The Intriguing Land Of Egypt: A 10-Day Luxury Tour

Egypt is a nation that is filled with a lot of man-made and natural attractions. Tourists can tour Cairo to view the stunning pyramids of Giza. They can visit Luxor to cruise on the Nile River. They can also explore various ancient sites and tour temples on their visit. They can learn about the Islamic heritage of Cairo and shop for various souvenirs in the old historical market of Khan el-Khalili. Discover all the activities you can do in this 10-day luxury tour of Egypt.

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Day 1: Welcome to Egypt

Meet your private guide at Cairo airport, who will transfer you to your hotel. Set off with your guide on an introductory tour of the city, one of the biggest cities in the entire continent and the Middle East. Stroll around the city's lanes and soak in the city's brilliant vibe, culture, and architecture. Following that, enjoy a lavish dinner at an excellent restaurant before retiring to your resort for the night.

Day 2: Wonderful Pyramids of Giza

Today, your guide will drive you outside the capital city to Giza. Explore the major pyramids that are present here at the necropolis complex. Find out the history of constructing these famous pyramids through your guide. These include Mykerinos, Chephren, Cheops, and the Great Pyramid of Giza. Then, peek at the Sphinx, which is seen to be one of the wonders of the ancient world. Afterward, go to the nearby necropolis of Saqqara to view the Pyramid of Teti

Day 3: Sightseeing in Luxor

Today, arrive at Luxor airport, where your guide awaits you. It is a tiny city in the Nile Valley and south of Cairo. Set out to view the Karnak Temple, one of the nation's biggest surviving temples. It was a major religious center in the past and was founded in the Middle Kingdom. Then, visit the Luxor Temple, a huge temple complex situated on the east bank of the Nile River. It was founded nearly three thousand years ago during the New Kingdom.

Day 4: Cruising in the West Bank

Embark on a boat today and cruise the river Nile. Go to the Valley of the Kings to view rock-cut tombs made of powerful nobles and kings more than a thousand years ago. The tomb of King Tutankhamun is also found here. Afterward, stop at the Colossi of Memnon to find the ruins of Amenhotep's memorial temple. Peek at the remaining imposing statues that were constructed to guard the entrance of the temple. Then, go to the Hatshepsut Temple. Find out that the memorial of Queen Hatshepsut is the main center of attraction of Deir el-Bahri. The latter is a complex of tombs and mortuary temples.

Day 5: Religious Temple of Edfu

Today, cross the Esna Lock to reach your next destination, the temples of Edfu. Find out the importance of these temples in more detail. The Temple of Horus was developed more than two thousand years ago. It is one of the best-preserved shrines in the nation and has many inscriptions engraved inside it. Following that, enjoy a lovely dinner at a premium eatery and relax on the boat while enjoying sunset views over the river Nile.

Day 6: Waters of Kom Ombo

Today, embark on a cruise down the river to Kom Ombo. Find the Temple of Haroeris and Sobek that was created to be dedicated to the falcon god and the crocodile god. Examine the numerous walls of the rooms, sanctuaries, halls, and courts that were still intact, along with statues and wall carvings. Later, go on a cruise to reach Aswan. Explore the Aswan High Dam, considered an engineering marvel when it was constructed in the middle 1900s. Learn that it increased the cultivated land of the nation by nearly half and doubled the electricity supply. After that, view the Philae Temple, constructed nearly three thousand years ago.

Day 7: Magnificent Abu Simbel Temples

Today, go to the gorgeous site of the Abu Simbel Temples. These were a pair of temples constructed by the Egyptian king, who reigned nearly four thousand years ago. These huge rock-cut temples are quite wonderful to experience in person. Despite its remote situation, they are one of the top attractions in the nation. Then, get back to Aswan and rest in your resort. Venture out for a tour of the Botanical Gardens. It is situated on Kitchener's Island and is a great way to end this day.

Day 8: Heading to Cairo

Today, reach Cairo airport, where your guide awaits you. Head to the Egyptian Museum, which has a great collection of ancient treasures. This includes the tomb of King Tutankhamun. Stroll around to explore the city in greater detail. View the various museums present here before going for some lovely shopping. Halt and relish delicious Egyptian cuisine before going to the Nile River to enjoy the sunset views.

Day 9: Sightseeing in Cairo

Today, learn about the Islamic heritage of the capital city at the Citadel of Saladin See. It is a vital illustration of military architecture created in the Middle Ages. View the monumental mosque of the Madrassa of Sultan Hassan, which was created during the Mamluk reign in the medieval period. Then, shop for souvenirs such as jewelry, rugs, lamps, and more at the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar. It is a souk in Cairo's historic center.

Day 10: Departure

Today, your private guide will transfer you to the airport for your international departure.

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