Visit Anne Frank Museum to Feed Your Curiosity of Holocaust

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Sep 05,2023

Holocaust is popular with the historical catastrophes. And, Anne Frank, the little girl narrated us the insurmountable sufferings that it brought about making the life of jews miserable. Her diary, that she wrote while she and her family were living in hiding is the only written evidence of the barbarities inflicted upon Jewish people during WWII.


Anne Frank and her diary is important evidence of the inequity done during the holocaust in an attempt to eliminate the Jews population from Europe. Around six million Jews died during this atrocity. 


According to her diary, Anne Franks family spent around two years hiding in a secret attic apartment in Amsterdam. But, unfortunately, Franks family was discovered on the 4th of August 1944 and were taken into the camps where Anne Frank died of bad health.


If you are someone curious about this heinous act and how it left many people to live a life thats unimaginably horrible then you must visit the Anne Frank House Museum. Its going to get you practical information.


Everything about the Anne Frank Museum:


Location: The Anne Frank House museum is located in Amsterdam. The museum is around 20 minutes away from the Amsterdam Central station. You must know that there are many stairs in the house, so you must find a way out if you have difficulty traveling. 


Photography: You wont be allowed photography inside the house. To protect the monumental evidence of Anne Frank & photography is prohibited. 


Free Audio Tour: The audio tour is an important part of the museum visit. It provides all the information on the onset of the second world war, persecution of the jews, the secret hiding, and how people lived in those hiding. It explains every part of the museum and the associated stories. The good thing is that this free audio tour is available in nine different languages including English, Dutch, Hebrew, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and German.


The museum cafe: Outside the museum is the cafe where you can sit and take some discussing the story of the Holocaust & how it would have been for Franks. Drinks, snacks & lunch are available. 


Museum shop: At the museum shop, you can also buy Anne Franks diary & other educational items. The opening hours for the museum shop is the same as that of the museum.


After your visit to the Anne Frank House museum, you can also visit many other historically rich monuments in the city. Here is a list of top historically rich places in Amsterdam, the Netherlands you can visit after exploring the Anne Frank House museum.


Other Top Historically rich Destinations in Amsterdam:

1.Central Station

As the name explains, the central station is the central part of the city, from where people travel to different parts of the country. It is the central train station of Amsterdam, which was designed in 1889 by Pierre Cuypers and A. L. van Gendt. It is the apt location of the station in the center of the three man-made islands that makes it an exceptionally well connecting hub taking people wherever they want. 


In addition to the utility that it offers, it is the history & the beauty of the building that makes it a place that calls for at least one visit. The Central station is one of the top tourist attractions of Amsterdam that takes one through the present, past & future experiences.


2.Museum Het Rembrandthuis

Another important historically rich site to visit is the popular Rembrandt House. It is the place where the great painter & artist lived and painted. From the period between 1639 and 1658, the place was a studio & home for Rembrandt van Rijn. At the museum, you would be able to explore his life, the way he worked, and everything about the artists life. It is the place where most of his great work was accomplished. 


Once you enter the museum, you will realize that the place has been redesigned to look like a place similar to what had looked like at the time of Rembrandt. Apart from the memories, it also has a collection of some amazing works by Rembrandt, his contemporaries & his teachers. And, the chance to learn the etching technique is incredibly amazing.


3.Museum Willet-Holthuysen

The Museum Willet-Holthuysen home-turned museum. It belongs to Mrs. Willet-Holthuysen, who bequeathed her home to the Amsterdam city in her will. She put forward a condition in her will that it should be converted into a museum and be open for the public as a tourist destination. And, thats how the museum came into being and has been functioning well. You will love the beautiful surroundings, the gardens, a glimpse into the historical past of the country, and the magical gardens. The museum gardens are opened to the public once a year when people can get to learn about the inner gardens of canal houses.


Dam Square

The dam square is one place where you will enjoy the constant hustle & bustle. In Dam Square, you have a lot to witness including Madame Tussauds, National Monument, the Royal Palace & more. The architecture of the Royal palace will sweep you off your feet. And, the great thing about paying a visit is that the palace is still used by the monarchy for state ceremonies & functions. And, the national monument situated at the other end of the square is a representation of peace, liberation and has been designed as a means of celebrating the courage of the victims of WWII. 

This trip to the Anne Frank museum has to be an educational experience. You must not miss reading the story of Anne Frank & holocaust before you plan this visit. 

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