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Armenia is a landlocked country with Azerbaijan to the east, Turkey to the west, Georgia to the north. Armenia boasts a history of the European countries and it is the destination where one can be attracted by history, awestruck by monuments, wonderstruck by the landscape and impressed by locals. This is one of the most glorious parts of Europe, which has a large number of historical monuments, and early Christian memoirs, dominated by natural splendor and legendary tales.



Exotic Armenia Tours: Discover the Magic of Traveling
Exotic Armenia Tours: Discover the Magic of Traveling
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Best Armenia Tours 2019: Here's Your Quintessential Trip to Beautiful Armenia!
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8 Days Exotic Armenia Tour: A Beacon For Your Wanderlust!
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An Exhilarating Holiday to Armenia - 9 Days Itinerary
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Travel to Armenia with this 4 Days Itinerary
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Best Armenia Tours 2019: Its Charismatic View will Sweep You Off Your Feet!
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Georgia Armenia Tour - A 13 Days Itinerary
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Visiting Armenia? Follow this 13 Days Itinerary!
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Follow This Armenia Itinerary To Unfold The Best Places To Visit In Armenia
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Travel Itinerary To Armenia- A Week Long Armenia Itinerary
Classical Armenia Tour Generating The Lifetime Lasting Memories
Classical Armenia Tour Generating The Lifetime Lasting Memories
Lost Yourself In A Blend Of The Natural & Architectural Beauty Of Armenia
Lost Yourself In A Blend Of The Natural & Architectural Beauty Of Armenia


A Closer Look into Armenia, Europe

Every year there’s a huge influx of travelers from around the globe. They come here to get indulge in the vibrant culture of this beautiful land. It’s the centuries-old traditions, colourful history, and the mindblowing natural beauty of this interesting land that has listed it among one of the widely known tourist destinations in Europe. The locals here are quite welcoming and they will give tourists the perfect feeling traveling here in Armenia. Before planning a trip to Armenia, one must know about these unique places that one can’t afford to miss.

1.The City Center - Yerevan

Yerevan, the capital city is particularly known for its spectacular architecture. The country has an age-old history and was built in 782 BC. According to the data, Armenia is older than Rome. We recommend our valued visitors to plan a day to the City Center, particularly who are visiting it for the first time. it ‘s famous for the extremely splendid cozy cafés, unique architecture masterpieces, beautiful parks, and restaurants.

In the heart of the city is the Republic Square belonging to 1924 Alexander Tamanyan’s architecture. the Government House, the History Museum of Armenia and other important buildings are the part of the Square. On the other end of the road is the Northern Avenue, a high-end part of the country with stylish boutiques, shops, and luxury hotels. It’s worth visiting at least once.

2. Echmiadzin

Echmiadzin is located at a distance of 20 km from the capital city Yerevan and it takes around 30 minutes to switch between the two cities by car. The Echmiadzin Cathedral was built to celebrate the adoption of Chritianity by Armenia in 301 AD. Armenians consider this place as their religious center.

3. Tatev Monastery

From Yarvan, it takes around four hours to travel to the Tatev monastery. But, it’s a real exhilarating experience traveling to this part of the country. On your trip to Armenia, visiting the Tatev monastery will definitely some fresh and real experiences. With its location on the edge of a deep gorge and the surrounding of some really beautiful Mountains, a visit to the monastery will come up with really interesting experiences. Our suggested Armenia tour agents and specialist will guide to take a cable car to get to this 9th century AD monastery. There’s also some surprising fact one need to know about these cable cars. They are indeed listed in the Guinness Book of Records for being the longest cable car in the world. It’s an out-of-the-world experience gliding over the deep gorge and enjoying the perfect scenery for around 20 minutes.

4. Lake Sevan

Sevan town located 66 kms north-east of Yerevan is popularly known for its amazing Lake Sevan. This place is a heaven both for the tourists and as well as the locals during the summers. Lake Sevan is named among the highest lakes in the World. At around a height of 1900m it looks ready to touch the horizon of the sky. The extraordinarily outstanding beauty of this Lake has earned it the nickname of ‘the pearl of Armenian nature’.

Getting guidance from our recommended Luxury Armenia Tours Agent will mean that one won’t miss on any part of it. There are BBQ, catamaran to relax, and cruise on a yacht; our experts will customize this part of the trip as per the demand of the clients. Also, being in Sevan, one cannot miss ordering delicious fish dishes.

5. Selim Pass

At the Selim pass, one can get to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Armenia Land. One will not require to plan visiting this destination separately. One can see this place while on their way from Sevan to Yerevan. Selim pass once used to be an important part of the Silk Road that connected Europe with the far East. And, the verdant valley view is breathtaking.

6. Jermuk

The mild climate and the healing waters of Jermuk, the spa town, makes its one of the most visited spots in Armenia. There are over 40 thermal springs in Jermuk town. One gets to visit here the Gallery of Water to taste the healing waters and the Jermuk Waterfall, which is one of the top tourist attractions of Armenia. Water tumbling down from 70 m makes this waterfall the second largest in the World.

7. Karahunj

Located at a distance of around 200 km from the capital city of Yerevan, Karahunj, a famous megalithic site of Armenia should be a must-visit location on your list of the best places to visit in Armenia. Karahunj also called Zorats Karer or the ‘army of stones’. Located at a height of 1770m and built of more than 200 stones, here one can get to see a lot of exciting things. Each of these stones have holes having a diameter of 5cm. The origin of this site has yet remained a mystery.

8. The cave city of Khndzoresk

The cave city of Khndzoresk is located in the Syunik region and is also considered as one of the top attractions of the place. There are plenty of huge caves in the old part of the villages. In this part of Armenia people used to live until 1950. There’s a bridge connecting the old part to the new part of the village. And, one can get to enjoy a spectacular view of the city from the bridge.

9. The symphony of stones

Garni, the beautiful canyon, located in Armenia’s Kotayk region is something one cannot miss on their trip to Armenia. It’s popularly known for its basalt columns. ‘The symphony of stones’ are actually the stunning natural symmetrical columns formed due to geological processes. From a distance, these canyons look like a giant organ.

10. Mamrot Qar Waterfall

Mamrot Qar waterfall is one of those sites that are not that popularly known, but are worth visiting. Mamrot Qar waterfall is also called ‘Zontikner’. It is located in the East of Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabakh region. The source of the water here is Jrduz canyon, and the waterfall forms a huge umbrella like structure. It’s a must to include in the list of best places to see in Armenia. Hiring our selected Armenia Tours Agent will help in discovering such undiscovered destinations.

Best time to Plan Armenia Tours

The winters are really cold and the summers are hot and dry. That’s how the climate of Armenia is distinguished. With the Northern part of the country being the coldest, witness a fair amount of snowfall. The hottest months of the year are that between June to September with temperature roaring as high as 40 degree celcius. And, the average temperature falling in the range of 22 C to 36 C. But, the evenings are fairly pleasant. Below is a short description on the best time to visit Armenia.

  • January - This part of the year is the best time to visit Armenia for those travelers who like to travel during winters and do no bother about snowfall or cold weather. One can find cheap accommodation as there are very small number of tourists in the city.

  • February - This month is best to visit for those who like traveling during winters and who enjoy seeing snow around. Khor Virap particularly looks beautiful during winters.

  • March - Spring gets to take entry in the country during March. The cities start looking greener and nature awakening. Not too many tourists!

  • April - Wettest months of the year with many heavy showers. It’s not an ideal month to plan a trip to Armenia.

  • May - Heavy showers are witnessed in the beginning of May. Best time to visit Armenia is between late May to Early June.

  • June - Nature looks blooming during this month of the year in the country. June is the best time to visit Armenia.

  • July - Weather being hotter, with low humidity is not that pleasant to plan a trip to Armenia. July is also the busiest months of the year in the country.

  • August - Similar to July August is also in the list of hottest months of the year. But, those planning a trip to Armenia in August can witness plenty of entertaining events.

  • September - The later part of September month is also included in the list of the best time to visit Armenia. Many interesting events are also organized during this month.

  • October - The country looks the most beautiful during this month of the year. The beginning of autumn, bringing the country vibrant colors, makes it one of the best times to visit Armenia.

  • November - This month marks the beginning of winter with temperature dropping considerably. No festivals and events are organized during the month. So, it’s not a very good time to travel the country particularly for those who don’t like visiting during winter.

December - Only a few tourists can be seen in the country. Armenia looks quieter during December. And, the temperature drops below 0 degree Celsius making it tough to walk around Yerevan and other cities. December is not a very good time to plan a trip to Armenia.

Best Accomodation in Armenia

  1. One can get to find some of the best hotel in Armenia in the capital city Yerevan. These hotels are built in style and with flamboyance.

  2. Around the Northern avenue, there are a few of the many contemporary hotels. There are also some standard hotels in Dilijan and Jermuk.

  3. Same as the luxurious homestay, Dilijan also in the boutique category. These hotels have been built in accordance with the standards of the 21st century. And, comfort here is more than one can expect.

  4. But, outside of these towns it’s not that easy to find a place that is good to stay. Either you could find a very casual homestay experience or just a relaxing stay by the side of Lake Sevan.

  5. There are also a few recently built five-star hotels in Armenia with best services good to cater to the small as well as large families.

Visa requirements for visiting Armenia have loosened significantly over the last decade. U.S. passport holders can now travel visa-free, as well as nationals of European Union and Schengen Area countries. Canadian passport holders can obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport. It is important to clarify these visa requirements with your tour operator before travel, as they do change and not all land borders offer a visa upon arrival service, which can cause complications when traveling from neighboring Georgia.

Travel advisory warning has been in place sporadically. These refer to Armenian regions bordering Azerbaijan and concern the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh, an ethnically Armenian mountain land that is still internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan. Check your relevant foreign office advice before traveling and note that your travel insurance will not be valid for visits to regions where travel is not advised. It is also worth remembering that past conflicts mean Armenia does not have good relations with its neighbors Azerbaijan and Turkey, so situations and travel warning can change.  Having a local contact in Armenia is important. English is not widely spoken, and the country can be confusing to first-time visitors. A local contact helps remove any apprehension.


How to Remain Safe & Healthy During Armenia Tours

  • The landscape of Armenia is blissful and the food found is organic here. A trip to Armenia will just make you feel healthier than ever before.

  • You should try drinking only bottled water which is available throughout the country. This is mostly packed from the Mountains.

  • In case of emergency, you must keep some contact from the local village. The chances of being treated by an English-speaking contact is not possible even if you are in the capital city.

  • The medical facilities are comparatively good in the capital city of Europe. But, in the sporadic hours, it can be only the elementary facilities.

  • Your local guides will help you through. The rate of crime in Armenia is very low both when it comes to foreigners and the locals.

  • You’ll hear the tales of pickpockets only very rarely. It’s safe on your trip to Armenia. You don’t have to worry.

  • But, walking on the roads can sometimes be dangerous with locals having very casual frame of mind following the road laws.

  • When in the capital city, Yerevan, one must take care while crossing the roads. Especially the taxi drivers will try to pass on the pedestrians very fast.

People in Armenia & their authentic first impression

Armenia overwhelmingly welcomes the visitors! Everyone who comes to visit this place is welcomed very warmly. One will get an authentic first impression here! In spite of the language barrier, Armenians give tourists the perfect kind of hospitality. 

  1. The history of Armenia is very old. The people here are extremely proud of their language.

  2. A well-experienced Armenia travel agent will tell all the stories relates to the customs and history of the country. Armenia also has its own alphabet.

  3. The locals are comfortable with tourists speaking their own language and they will not make tourists feel any kind of awkwardness.

  4. But, knowing certain words like thank you, sorry and alike would be great for the tourists. Also, a lot of the young generation people would be knowing English. So, don’t panic!

  5. The currency of the country is Armenian dram. And, it’s very easy to exchange US dollars and euros from the banks and forex exchanges. The facility is available both in towns and villages.

  6. Shops and restaurants also accept credit cards. And, five-star hotels also accept cards.

  7. Your Armenia tour agents will guide where to pay using Mastercard and Visa. But, one must carry some cash along!

How Works is a full-fledged travel company that provides platform connecting travelers with reliable Armenia Travel agents and specialists. These Armenia tour agents are skilled, experienced and employ the latest technology to provide the best possible solution to their clients. You will just have to contact our executives and they will design the best customized travel plan for you. Our recommended Luxury Armenia Tours Agents will guide you, covering most of the tourist destinations in Armenia. They have all the needed technical and human resources to help you through. Our team along with our listed Armenia travel agents are keen to help you plan the best trip for you. Let us help you and make this an exhilarating experience! With our services, your traveling experience to armenia is going to be remembered for the rest of your life and that is our assurance.


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