Best Red Wines To Taste This New Year's Eve

New Year is generally a cascade of happiness and bliss. To celebrate it with a bit of booze is a tradition that is followed for years and cannot be considered as a breach of conduct. 

Wine-sharing in western countries is a custom for celebrations, and the pint that you enjoy can take you to cloud nine. Especially a sip of red-wine in New Year builds the momentum for the countdown party as you welcome your new days with all exaltation. 

It’s a special feeling to have the most sophisticated wine in your hand and party with the Jazz that reverberates the premise. However, the choice of wine you taste sets the vibe for excitement and will cool the minds of bubbly fans. Let us get into some world-renowned wines that have garnered the likes of people across the world.

Bodegas Vega Sicilia Unico Tinto 2009:

This vintage wine from Spain is a wonder on its own. One of the meticulously prepared wines in the 1900s, it has its specialty to sustain aging like no other wines. It is a mixture of Tempranillo grapes and the opulent older wines that add power to this taste. This also sides with any food, and it does give an extra flavor of spice making it different from the flock. The blackberry fruit’s odors that are sprinkled across the drink make it more attractive to the taste buds.

Rene Rostaing Cote-Rotie La Landonne 2013:

This wine from Rhone is easily overlooked because of the remoteness of its availability and standing of its contemporaries. One of the carefully produced wines from Rhone has the richness that corresponds to the new age along with setting the pedestal for the old-age traditions. This has the intensity of the flavors as the darkness hits your tongue strongly giving the necessary twist. It can be had along with a variety of foodstuffs that balance the power of this exotic drink.

Alois Lagedar Lagrien Alto Adige DOC 2014:

This Italian wine is a bundle of fruit portions. It spews its power with a tinge of spice warming the guests to up their perks and set the mood for the New-Year party. It is a perfect starter for larger crowds as people enjoy the tasty flavor along with tempering their buzz for celebrations. It sides with cheeses and Italian cuisine.

Bordeaux: Château La Mission Haut-Brion 2015:

If one wants to relish the richness of wine-drinking, they should latch on to Bordeaux. It is magical in its taste and adds the necessary buzz for a wine lover. Although the categories of this vary a lot and people prefer all the variants of the brand, La Mission Haut Brion stands apart to give the punch. It does strike you with the juiciness of the fruit while also balancing the subtlety of its power. Though there is a tinge of plum and cassis taste in this, it is blended smoothly to offer the finesse that accentuates the specialty of this vintage wine. This would age for 40 to 80 years and still have the quality maintained without being tainted a bit. The older ones especially pack a punch and nobody will want to miss the chance in sipping this ecstatic drink.

GatoNegro Cabernet Sauvignon 2016:

Often budget plays spoilsports when you place your bids on the wine you like. How about going a bit far and trying something that is unusual and picks the least from your pocket. The Unsung wines ride your instincts as they set the best mood for the party. Cabernet Sauvignon, being the Chilean drink, gives the uniqueness in taste that blends the tart jammy flavors and tint of dark chocolate that polishes the richness of the drink. Anybody who wants to devour the smoothest wine with a pack of meat appetizers and cheese dip should try this.

Matua Rose of Pinot Noir 2017:

The color of this bottle catches eyeballs, as the pinkish floss will attract the wine-drinkers to the maximum. There is a pinch of sweetness that accompanies the ripeness of fruit. It could be a perfect starter for formal meetings and can also be used to set the mojo for parties. This sides with salty snacks and seafood that complements its sweetish flavor and gives the required balance.

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