Family Vacation Ideas During Covid-19: How to Plan a Perfect Trip

A family vacation is about less stress & more joy! 

Looking for a safe-family vacation during COVID-19? We understand that it could be pretty stressful -- planning, preparing, and organizing a family vacation when there is this life-threatening pandemic covid surrounding us.

While this could be more challenging than usual to plan, we've prepared a list of a few family vacation ideas during COVID-19 that will help you along a rejuvenating trip. Follow the advice given below for planning your perfect family trip. Let’s get started:

Family vacation Ideas during Covid-19:

  1. Travel to Corona-safe countries.

The first thing you’ll need to consider when planning your family vacation during the holiday season would be listing out all those countries from your destination that are most badly hit by COVID-19. There are corona-safe European countries that have registered only a few coronavirus cases and have the least death rates. You can plan a Portugal vacation to Madeira Islands, Austria vacation to Vienna, Craiova, Romani, Gdansk - Poland, Dresden - Germany, Zagreb - Croatia, and Baden-Baden - Germany -- which are the safest destinations to travel. 

  1. The Health & wellbeing of your family is paramount. 

The health & wellbeing of your family should be the paramount consideration for you irrespective of where you are traveling! You should consider the age, healthy condition, and eating habits -- of every single member in the trip -- and how vulnerable each of the members is. 

If there is someone in the group who is more vulnerable than others -- like someone with a health condition -- you must consider consulting your doctor. If the doctor suggests that for this person traveling could mean contracting coronavirus, you should postpone the trip until the member becomes fit to travel. In that case, celebrating Christmas at home would not be a bad idea. 

  1. Avoid traveling to the COVID hotspots.

There are a few countries where covid has most prevalently spread! While some countries have put in restrictions for travelers from around the world, there are others where there are no official rules -- but when you are looking for Family Vacation Ideas During Covid 19, you should know which destinations to avoid. 

Like for instance, you cannot plan Italy vacations for non-essential travel as per the new rules for traveling to Italy. You can find this information on the official website of the country & plan your vacation accordingly. So, an important consideration when planning a family vacation during COVID-19 is educating yourself on which are the corona hotspots. 

  1. Look for types of accommodations that are safer.

There are accommodations that are safer than the others when planning a family vacation during COVID-19. Some of the accommodations pose a lesser risk of contracting the virus than others. One of the best choices in that regard would be a place where only you and your family are going to reside. In that way, you would not need to mix up with anyone else and you can control the level of cleanliness inside the property in your way. 

You can use antibacterial wipes & gels to clean the accommodation when you enter the property. And, there are plenty of accommodations fortunately which can fit into your requirements -- including canal boats, shepherds huts, and there is the entire property that you can rent for your family vacation during covid-19. 

  1. Choose your mode of transportation mindfully.

The pandemic is still very much among us -- and it is important that you are considering your mode of transportation during this family vacation very mindfully. Sit peacefully, and think about all the risks associated with the options available for transportation that will help you reach your destination. The best option would be traveling in a family vehicle -- this will make sure that you are having only minimal contact with people outside your family bubble. For better hygiene, you can consider cleaning & sanitizing the vehicle after every spot and can use sprays to avoid contamination. 

On the other hand, public transports like trains, buses, & airplanes -- will get you maximum exposure increases the risk of contracting the virus. These public transport carry people from different locations, and you never know who is carrying the virus along. But, if you can’t do anything but use public transportation, you must maintain social distancing, wear masks, and follow all other rules.


It’s been around a year and we are all confined inside our homes. There was nothing much about all those months, but when it’s about the holiday season, we cannot stop ourselves from traveling. The good news is that there are plenty of safe Family Vacation Ideas During Covid 19, you can rely on during your vacation. So, if you are traveling during the pandemic season -- use your accommodation mindfully, avoid traveling to COVID hotspots, use your own vehicle, if you are using public transportation, wear a mask & maintain social distance. If you are a little more careful about the health & safety of your family than usual -- there is nothing to fear.

Enjoy a wonderful time with your family -- it's the end of the year!!


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