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Situated in the Balkans, Croatia has again become one of Europe’s top tourist destination since its War of Independence in the late 1990s. With ancient ruins, pristine beaches, jewel-like lakes, and more than 1000 idyllic islands, the country is the hottest tourist spot in Europe. The stunning natural attractions like the spectacular Adriatic coastlines, gorgeous islands, and the Plitvice Lakes make Croatia an exceptional place to travel. Tucked somewhere between eastern and western Europe, Croatia has something to offer to every traveler who visits the place.



Croatia Tour: Follow The Best Croatia Itinerary
Croatia Tour: Follow The Best Croatia Itinerary
Perfect Croatia Itinerary For The Travelers Who Love To Explore
Perfect Croatia Itinerary For The Travelers Who Love To Explore
Places to Explore During Croatia Tour With Croatia Itinerary
Places to Explore During Croatia Tour With Croatia Itinerary
Experience The Best Holidays In Croatia With Croatia Itinerary
Experience The Best Holidays In Croatia With Croatia Itinerary
Experience A Unique Croatia Tour With The Best Holidays In Croatia
Experience A Unique Croatia Tour With The Best Holidays In Croatia
The Best Places To Cover During Croatia Tour With Croatia Itinerary
The Best Places To Cover During Croatia Tour With Croatia Itinerary
Plan A Perfect Croatia Itinerary When You Have Limited Time- Croatia Itinerary
Plan A Perfect Croatia Itinerary When You Have Limited Time- Croatia Itinerary
A Perfect Croatia Getaway- Croatia Itinerary
A Perfect Croatia Getaway- Croatia Itinerary
Croatia Tours- A Perfect Dream Holidays in Croatia
Croatia Tours- A Perfect Dream Holidays in Croatia
Give Yourself the Perfect Taste of the Amazing Croatia Tours
Give Yourself the Perfect Taste of the Amazing Croatia Tours


Off-the-beaten Experiences on Croatia Tours!

Visiting National Parks during Croatia Tours

Croatia is one of the wealthiest countries of Europe and the reason is its ecology, geomorphology, and climatic conditions. With a relatively small area of around 56000 km, the country offers an opportunity to explore this wealthiest part of Europe in the most pocket-friendly way. With plenty of beautiful locations including soaring mountains, the rolling hills of Zagorje, the plains of Slavonia and the Adriatic Sea, the natural beauty here is unexceptionally amazing.

There are two natural reserves, ten nature parks, and eight national parks in Croatia. Kornati, Brijuni, and the Mljet National parks are made of abundant marine life and cover the island region of the country. And, the northern Velebit, Paklenica, and Risnjak national Park cover the mountainous parts of the country. Plitviče Lake is Croatia's most visited National Park of the country.

Discovering The Beaches of Croatia

Dalmatia in the south and Istria in the north are two of the most popularly known coastal regions in the country. Some of the picturesque beaches of Croatia are located on the Makarska Riviera, in Central Dalmatia. The Mulini Beach in Rovinj is a beautiful sand stretch the perfect sunbathing area. Among windsurfers, the Istria beach is popularly known. The Ravni village along with Preluk and Premantura villages give some really exhilarating opportunities for the windsurfers. We have already said that there are only a few sandy beaches, but that really does not mean that they don't exist. Sakarun beach never gets that crowded and it is the most famous beach in Croatia both among travelers and locals.

Exploring the Islands of Zadar, Pag, and Istria

Istria is known for its great wines, olive oil, seafood, and truffles. It is located in the northern part of Croatia and shares its border with Slovenia and Italy. The area once used to be under the influence of the Venetian empire because of which one can see a considerable imprint of Italy in its history and culture. Pula is the most ideal place to get on a spree to explore Istria. From here, one can get on to explore the Rovinj and many of its tourist destinations including Rovinj Town Museum, Lone Bay, and St. Euphemia's Basilica.

From Zadar, it's simple to explore some of the most famous tourist national parks on Croatia tours. One can go on to discovering the Plitvice Lakes National Parks and hike through the nearby trails in the park.

Pag Island is just at an hour driving distance from Zadar. The most popular thing about this island is its cheese made from the milk of sheep. To the North of the island is the Novalja town and this is one of the main nightlife destinations in Croatia.

Exciting things to do on Croatia Tours

All through the year, Croatia offers an opportunity for different and exciting activities. It's also a paradise for foodies as they will get a chance to explore different cuisines here in different parts of the country including Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Split, and Istria. Also, the country is a producer of some of the best olive oils in the world.

For party lovers who want to experience the nightlife and entertainment, Novalja on Murter, Tisno, Hvar, and Pag, is the perfect space. And, those who are much into outdoor activities will love Ćićarija, Paklenica, and Omiš. For those who want to explore the hidden gems of the southern Dalmatian coast in Croatia, sailing through Adriatic is a perfect way. For divers Žuljana located on the Pelješac peninsula is a great way. Also, Croatia is a perfect place to explore pebbled beaches, Flora and fauna, hidden bays, and coves.

Shopping at a Green Market on Croatia Tours

Shopping for fresh produce at the fish market and open-air green is loved by the people of Croatia. These markets can be found in every part of the country. In these markets, one can feel the real pulse of the cities in Croatia with locals moving around with their everyday course of life. As one gets to explore these markets, the enthusiasm can be felt the locals feel while shopping through.

Let’s go for a Road trip on Croatia Tour

It’s fine for those traveling by car, but in the other case, it’s a great idea to rent a car. Renting a car on Croatia tour at least for a day will make the experience way more delightful because travelers who have been to this place say that it’s a great destination to go for a road trip. With its perfectly breathtaking beauty and impeccably built roads, Croatia tours are popularly known for road trips. recommended Croatia travel agents and specialists are all experienced in that regards to guiding travelers to plan road trips.

Experience Extraordinary Croatia Tour Infrastructure

The tourism sector started building off during the ’60s. And, with time, tourism in Croatia has reached a level that it is considered the key industries in the country. From the previous statement, one can infer that on Croatia tours there are chances of experiencing the luxuriously extraordinary tourist infrastructure. At every step, one can easily find boutique & luxury hotels,  all-inclusive resorts, vacation rentals, campsites, villas, and plenty of budget hotels.


Weather And When To plan Croatia Tours

The best time to Visit Croatia

Croatia is a pocket-friendly destination as compared to other parts of Europe. Just at a small price, one gets to experience too much to revel at its incredible architecture to food to beaches to music and much more. And, also the varied weather conditions favor people of different taste to plan their trip.

  1. In Croatia, (on the Adriatic) July and August are the peak season. This is the best time to plan a trip to Croatia, particularly for those who are looking out for lively café society and beaches.

  2. During this time of the year, a huge number of Croatian people move towards the coast.

  3. Sightseeing in the peak season looks a grueling experience as the day time temperature during this period is quite roasting.

  4. The coast looks quite from October to May and most shops and hotels in the tourist attractions shut themselves up in winters.

  5. Autumn is the best time to enjoy a trip to national park areas including the River Krka and Plitvice Lakes. This is the time when the woodland colors coming from the evergreen trees look the best.

  6. Mid-March when spring gets well into the stride and the weather is dry and warm; it’s the perfect time for hiking, cycling, cultural sightseeing, and much more.

July to August - Peak Season

Those traveling during this period of time must book their accommodations three months prior to their trip because during the peak season all the charges are high. It's cheaper to great extent in the shoulder months.

April to June/ September to October-Shoulder season

Flights are 12% cheaper during the shoulder season, unlike the summers, given the small crowds during this time of the year. This is undoubtedly the best time to visit Croatia for those who want to save money and travel in peace.

November to March-Low Season

For those who want to avail travel deals and save spend on accommodation and flights, low season is the perfect time to plan a trip to Croatia. Rest our Croatia travel agents and experts will guide with regard to the best time to plan Croatia tours.

How to find the Best Accommodations on Croatia Tours?

Our suggested Luxury Croatia Tour agents are trained to give their travelers' an overview of different forms of accommodations in Croatia. And, they help travelers' find the best accommodation on their trip. From the 5-star hotel, secluded villas to seaside campsites, and wonderful apartment rentals, there are different types of accommodation in Croatia.

Luxury Hotels in Croatia

One can find hotels in Croatia, at its every nook and cranny. They range from 2-star hotel to 5-star hotels. Most of these hotels include complimentary breakfast and a few of the hotels also include complimentary dinner. There are only a few International brand hotels in Croatia.

All-inclusive resorts in Croatia

There are only a few of them and are located far from each other. They can only be found within the town or at some walking distance from the town. These resorts in Croatia are not really guarded and closed completely.

Croatia Apartments

One of the sources of extra income for many of the Croatians is renting their apartment. On moving towards the coast one feels as if everyone is having a renting apartment. Living in Croatia is costly and income is low, moreover, jobs are very less. This is the reason Croatians offer their apartments for rent. Renting an apartment is a great idea to know about people here.

Visa Requirements

Croatia joined the European Union in 2013, completing its transformation from ex-Communist state to blossoming Western nation. This has made traveling here even easier. US, Canadian, Australian, and European visitors do not require a visa for stays of up to 90 days. An official rule requires all foreign visitors to register with the local police within 24 hours of arriving. This is far less troublesome than it sounds as you're automatically registered by checking into your first hotel. Note that Croatia is outside the Schengen agreement; foreign nationals requiring visas for European countries will need to separately arrange their Croatian visa.

Health and Safety

Croatia can be considered in the same light as Western European nations when it comes to health and safety. No additional inoculations are recommended and there are no specific health risks. To illustrate this, Croatia's tap water is widely considered to be amongst the purest in Europe, coming directly from hundreds of mountain streams.

Medical facilities and hospitals are excellent in the cities. In rural areas, the quality isn't quite as high, although it's rare you'll be more than a couple of hours from a city. When requiring medical assistance, communication can sometimes pose a challenge as English isn't always spoken. It may be advisable to take a guide or local to assist with translation. Hotels and tour companies will be happy to arrange this.

It's very rare that visitors to Croatia encounter any safety problems. The country doesn't suffer the niggling petty crime problems that can be found in some major European cities. Crime levels are very low, particularly against tourists.


Greeting in Croatia

  • In the first meeting, Croats prefer formal introduction and formal behavior. That's how they are.

  • One should maintain eye contact and a suitable greeting for the day. Handshaking is important when you meet someone.

  • Wish 'Dobro jutro' for Good morning, 'dobro veèer' for Good evening, and 'dobro dan' for good day.

  • People find it a respecting gesture to be called by their honorific titles plus surname. In case of any confusion about the surname, one can use 'Gospodin' in place of Mr, 'Gospodjice' for Miss and 'Gospodja' for Mrs.

Gifting Etiquette in Croatia

  • It's a general etiquette to bring flowers for the hostess while visiting someone's house. And, a box of chocolates would be the perfect gift for the host or wine.

  • Never give chrysanthemums as they are used for the purpose of gravestones and funerals. And make sure that flowers are odd in number.

  • Croatians open gifts as and when received.

Dining Etiquette in Croatia

  • Croatians follow casual table manners as they are comfortable chatting and having fun at the dinner table.

  • When you are a guest, you should ask or wait for your seat.

  • Croatians follow continental table manners. They hold the knife in the right hand and the fork in the left hand.

  • When it's a formal meal one needs to unfold the napkin and put it on the lap. Begin only after the host gives a signal.

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