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From majestic mountains and world-famous fjords to modern yet picture-perfect cities, Norway is essentially one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Picturesque landscapes here beg to be explored! Whether the summer sun glistening on a massive glacier or taking in the awe-inspiring wonder of the northern lights, Norway is an amazing adventure, no matter what the season is. A nation with a rich and storied past, Norway is a once-in-a-lifetime destination!



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Taking you Through the Best Norway Tourist Attractions!
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Here's Your Best Norway Tour.... Planning a Magical Trip!
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Make Memorable Memories During Norway Tours
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Customize Your 6-day Norway Tour with Exquisite Travel Locations


Exploring Norway...The Absolute melting pot of the old and new!

In the last few years, there has been an uptick in the country's tourism. The reason is undoubtedly the glut of uniquely wonderful experiences that Norway has to offer to its travelers. Norway is absolutely the melting pot of the old and new! While the pioneering advanced developments in tourism are welcomed overwhelmingly in the country, the old natural attractions are still alive.

Norway finds a place for itself in the list of the most affluent countries in the world. One can expect a high standard of facilities in terms of public transport and everything. Also, solo female travelers can be safe traveling to Norway. From wonderful museums to glaciers, the immensely fascinating history, and many other tourist attractions, there is no dearth of activities here. Let's learn about these Unique experiences in Norway!

The Best things to do in Norway

Enjoying a Train Journey in Norway

One of the best ways to see the best in the country is a train journey! Norway houses some of the most amazing train routes, which are simple to use. This is unquestionably one of the must-experience things in Norway or the trip won't actually be completed. Experience over 2,000 miles of just the railway tracks cannot be missed. Many experienced Norway travel agents say that this train journey would be perfectly panoramic view giving an opportunity to see the country from an entirely different outlook. Some of the most visited train journeys include the Bergen Railway and the Dovre Railway.

Exploring the Mount Floyen

The Mount Floyen is sure to provide with the most perfect views of the area around Bergen. The summit is about 399 meters and faces. It's an impeccable mix of the picture-perfect panorama and absolutely thrilling adventure. The funicular railway takes travelers to the top of the summit which takes around eight minutes. Also, in the vicinity, there is this lookout area and this is the perfect place for those who do not like funicular much. There's all the scope to go hiking in the neighboring areas and also mountain biking. Many Norway tour agents recommend that this should not be missed in any case.

Visiting the Oslo Cathedral

One of the top tourist attractions in Norway is the Oslo Cathedral. It was built in the 11th-century originally. Being the first church in Norway, it was established following the baroque style. There have been plenty of iconic events most of which were organized by the royal family. The Oslo Cathedral gives an opportunity to live the whole of the history of the country. Some of the important things to visit here include the large organ, colorful murals, and the ornate pulpit. This site has been on the list according to Norway travel agents and experienced specialists.

Hurtigruten Ferry

There are many more ways to explore the country. One of the most exciting of them all is taking a Hurtigruten ferry tour. In Norway, it's called the coastal steamers that could be caught up in Bergen. It takes 12 days to travel from Bergen to Kirkenes. The best part is that one can get a chance to hop on and off getting a glimpse of the perfect panoramic view of the ports that Norway boasts of.

Discovering the Geirangerfjord region

Geirangerfjord is one of the most important UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is also the part of the giant Fjord Norway Network. The area is stretched for millions of miles and there are plenty of things to see in the area. One of the most important things to visit here is Alesund located in the northern region. Another worth visiting spot includes Sunnyland Fjord where one can experience the most perfect panorama. For those who want to climb through a peak, the Dalsnibba summit is the best option, which is 4,905 feet high. Norway travel agents and experts recommend booking a tour that will take through all the important places in the region.

Discover the Glory of the Arctic Cathedral

It was Jan Inge Hovig, the Norwegian architect who designed the Arctic Cathedral in 1965. This is one of the most modern cathedrals built in the country using the most exciting style. It’s built with sparkling mosaics looking like giant blocks. And, during the winter, the entire spectacle is spellbinding. During this time of the year, the cathedrals get lit up giving it the magically magnificent look.

The Akershus Castle

Visiting the Akershus Castle is a must when in Norway! The castle was built in 1299 during the medieval period. It was built to give protection to Oslo from any kind of invasion or attack from the enemy. Over the years, the castle has been used for many purposes. It has been used as a prison and also as a renaissance castle. Today, the Norwegian Ministry of Defense uses it and people can get to book some of the most beautiful rooms here like the chapel and the banquet rooms. Also, there is an awesome collection of antiques. The entire thing here at the castle is enough to take you on the historical journey. So, those who are real history loves should never miss this site.

Exploring the Arctic Circle

Before planning this trip, it's important to know that most part of Norway lies in the Arctic Circle. It offers the best opportunity to see the Midnight Sun. During the summer, this whole thing gets repeated every year. It happens that the sun never sets and there's light all through the day. Another unique thing about being in this place is that the northern lights enter the Earth's atmosphere. These northern lights are created from the particles emanating from the sun. Norway travel agents say that exploring the Arctic Circle is one of the best things to do in Norway and it should not be missed.

How to Find the best Accommodation on Norway Tours

Luxury Norway tour agents say that there are different types of places to stay during a trip to the country. One can choose from staying on an abandoned farm or can opt for a fishing cabin along the Atlantic ocean. Also, there are historic hotels and lighthouses along the sea that are weather-beaten. Apart from that, tent accommodations in UNESCO listed fjords are also available which comes with an experience of kayaking.

  1. There are accommodations available for all types of budgets. There’s something for everyone; whether someone one is tight on budget or looking for luxurious accommodation or want a peaceful place to stay or anything.

  2. The most important aspect to consider here would be choosing a place which adds to the trip. That enables covering as many tourist sites as possible. Choose accommodation in the vicinity of the place where most of the important sites are located.

  3. Keep in mind that it’s not a great idea to bargain (hostels & hotels) in Norway. However, this won’t really mean spending too much on accommodation. It’s just that one has to a little wise and creative and accommodation charges are going to be really minimal.

  4. Wild Camping is the cheapest accommodation in Norway. Particularly those who are visiting the country during summer, Wild Camping is the best option. It’s just that one has to bring a tent along. It also gives a chance to see the Norwegian beauty of nature.

  5. Then, there are campsites that are a particularly great option for those who want to go camping but can’t do without toilets and showers. Here one will have to pay very nominal money that will be cheaper than hotels.

Things to  Avoid on Norway Tours!

Knowing some important cultural differences, one can easily understand about things that must be avoided on Norway tours. People of Norway are generally reserved and shy. They don’t really appreciate interacting with strangers. Here are the things one needs to avoid during the trip:

  1. A 10% tip is enough at any restaurant or eating outlet! However, services charges are generally included with the bill and tipping is not really required. Even if you are considering that don't go beyond 15% or you'll be considered showing off.

  2. There is a price tag for every item and bargaining over those items will not do. It's not really going to give a positive result.

  3. When on Norway tours avoid any kind of personal touching. Norwegians do not really appreciate unless it's a close friend or an acquaintance.

  4. Norway, in general, is a non-judgmental country and people don't judge anything about marriage. There are many couples living together and having a family together without marriage. So, don't form opinions about the marital state unless you are told. There are even couples of the same sex living together and they are not actually “only friends”.

  5. Drinking and driving are not accepted in Norway! Unlike many other countries, Norway has very strict rules in that regard.

  6. Norwegians do not really like listening to any kind of negative comments, be it about the system or anything else. So, avoid criticizing when on Norway tours.

The popular image of Norway is that of a cold and remote destination showered with an inhospitable climate. The image has some truth to it, but there is so much more to the weather patterns of Norway as they shift dramatically by season, topography, and the constant flow of the North Atlantic Current.

The different seasons provide various reasons for traveling to Norway as the long and dark days of winter provide ample opportunity to ski, dog-sled, ice fish, snowmobile, and of course, search for the northern lights. The warmer days of spring continue to bring skiing adventures as well as the popular Sámi festivals. The expanding daylight melts the snow to bring an innumerable number of cascades to decorate the beguiling fjords while prairies and plateaus glow with wildflowers. Autumn carries the golden sunlight and smaller crowds while maintaining the same beauty for which Norway is known. But summer remains the most popular season to visit Norway thanks to its frequent public transport connections, the endless sunlight, and access to the ample beauty of Norwegian scenery.

Summer temperatures can reach the low 80 degrees Fahrenheit but drop to negative 13 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. The temperatures of the inland areas differ greatly from those on the coastline, which feel the warming effects of the North Atlantic Current. July has the warmest trends with December to April hosting the most snowfall out of the year. Where and when you visit Norway informs your experience. If you prefer sun and greenery, late spring and summer are the best times to visit. If you want to experience the northern lights and perfect skiing conditions, late autumn and winter are your best chances.

Understanding People and Culture of Norway

Customs & Etiquettes in Norway

  1. People in Norway have a firm belief in the concept that everyone is equal and everyone has equal opportunities and opportunities.

  2. Norwegian society is based on the principle of “respecting each other”. They don’t show off any kind of personal achievement. Simplicity is their way of life.

  3. Learning some Norwegian etiquettes should be an important part of the trip. When someone invites to their place, one should make sure not to be late in any case.

  4. Talking about eating etiquettes, people in Norway don’t like using their hands while eating. They reserve a great part of their time for dining, which is all filled with a happy & positive environment.

  5. Leaving for your place without helping the host in cleaning all the mess and utensils will not be accepted.

  6. When going to a Norwegian home make sure to take off your shoes. Always wear clean socks.

Popular Cuisines in Norway

  1. Norway cuisine is peculiarly surprising for many. It’s one-of-its-kind unique experiences to try Norwegian cuisines. While for some it’s strange, some find it interesting.

  2. Their eating habits are completely related to history. These were the Vikings who existed thousands of years back.

  3. Some of the most popular Norwegian cuisines include Lefse, Kumla, Lutefisk, Whale Steak, Pickled Herring, Krumkake, Farikal, and more. offers a clean, simple, and user-friendly platform whereby people who keenly want to travel and explore the world can get their trip planned without any hassle. The online platform has all the basic ingredients that can come up with an extraordinarily exciting trip. Our short, precise, but the excellent pool of talented people are all adapt to take up a whirlwind of activities. Leisure works by connecting highly skilled Luxury Norway tour agents and specialists with travelers. These Norway travel agents are inducted into the team only after meticulous assessment and checking their credibility. All of these specialists are equipped with modern tools and techniques to help with perfect planning. A traveler just has to give us all the information on their plan by filling out the form. Once we get this information, we'll review it and match these requirements with our experts. Then, these experts will contact you and plan the trip from the beginning to the end. Apart from Norway tours, we also have Poland tours, Slovenia tours, Scotland tours and many more.

Health & Safety Measures While Traveling to Norway

Health Precautions on Norway tours

  1. In Norway, any kind of health risks is less common for travelers. While on the trip, there are only a few cases of minor blisters and a few normal seasonal health issues.

  2. The standard of healthcare facilities in the country is tremendously great. But, the healthcare services cost is comparatively very high. Therefore, luxury Norway tour agents advice to take better precautions.

  3. The most prudent way, in that regards, is choosing a health insurance plan that covers all kinds of medical emergencies on the trip.

  4. Another important thing to note here is that the pharmacies in Norway are called “apotek”.

  5. There are public hospitals where one can get free treatment in case of an emergency. And, the emergency number for an ambulance is 113.

Safety Precautions on Norway tours

  1. Norway finds an important place in the list of “the safest countries in the world”. Traveling even in some of the biggest cities like Stavanger, Oslo, and Trondheim is safe.

  2. Even if someone is roaming around during the night, there won’t be an issue. However, it’s always good to take some basic precautions.

  3. If there are a few cases of crime in the country that would be an office or home theft.

  4. Apart from that, there are a few groups of pickpockets in the vicinity of tourist places, especially during the summer.

  5. Luxury Norway tour agents recommend being alert and taking care of wallets and other belongings on the trip.

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