date back to the previous century. Stroll through the city to look at the various monuments, including a thermal bath center, a cathedral, and a train station. Then, wander to the stunning Lake Tritriva, which is located nearby. This gorgeous lake is formed in a crater and is known for its lovely hot springs and highly scenic views.

Day 5: Port City of Mahambo

Enjoy a lovely time on the beach today. Visit the port city of Mahambo, where you can stay for the night. Find out that there are ring-tailed lemurs situated here that may follow you if it strikes their fancy. It may even follow you to your resort and stay there despite you trying to chase it out.

Day 6: Paradise of Ile Aux Nattes

Continue to Soanierana Ivongo, where you can catch the passenger ferry that takes you to Ile Sainte Marie. Upon arrival there, take another transport that takes you to the nearly smaller island of Ile Aux Nattes. This location feels like a complete paradise to you, where there is the whitest sand and the bluest waters. Enjoy the whole place to yourself as the place does not get a lot of crowds. You can also enjoy some exciting scuba diving here and take mopeds to ride around Ile Sainte Marie. Find some of the best beaches you have ever seen in Ile Aux Nattes. Relax and rejuvenate in the beautiful, quiet surroundings and feel the cool air blow past you. Following that, retire to your resort for the night.

Day 7: Natural Ranomafana National Park

Today, enjoy a tour of the Ranomafana National Park, a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Rainforests. This park is a must-visit place for any traveler visiting this country. Be stunned by the amazing biodiversity in this tropical rainforest, due to which, it being studied by ecologists from around the planet.

Day 8: Vibrant Isalo National Park

Today, go to the Isalo National and enjoy the vibrant terrain quite different from those in the other parks of this nation. This park mainly consists of grasslands, canyons, and limestone rocks. Embark on a hike through the park. There are a lot of hiking routes that you can enjoy while being enveloped by stunning natural beauty. You can even spot some ring-tailed lemurs hiding in this place.

Day 9: Hiking in Andringitra National Park

Today, enjoy a drive towards the Andringitra Mountains, a location that looks a lot like the Swiss Alps. Enjoy some amazingly scenic hiking routes that are present here, which can be enjoyed by the whole family. You can also descend using ropes from a steep mountain ridge. Following that, retire for the night at the Camp Catta campsite.

Day 10: Serene Ifaty

The coastal location of Ifaty is about five hours away from the city of Isato. It has tiny fishing villages that give you the required peace and quiet. Then, stroll through the forests present here and enjoy spotting some wildlife. Continue on for some lovely scuba diving or snorkeling.

Day 11: Departure

Today, your private guide will transfer you to the airport for your flight to Antananarivo for your international departure.

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