COVID-Friendly Christmas Celebration Ideas For 2020

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Dec 21,2020

Someone said it right -- “ there is something good about every situation”! Why can’t we look for COVID-friendly Christmas celebration ideas this season? 

With pandemic still among us, we have reached the final stretch of the sleigh ride. In a few days, 2020 will come to an end! The holiday seasons when we celebrate Christmas & New Year are here but COVID-19 is still there. But, instead of lamenting -- why can’t we accept that things are going to be different this season -- but at the same time we know there is something good about every situation. 

We have a torrent of COVID-friendly Christmas celebration ideas. This holiday season is all about digging a little deeper into our creative selves. When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has cautioned about public gatherings, we can look for COVID-friendly Christmas celebration ideas. You might discover some amazingly interesting ideas along the way that can be added to the list of Christmas traditions. 

Let’s talk about some of these COVID-friendly Christmas celebration ideas:

For Travel Freaks:

  1. Plan a Portugal vacation to Madeira Islands. 

Madeira island is one of the COVID-19 safest places to plan a vacation this winter. It is one of the European destinations where there have been 12 times fewer cases per million inhabitants as compared to the other holiday destinations in  Europe. And, there have been no deaths until now in Madeira Islands -- so planning a Portugal vacation to Madeira is one of the best COVID-friendly Christmas celebration ideas. 

Not only that, Madeira has in place the “Safe and Clean” set up to welcome travelers from across the globe in safe & healthy condition. The Portuguese National Tourist Office is following very strict safety rules and it also assures you of a relaxing, rejuvenating & leisure holiday. 

  1. Plan a vacation to Vienna, Austria.

Given the fear of the pandemic still surrounding us, everyone is looking for vacations that are safe & interesting. In that context, an Austria vacation package could be one of the safest Christmas celebration ideas with friends & family. And, particularly, if you are a travel geek & do not feel like celebrating the holiday season inside your home -- a Vienna holiday would be the perfect thing. Vienna has not only been recognized for being one of the safest COVID-friendly destinations, but it is also one of the safest destinations with respect to the crime rate. Vienna is 10-times less affected by COVID-19 than many other European nations and there are a series of safety measures in place to deal with the pandemic. Plan an Austria vacation this Christmas!

  1. Plan a vacation to Craiova, Romania.

This holiday season (when you are stuck with COVID-Friendly Christmas celebration ideas) do something off the beaten track. Plan a Romania vacation, discover the exciting markets of V, which is not only COVID-safe but are authentic. The national authorities of Romania and the local authorities of Craiova introduced preventive measures much earlier proactively, which resulted in very few corona cases in Craiova as compared to other European nations. To limit the spread of the virus, there are safety measures much evident everywhere from schools, to shops, and public transports. So, discover the world-renowned artistic events and the internationally renowned cultural institutions Craiova this holiday season. 

Other Corona-safe European destinations:

  1. Gdansk - Poland

  2. Dresden - Germany

  3. Zagreb - Croatia

  4. Baden-Baden - Germany

For COVID-Friendly Christmas Celebration Ideas at home:

  1. Think about the Tradition that matters most to You.

Give it time to think about what is the essence of the Christmas celebration for you. List out the things that excite you the most and which you can do safely at home. Even if you cannot go out this season, it could be fun if you are clear in your head about your preferences & priorities. It could be setting up a home decoration or making delicious foods with family & friends or watching a couple of movies together. 

  1. Organize a Holiday Picnic.

This season, given the pandemic & its worst effects, the outdoor gathering could be less risky than indoor gathering if you are maintaining social distancing and everyone is putting on their masks. You can consider moving your meals outside and meeting up with their loved ones. It could be like a picnic and all the members can bring their own blankets & their own food. This way, it would not only be safe but fun too! You may also organize separate tables for each of the families on a driveway or deck space. In cooler weather, you can bring small fire pits or heaters. 

  1. Do your Gift Shopping Earlier.

This season online shopping would be better & safer! So, during the holiday season, you must do your shopping earlier or the rush will increase. This way you will get enough time to keep your gift in quarantine. The online shops have already inundated with orders -- so avoid disappointment, order your Christmas gift earlier. 

Some more COVID-friends celebration ideas at home:

  1. Decorate & trim your Christmas tree Outdoors.

  2. Organize a virtual Holiday Happy Hour

  3. Meet your Santa online

  4. Organize an online Movie watch party


So, these are some of the exciting COVID-Friendly Christmas celebration ideas to travel & at home. This holiday season is going to be a little different with the pandemic still happening, but acknowledging the fact will certainly make it fun. 

Every situation has something good about it! It could be that this season, you discover some new & interesting traditions to add to your holiday celebration list. If you are a travel geek -- plan a holiday to Austria, Craiova & more -- and if you are celebrating it at home there is no dearth of exciting ideas. Choose one from the list or create your own. It’s going to be fun!!

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