Offbeat Copenhagen: An Adventurer's 10-Day Itinerary

Author: Nidhi Sood

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is renowned for its vibrant culture, rich history, and stunning architecture. While iconic attractions like the Little Mermaid statue and Tivoli Gardens draw crowds, there's much more to this city than meets the eye. This 10-day itinerary of Copenhagen is packed with unique experiences and hidden gems.


Trip Highlights

  1. Market and Cultural Experience: Explore lively markets and engage with local culture.
  2. Historical and Architectural Exploration: Discover the city's past through its stunning architecture.
  3. Brewery Visit and Shopping: Tour a brewery and shop for souvenirs.
  4. Canal Cruise and City Sights: Enjoy city views on a canal cruise.
  5. Day Trip and Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in nearby cultural sites.
  6. Tivoli Gardens and Cuisine Exploration: Experience Tivoli's charm and taste local cuisine.


Getting to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is well-connected by air, with Copenhagen Airport being the primary gateway for international travelers. You can easily reach the city center from the airport via train, metro, or taxi. Alternatively, train services such as Eurostar and Deutsche Bahn offer convenient connections to Copenhagen if you're traveling from nearby European cities.


Where to Stay in Copenhagen

Accommodation options in Copenhagen range from luxurious hotels to budget-friendly hostels and cozy guesthouses. For a central location with easy access to attractions, stay in neighborhoods like Indre By (Inner City), Vesterbro, or Nrrebro. Airbnb rentals and boutique hotels offer unique accommodations that reflect Copenhagen's distinct style and charm.


Best Time to Visit Copenhagen

The best time to visit Copenhagen is during the summer (June to August) when the weather is mild and outdoor activities abound. However, if you prefer fewer crowds and don't mind cooler temperatures, spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October) can also be delightful to explore the city.


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Budget for 10 days in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is known for being a relatively expensive destination, but careful planning makes it possible to enjoy the city on a reasonable budget. Budget travelers can opt for affordable accommodations, dine at local eateries, and take advantage of free or low-cost activities such as walking tours and visits to parks and markets. A daily budget of around 70-100 euros should cover accommodation, meals, transportation, and sightseeing expenses.

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A tour at a glance

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

Start Planning your trip

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Copenhagen

Upon arrival in Copenhagen, settle into your chosen accommodation. Depending on your arrival time, explore Nyhavn Harbour, one of Copenhagen's most iconic and picturesque areas. Stroll along the colorful canal, lined with historic buildings, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere. Don't miss the opportunity to try smrrebrd (open-faced sandwiches) or a classic Danish pastry like a cinnamon roll or wienerbrd. Remember to pack comfortable walking shoes, as Copenhagen is a pedestrian-friendly city, and you'll likely be exploring on foot.

Day 2: City Exploration

Start your day with breakfast at Dag H, a cozy cafe known for its delicious pastries and artisanal coffee. Join a free walking tour to explore Copenhagen's major landmarks, including Amalienborg Palace Square at Amalienborg Slotsplads 5, 1257 Kbenhavn K opening at 11 am-4 pm, daily, Frederiks Church (known as the Marble Church) at Frederiksgade 4, 1265 Kbenhavn, Denmark which opens 10 am-7 pm, and City Hall Square at Rdhuspladsen 1, 1550 Kbenhavn which opens at 9 am-4 pm daily. After the walking tour, explore Strget, one of Europe's longest pedestrian streets. Here, you'll find an array of shops, from high-end boutiques to international brands. 

Be sure to stop by Magasin du Nord, one of Copenhagen's oldest and most iconic department stores. For lunch, grab a bite to eat at one of the many cafes or restaurants along Strget. These boat tours offer panoramic views of the city's historic landmarks, including the famous Little Mermaid statue and Christiansborg Palace at Prins Jrgens Grd 1, 1218 Kbenhav. Accommodations near Nyhavn cater to a range of budgets, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels and guesthouses.

Day 3: Market and Cultural Experience

Start your day with breakfast at Cafe G, a charming cafe known for its cozy atmosphere and delicious breakfast options. After breakfast, head to Torvehallerne Market, a bustling food market at Frederiksborggade 21, 1362 Kbenhavn that opens 10 am - 7 pm (6 pm on weekends). After visiting the market, explore Churchill Park, a tranquil green space near the city center. Take a stroll through the park and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. 

In the afternoon, visit Christiania Freetown at Prinsessegade, 1422 Kbenhav, a unique and alternative neighborhood known for its colorful murals, quirky shops, and laid-back atmosphere. Remember that Christiania has its own rules and regulations, so respect the community's guidelines while visiting. Try traditional Danish dishes like frikadeller (meatballs) or smrrebrd (open-faced sandwiches) for an authentic taste of Danish cuisine.

Day 4: Historical and Architectural Exploration

Begin your day at Rosenborg Castle at ster Voldgade 4A, 1350 Kbenhavn which opens 11 am-4 pm (closed Mondays), a stunning Renaissance castle in Copenhagen's heart. Explore the castle's opulent interiors, including the Royal Treasury, which houses the Danish crown jewels. After visiting Rosenborg Castle, go to Frederiks Church, also known as the Marble Church. Admire the church's impressive dome and elegant neoclassical architecture.

In the afternoon, take a stroll through Nyhavn and soak in the charming atmosphere of this historic waterfront district. Stop for a coffee or a cold drink at one of the many cafes along the canal and enjoy the colorful buildings and bustling harbor views. Accommodations near Rosenborg Castle and Nyhavn include hotels, hostels, and guesthouses catering to various budgets.

Day 5: Brewery Visit and Shopping

Begin your day with a visit to the Carlsberg Brewery, where you can learn about the history of Danish brewing and sample a selection of Carlsberg beers. After the brewery tour, spend the afternoon shopping along Strget, Copenhagen's famous pedestrian street. Be sure to visit Magasin du Nord, one of Copenhagen's oldest and most iconic department stores, for a unique shopping experience.

In the evening, relax in a cafe or park and unwind after a day of exploring. Grab a coffee or a cold drink at one of Copenhagen's many cafes, or find a quiet spot in one of the city's parks to relax and enjoy the scenery. Try traditional Danish dishes like smrrebrd (open-faced sandwiches) or frikadeller (meatballs) for an authentic taste of Danish cuisine. Stay in the Vesterbro or Indre By neighborhood to easily access these attractions.

Day 6: Canal Cruise and City Sights

Start your day with breakfast at your accommodation before embarking on a canal cruise to explore Copenhagen's waterways. These boat tours offer panoramic views of the city's historic landmarks, including the Little Mermaid statue, Christiansborg Palace, and the Royal Danish Opera House. After the canal cruise, visit City Hall Square and admire the impressive architecture of Copenhagen's City Hall.

In the afternoon, take some time to explore Nyhavn and its colorful buildings. Wander along the canal, soak up the atmosphere, and stop for a coffee or a cold drink at one of the many cafes along the waterfront. For dinner, choose from one of the many waterfront restaurants in the area, offering a range of cuisines to suit every taste and budget. Dining al fresco to enjoy views of the canal while you eat.

Day 7: Art and Cuisine

Start your day with breakfast at a local cafe before exploring Copenhagen's vibrant art scene. Visit galleries and museums showcasing classic and contemporary works, such as the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK) or the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Take your time to explore the exhibitions and discover the diverse range of art on display. Sample traditional Danish dishes like smrrebrd (open-faced sandwiches) or herring, or opt for international cuisine from one of the market stalls.

In the afternoon, take a leisurely walk through Copenhagen's neighborhoods, exploring charming streets and picturesque parks. For dinner, choose from one of the many restaurants specializing in Danish cuisine, offering a range of traditional dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. For authentic Danish cuisine, try dishes like stegt flsk (fried pork belly) or fiskefrikadeller (fish cakes).

Day 8: Nature and Relaxation

Start your day with breakfast at your accommodation before spending the day exploring Copenhagen's parks and gardens. Visit Churchill Park, a tranquil green space near the city center, and stroll through the lush surroundings. Admire the park's beautiful landscapes and scenic views as you relax and unwind. For lunch, pack a picnic and enjoy a meal in one of Copenhagen's parks. Find a quiet spot to spread out a blanket and enjoy a leisurely lunch surrounded by nature.

In the afternoon, take some time to relax and unwind, whether it's reading a book, taking a nap, or simply enjoying the peaceful surroundings. During your downtime, visit a local cafe or bakery for a coffee or a sweet treat. For dinner, choose from one of the many cozy restaurants in the city center, offering a range of cuisines to suit every taste and budget. Dining at a restaurant with outdoor seating to enjoy the warm evening air.

Day 9: Day Trip and Cultural Immersion

Start your day with breakfast at your accommodation before embarking on a day trip to nearby towns or attractions. Explore charming towns, historical sites, and scenic landscapes, immersing yourself in the local culture.

For lunch, sample local cuisine at a restaurant in the town you're visiting, trying regional dishes and specialties for an authentic taste of the area. In the evening, return to Copenhagen and enjoy dinner at a restaurant of your choice.  Choose from various dining options, from cozy cafes to upscale eateries, and savor delicious Danish cuisine or international dishes.

Day 10: Tivoli Gardens and Departure

Explore one of the world's oldest amusement parks, enjoying thrilling rides, enchanting attractions, and lively entertainment. Check out the Halloween festivities if you are visiting during the spooky season. For lunch, choose from various dining options within Tivoli Gardens at Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 Kbenhavn V. There are cafes, restaurants, and food stalls offering a range of cuisines to suit every taste.

In the afternoon, explore the park at your own pace, taking in the sights and sounds of this magical destination. Take the chance to ride the historic roller coaster or catch a live performance at one of the outdoor stages. Bid farewell to Copenhagen and head to the airport for your onward journey. Alternatively, if you're continuing your travels, plan for your next destination and embark on your next adventure.


Unforgettable Adventures in Copenhagen

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