Immerse into the Never ending delights of Kerala in this Packed 6 Day India Trip

The serene and heavenly excellence of Kerala pulls in everybody. Unwind on the shorelines along the turquoise water of the Arabian Sea. Voyage through enchanting waterways that promote immaculate towns and see through the civilization that exists on the shores of such rivers this date too. A moving greenery of tea estates encompasses you as you investigate Cochin's rich history, loaded up with amazing castles and gems. Travel through the unlimited marvels of the south where there is in every case more grandness to find on this customized visit. From the noteworthy boulevards of Cochin to the houseboats in the channels outside of Kovalam, from tea estates to flavor markets, elephant marches to the serene break of the Arabian Sea, you will discover the wonder of Kerala and witness the reasons why its excellence has been featured and looked for after by such a significant number of.


India Vacation Tour Highlights:

  • Discovering the Elephanta Island where there are carvings that everybody should see and wonder.  
  • Experience the memorable culture of Cochin, home to hundreds of years of Transfer with the Western and Eastern universes
  • Enjoy the crisp tea and splendid scene of the tea estates in Munnar
  • Traverse the wild idea of the Periyar Untamed life Asylum, home to elephant groups and tigers
  • Witness the impressive backwater waterways outside of Alleppey, known as the Venice of the East

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Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Entry in Mumbai and Visiting a few spots

On this day, the visitors land at the Mumbai air terminal and are taken to their pre-booked lodgings by their private aides and driver. You can visit a portion of the spots in Mumbai as the day goes along. The Entryway of India ascends over the wide avenues of the city, built to honor the visit of Lord George V in 1924 and the principal thing anybody sees when floating along the water, inviting guests and local people to the shores of the city.

Day 2: Transfer to Cochin and visiting whatever is left of the day

The day will see your Transfer to the city of Cochin on the Bedouin oceanfront which has a major harbor moreover. The waterfront promenade of Marine Drive has an unmistakable European feel in the warm early in the day. Inside the old Jewish Quarter is the astounding Pardesi Synagogue. Built in the sixteenth century, the inside is an artful culmination of structure, from the lavish gold podium to the intricate hand-painted willow design on the floor tiles. The gas lights add to the range of the urban areas hues which appear to be obvious everywhere throughout the city, regardless of whether in the lighting installations of the synagogue or hung over the seats on the promenade, and even in the unlimited sacks of shading at the Zest Market. At night you will appreciate a Kathakali move appear, where established Indian show becomes animated through development and outfits that recount accounts of culture, and custom, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


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Day 3: Visiting the Moving Slopes and Tea Urban areas of Munnar

This day would be loaded up with the fragrance of new tea leaves in the tea greenhouses of Munnar. The locale houses the biggest accumulation of tea ranches in all of South India giving top-notch greenery to the moving slopes that are etched and sketched out making the farmland look more like a sweeping illustrious garden.

Day 4: Explore Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary's diverse ecosystems.

On the fourth day of the visit, your movement guide will take you to the well known Periyar Untamed life Haven. The development of the Periyar Stream twists around the rosy banks. The noteworthy universe of India's wilds returns to you, or you return to the great universe of India's natural life as you see the dark blue hide and red patches of the grizzled squirrel, whose hue looks as effortless as a fowl's plumage. Toward the evening you will wander through the backwoods with a guided escort or visit the zest manors that are notable for their rich aromas and tasty improvements. In any case, until further notice, you can watch the elephants walk around the lakeside without a consideration on the planet.


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Day 5: Kovalam - Wind up on the Stunning Shorelines of Kovalam

The sunrise is brilliant, sparkling the energetic sun along the greenery at Periyar Natural life Haven. The sweet aroma of guava brushes through the air and, after breakfast, you desert Periyar and go to the sickle shorelines of Kovalam. As a rule, you can see surfers laying on the water sitting tight for a break and yoga devotees rehearsing their reshapings along the sand. The red striped beacon conveys round light to the sand and skyline where a winding staircase drives the best approach to delightful scenes. The salty and sweet ocean floats along the sand and brings a soothing night over the city.

Day 6: Kumarakom - Discover Alleppey's canals, visit Philipkutty's Ranch in charming trenches.

On the 6th day, you investigate the city of Kumarakom which is likewise called the Venice of the east. The aroma is a brilliant, rich, tropical flavor that calls for unwinding as you move on board a watercraft to investigate. More than 1000 houseboats enliven the conduits, making an agreeable method to cross the system of channels. The lavishness of rice paddies glide past off the shore, while kayaks and markets swarm certain zones, conveying the shore to you, from tea to organic products, with every one of the shades of nature in plain view.


The lethargic conduit never completely wakes up past its shocking brilliance with floating leaves and arousing smells; be that as it may, houseboats and kayaks coast past sporadically as you load up a vessel and advance toward Philipkutty's Homestead. The family-possessed homestead offers a cut of natural heaven in Kerala's wide open. Worked in the mid 1950s, the ranch achieves the edge of Vechoor town and keeps up a dyke to keep the lake water from surging over the land that is around six feet underneath water level.

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