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Embark on an exciting trip to England and immerse yourself in the enchanting charm of this captivating country. From its historic landmarks to its picturesque countryside, England offers a wealth of experiences for couples seeking a memorable getaway. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of London, where you can experience world-class museums, iconic landmarks such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, and a thriving food scene.


Venture to the historic city of Bath and soak in the Roman Baths, or wander through the charming streets of Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare. For nature lovers, the stunning landscapes of the Lake District await, offering opportunities for scenic hikes, boating on picturesque lakes, and exploring charming villages nestled amidst rolling hills. Discover the magic of Christmas in England as you stroll through festive markets, witness dazzling light displays, and indulge in traditional holiday treats.


For budget-friendly vacations, England provides an array of options to suit every couple's preferences, from cozy bed and breakfasts to charming countryside cottages. Our tailor-made itineraries ensure that your trip is personalized and unforgettable, whether you're exploring iconic landmarks like the Tower of London, strolling through the charming streets of Oxford and Cambridge, or immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the Lake District.


As you explore England's rich history and captivating landscapes, savor traditional English cuisine, from classic afternoon tea to hearty pub meals. Indulge in a pint of ale, sample regional delicacies, and embrace the warm hospitality of the English people. Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway, a Christmas escape, or a budget-friendly vacation, our England Tours packages cater to every couple's desires. Let us take care of the details as you create lasting memories in this remarkable destination.

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Budget-Friendly England Travel Itinerary For Budget-Friendly Couples

England is a green landscape which offers idiosyncratic vibes to exhilarating one's experience. It might not be a big city but it is covered with picturesque green fields, chalk cliffs, ancient woods, and moody moorland. It is a place where anyone wants to visit once in their lifetime, but what if you are traveling to England without punching a hole into your pocket. To make this happen, we are coming up with this England travel itinerary that would include some of the best cities in England. Si

Explore The Best of England With This 11-Day Luxury Itinerary

Embark on a 10-day England tour that takes you through history, magic, and royal splendor. Book this tour now to have the vacation of your lifetime!

England Calls The Tourists Via Breathtaking England Itinerary

No doubt, England is the biggest country comprising a pool of varied stunning attractions. Furthermore, when it comes to its capital London, then naturally a person becomes speechless falling in love with its beauty. Your first arrival must always be in London only where the destinations like Buckingham Palace, London Eye, and scattered museums and cathedrals all over the city assure a worthwhile investment to the tourists. This England Itinerary would guide to visit the top destinations in Engl

Adventure into the Legacies of England in this 7-Days England Trip Itinerary

Britain is a nation loaded with history and culture, sentiment and enchantment and exceptional encounters, a nation where you'll locate the best all things considered, from the urban contributions of one of the world's incredible capital urban communities to the tranquil quietness of the calm farmland.

The Best England Itinerary For Visitors To Explore

The visitors could surely won't be able to stop themselves from producing an Aww reaction when they will be seeing the blockbusters like red telephone boxes, double-decker buses, Big Ben. The capital of England i.e. London has never ending places to assist its valued tourists. This is the best England itinerary that will get you through to the best places in England.

A 6-Day Trip To The England Tour 2018

A 6-day trip will cover all the highlights and give you all European vacation ideas from the sights, from the shores of the River Thames to the graceful sweep of the Royal Crescent. With friendly and engaging people, you can be sure that your first visit to England will be one you remember for the rest of your life.

Know These Facts Before Planning England Tours 2022


With new and enthralling developments occurring every day, ‘a trip to England’ can be a real mesmerizing experience. And, the icing on the cake is that it’s even easy to plan England Tours. It’s not a problem to communicate with people here and language is never an issue. Unlike many other countries, getting the visa done is never that difficult, especially in Europe, North America, South America, and Australasia.

In a nutshell, it’s all easy and not that painful! But, no matter if the vacation is organized by self or through luxury England Tour agents, planning in advance can be unimaginably advantageous. Researching certain tourist places and certain quirky things about the places will do the job and make it even more interesting.

We have jotted down certain things about England Tours that one must know before planning a trip. Read below to find…


London is a Gigantic City

With millions of people living here, London is quite a gigantic city! And, the area that the metropolitan cities cover is enormously large. Those who have only a few days to spend here in London should try staying in that particular area or a nearby area. In this way, one can save a lot of time traveling. Otherwise, traveling alone can eat up a lot of time snipping the travel time.


Oyster Card to Save Money & Time

An Oyster Card is an e-ticket that is used for traveling in London. It includes a variety of transportation means including London Overground, London Underground, riverboat services (some), London Buses, National Rail services, and the Docklands Light Railway. And, getting an Oyster Card would help in saving a lot of travel costs and time. It can be obtained for free. Only some refundable amount has to be deposited. Using an Oyster card will make traveling free after three to four trips.


London’s Tube - The Best Public Transport

The London Underground or the Tube is considered the best transportation system in the country. Their frequency is quite high, but there are just a few stations that may close a little earlier. We recommend our clients to get a pass for the day (saves money) and not tickets for an individual journey. It's a perfect way out for those who are taking tubes continuously in the day.


Medical or Other Emergency Information

Hope that’s not required, but just in case, there’s an emergency a  traveler can reach out through the emergency number. One can call on 999 in London to call on emergency services. They will ask to choose between fire, police or ambulance services. For trivial cases of crime, one has to dial 101 and non-emergency medical calls can be made on 111.

Unique Experiences on England Tours

Off-the-beaten Experiences on England Tours!

People find it Interesting Talking about the Weather

People here like talking about the weather conditions. One can strike up a conversation related to the weather and they will enjoy complaining about everything going on with respect to the weather conditions. It's the most exciting way of mingling up with the locals and discovering about their behavior. Talk to them about the Sunshine, the rain with a local and they will talk like an unstoppable bomb wishing to blast.

The custom of sharing a Cup of Tea is loved here the Most

On England Tours, one will expect one thing for sure and that is sharing a cup of tea over a conversation. It’s simply an answer to every little question! No matter if someone is feeling bad or sad or happy, the locals know only one solution and that is a cup of tea. It’s indeed the national drink of England. If it’s scorching Sun outside or raining heavily, Brits will offer a tea. While they also like enjoying their coffee, tea is most preferred.

The Quirky City Names are Quite Interesting

All through the country, one can get to listen to extremely quirky names of towns and cities. And, the reason that forced architectures and creators to choose such names has not yet been known. Believe it, listening to the names of road signs for places such as Twatt, Boggy Bottom, and Minge Lane. All through the country, it’s common to hear such hilarious names of cities and towns.  

Stand on the Right that’s only Right

Stand on the right - that's the basic rule throughout the country. But, this information is quite crucial for those who are traveling by London underground. Throughout England tours, make a thumb rule not to stand along the left, while using an escalator. Those who are smart, they will hire experienced England Tour agents who will guide with authentic information needed on the trip. But, for those who are not in a hurry and wish to stand still should take the right side. People on the left must be in quite a hurry and they may hurt those standing. Be on right, be safe.

There’s a National Holiday when Sun Shines

When there's Sun outside, entire England comes out of their den! Everyone will leave their home and workplace, to give a hug to the shining Sun. It infers that the Sun is rare here, but that's not true at all. But, the truth is that people don't leave a chance to soak up into the Sun here. With the Sun shining at its peak they would start flooding into the parks, beaches and beer gardens.

Experience Unique Greeting here

Throughout on England tours, there’s going to be some really strange kind of greetings. The locals will greet in an entirely alien way. For example, in Newcastle, the greeting that one hears is ‘alright pet’, while in Derby the standard way of greetings is ‘ey up duck’. And, throughout the country, it’s ‘hiya’ that is a kind of informal greeting. Be ready to learn and teach them some new ways!

Jumping a Queue May be considered a Crime

The people in England very seriously follow this rule of not breaking the queue. Everyone considers it important here. The rule is so seriously followed here that sometimes you would be required to take a ticket as a confirmation of your number in the queue. Pushing someone in a queue is considered extremely offensive. So never do that! We advise the better way out is to hire Luxury Tour agents, they will have their clients know everything required on the trip.

Don't Confuse - The UK, Great Britain & England are all Different

One of the most confusing things about this country are these three names that it has been referred to often. It's surprising for many to know that these three terms do not refer to the same place.

England: Country Name

Great Britain: The mainland of England, Wales, and Scotland.

United Kingdom: Includes Northern Ireland

Uncanny Sports Played Throughout the Country

We know England for great sports like cricket and football. There’s much more to that! There are many uncanny sports played here that hard for many to understand. Some of these sports are ‘black pudding throwing’, ‘cheese rolling’, ‘the egg and spoon race’. This is not to make travelers feel baffled and confused, but that’s the truth. These sports may leave first-timers in a state of uneasiness.

Sorry means a lot more in England

On England Tours, ‘sorry' won't always mean sorry! While the traditional use of sorry is apologizing to someone. But, in different situations that may be used in a different sense. People of England also use sorry to request someone to get out of their way. In addition to that people also use sorry to ask people to repeat something if they have not heard it properly. That's how England is! Learning a little bit on different uses of ‘sorry' can help. And, one can remain at the safe end by opting to hire our recommended England Tour agents and experts.

Visiting the Houses Of Parliament

Do you know where is this famous Big Ben located? No? Let us help you find out! It’s located in the Elizabeth Tower. Taking a tour here is going to be an interesting experience helping travelers indulge a little more in the politics of the country. Travel to Westminster for a unique experience.

It’s great to see here that Westminster is divided into two regions. This includes the Houses of Lords and the Houses of Commons. At the House of Lord the unelected functionaries of the Government would sit and give suggestions regarding any amendments in bills. While the House of Commons is that part of the  Westminster where the MPs (member of Parliament), the PM (Prime Minister), and the cabinet sit to discuss different aspects of the Government and issues. Another difference that on traveling one will notice that the seats of the Commons is green while the seat of the Lord is red. This should be an important part of everyone’s travel list. Don’t miss this! 

The Best Time to Visit England Tours

During the summer the temperature in England varies from moderate to high and it's cool during the winter. Throughout the year rain phenomenon is common and there's light snowfall during the summers. Here, we have made a quick snippet of the best time to plan England Tours.

Quick Facts: Best time to Plan England Tours

Best time visit Royal Sites: Summer is the best time (July to September)

Best time to Shop in England: Late June to early July (sales are on)

Best time for Theater and Shows: January & February (with deep discounts)

Best time for families & Kids: Summer

Best time to attend Christmas activities: Mid November to mid December

High Tourist Season in England: May to Mid-September, December

Shoulder Season: Mid-September to November & March to April

Low Tourist Season in England: January & february

Spring in England: Begins in March and lasts till May. temperature remains pleasant with the temperature around 20 degrees.

Summer in England: June to August. With temperature between 13 to 30 degrees, summers are a good time to visit England.

Autumn in England: September - November. With the temperature between 11 to 15 degree Celsius, it remains moderate here in London.

Winter in England: December - February. Temperature drops to 1 degree Celsius. Tourist influx is very less due to very cold weather.

  1. For a one-night stay in a Luxury hotel in England, it is going to cost around £100.

  2. But, in most major hotels in England, located in most of the major cities the price of accommodation can be above £100.

  3. London and Edinburgh have the highest accommodation charges around £135 to £145.

  4. But, people can be wiser choosing the location of their accommodations. It can make a large difference.

  5. And, we would highly recommend our valued customers to get in touch with our suggested England Tour agents they can help in a number of ways. They can be helpful in choosing the right accommodation and that too at an affordable price.

  6. These Luxury England tour agents have collaboration with many of the hotels and accommodations of all types. This can make a huge difference in price that one has to pay.


  1. “The pound” is the currency of England. It’s also called Great British Pound (GBP) or “pound sterling”.

  2. Notes are distributed in the denominations £5 to £50 (including £10, £20). Coins also work here that include 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, pennies.

Visa Requirements

  1. Traveling from some countries to England can be visa-free. The residents of these countries can stay in England for as long as six months without a visa. Some of these countries include the USA and most of the European countries.

  2. But, for those who belong to other countries must check from officials whether a visa will be required or not. Our suggested England Tour agents can also give the most authentic information on the same.

  3. Citizens to the US and Canada will not need a visa to travel to the county on a vacation. But, the immigration rules are very strict here and one has to produce the return ticket and the related details to confirm that it's a trip for leisure.

The People & Customs of England Tours

In England, there isn't a specified character of people. It's a universal country with a whole range of people here. If there is a bunch which speaks English with impeccable pronunciation there is another bunch, which is just casual in behavior.

  • In England everyone will welcome visitors with an overwhelming gesture. They will just smile and greet you with a perfectly encouraging gesture.

  • On England tours, one may find some people who will keep complaining about the country, but they will not accept that kind of criticism from an outsider.

  • One can notice incredible changes in accent and everything traveling 20 miles distance from one place to another.

  • There can also be some small changes in the dialects. For instance, “thank you” can change to “ta” or maybe “ cheers” and “hello” can change to “alright” or “'eyup”.

  • But, these people are very welcoming and most of them will slow down their pace of speaking to help the visitors. So, it's not actually a challenge coping with it!

  • There are ATMs at every corner of the country and therefore visitors do not have to worry.

  • A point to note here is that even though the currency of England and Scotland is the same, their bank notes are different.

  • Offering tip is common here and 10% is considered a good amount.

Food on England Tours

England particularly is a cultural country and a number of cuisines can be found in different parts of the country. From Indian to Italian to the Caribbean, Thai, and much more type of food can be found here. And, for those who want to try some British food going to the countryside pub would be the best idea. That is the place where one can get some great varieties of food (British call it “pub grub”). Some of the most delicious foods in British include Chicken, Lamb or Beef, Pie, Sausage & Mash, Fish & Chips, and much more.

Explore Camden Town in London

One of the most exciting things to explore is Camden Town in London. Here, discovering the wonderful street market is something one should never miss. These Street markets in Camden Town in London offers everything from Moroccan leather to Ethiopian food to Pan-Asian cuisine. The atmosphere around the area is incredibly appealing and it bustles with the sounds of Sellers and buyers. The excitement of England tour gets doubled here!

A Local Sim Card is Important

In London, one may face a problem with the free wifi connection. The best way out is to get yourself a local sim card. It will make it easy to make calls and that too at a very low cost and in the blink of the eyes. Gift Gaff is one of the most sought after and best providers of sim cards. They sell value for their customers' money. Also, for those who decide to hire our recommended England tour agents and specialists, they will be guided the best way out.

Carrying an Umbrella is a Must

One has to encounter unpredictable weather here in London - that’s how London is! So to be at the safer end one must make sure to pack an umbrella or a raincoat along so as to keep dry in case there’s rain. And, we would advise every single person is are venturing for England Tours to check in advance the weather forecast of the day on BBC. That is the safer of traveling!


  1. England is considered a safe country. For those who are traveling here, it is not going to be an intimidating experience dealing with the safety issues.

  2. Many people in villages to leave their homes unlocked and still, they do not fear any theft or something.

  3. These villagers also sell homegrown vegetables by placing an honesty box on the roadside.

  4. There are some large cities where there could be a little unsafe, but our recommended England travel agents are there to help.

  5. Particularly on Friday and Saturday night, there is a gathering of drunken who create some kinds of disturbances in the city.

  6. But, you are going to witness only when you are partying late at night in pubs and clubs. So, party less at night and remain safe.

  7. Any minor injuries or medical conditions for visitors are free in England. So, one does not have to worry. It is going to be easy and free.

  8. But, you must know that if there's some serious medical condition that demands a large sum of money to be paid to the hospital, it's not going to be free. One has to do the arrangements.

  9. Tap water here in England is safe to drink and there isn't any need for vaccination on England tours.

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