Best Places Where You Can Make YouTube Videos

What do you do for a living?

Oh! I make YouTube videos!


The most important thing about being a YouTube video creator is the viewer’s attention! But how will it be possible if you have no clarity about what place to choose! Because there are so many. Clashes of ideas, brainstorming areas, traveling long places that aren't that interesting? Choosing the right place, the background can sometimes even cost you thousands of dollars. Analyzing different video trends, researching attractive places, we’ve compiled a few places in states that will make you a hit. 


YouTube is more than just part of the internet today. Almost everyone makes YouTube videos. But what’s going to make your videos different from others?


Here we have shortlisted some of the best places that we think will be best for your next YouTube video, on your YouTube channel. Keep your audience happy and provide them, tremendous love, through these videos.


So if you’re wondering how to? Let’s begin the walk.


Best places to shoot for your YouTube video





Charleston has a legacy of architecture, cultural values, beautiful surroundings, friendly locals, and beautiful beaches, which makes this place quite photogenic. If you're opting for something like a homelike setup with lighting or in your balcony, that’s fine as well. But it’s considered a bit boring and feels stagnant for many viewers. They expect the new content, in new form every day. 


Step out of your comfort zone and stand out from all the other Video creators. Search out for places at different destinations where you can create your videos more creatively. 


Moreover, Charleston is a city of generosity that is often admired by audiences. As the Country's most remarkable places are a part of the enjoyment. Why not create YouTube videos that trend on your channel?


New Orleans



If you have a YouTube channel, you must have to explore and experience the serenity of New Orleans. Once in your lifetime, be confident to wander the renowned Bourbon Street, discover the city's residential quarters, sculpture-filled gardens as well as the city's Warehouse Province. 


If you're a big fan of the Vampire Diaries universe, then the universe knows you needed to be in this city. This place is a win-win if you also have ‘The Vampire Diaries’ hardcore fans. This place has a lot in store for them.


The whole "The Originals" focusing on the Mikaelson family, or say The Original family, was based here. So, exploring and making videos will earn you some long-term subscribers for sure. It’s a perfect way to capture the hearts of fans in here, especially the ones who love the whole Vampire Diaries Universe.


Savannah, Georgia



Savannah is well known for some of its heritage buildings and moss-draped oaks. But Savannah wasn't stuck in a time warp. It's modern and innovative with contemporary exhibits and an offbeat café. You can make whole travel vlogs, blogs, and videos on its food scene. 


In reality, this place has gained widespread attention and momentum from all around the world. Savannah does seem to have erupted out of the Lion King with each of its scenic beauty. It is the best place to create some quirky YouTube videos with a hint of heritage.


New York



Starting from Times Square to Wall Street. Almost everything here is picturesque, and video-Esque, If that makes sense. The Statue of Liberty to economic capital like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, It has got everything you need. 


New York seems and is filled with already so many icons along with museums. Added up with the excellent food, it gives your room to create spectacular YouTube Videos. 


But, just like any local might well inform you and become your friends too.  Perhaps one of New York's great joys is merely to walk through its streets, to find one-of-a-kind stores, fragrant food stalls, as well as impromptu appearances.


A travel vlog of New York is something viewers never get tired of watching.  This is why the universe wants to keep the city in minds of every viewer and keeps them returning for even more.




Looking for more places? Well, you can find it if you search. But with this article, you’ll find some best places where you can make YouTube videos more promptly and creatively. The world has so many places to explore, so make good use of it! 

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