Impressive Ice Hotels In North America And Europe

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Dec 08,2020

The most significant and exciting part of a vacation package is the sort of accommodation you choose. The residential property you book should be well maintained, inclusive of all the necessary standard facilities, and near the important sightseeing places of the destination. But apart from that, your accommodation should be one of a kind. 

Out of all the types of hotels and resorts, the ice hotels top the list. The first ice hotel was established in Sweden in the 1990s. Later, several others were created in the coldest regions. These hotels are not operated all year round. They only work during the months of winter depending on the location. Ideally, one night is enough to gain the incredible experience of living in an ice hotel. Right from the beds to the doors, everything is made from ice! Of course, you are given enough blankets to save you from the cold. Nevertheless, an ice hotel experience is an amazing one.

Are you planning a trip to North America or Europe? Then here are the best ice hotels for you to choose from.

Jukkasjarvi Icehotel, Sweden:

Sweden's Jukkasjarvi Icehotel is where you will spend the coldest and coziest night of your life. It's the world's largest and first ice hotel. 

After the months of winter, this hotel melts and becomes one with the snow. Every year, the ice hotel takes its original form during winter for tourists to experience an otherworldly experience. It comes to life during Christmas. Tourists can book their vacation package during the festive season and celebrate uniquely. Learn how to carve and sculpt the ice, snowboarding, and various other sessions customized for you.

What's more, this ice hotel can be the perfect destination to plan your wedding! The hotel is transformed into a small snow kingdom for the prince and the princess. The specialized wedding planner of this hotel will help you plan your big day with cheer and glee! 

Iglu Dorf, Switzerland:

If you are planning a vacation package to Switzerland, then the Iglu Dorf in Zermatt will be the right accommodation for you. This ice paradise is magnanimous and invites tourists for a heavenly experience. It is indeed mystical; tunnels connect one igloo to the other! 

About four to six people can occupy an igloo. Along with that, the tourists are offered several other fantastic facilities such as a personalized jacuzzi, sauna, Kota, i.e., the log house, ice carving, etc. 

These ice hotels offer the best views of the gigantic Swiss Alps. 

Hôtel de Glace, Canada:

Quebec City in Canada is a worth visiting city. Every Canada vacation package includes this city for its centuries worth of history and cobblestone streets. 

But, the most prominent attraction in the city is the Hôtel de Glace. Though it remains open only for three months of winter, i.e., from January to March, tourists are allured by its wonderful structure. 

It has a total of 42 rooms, adorned with meticulous ice carvings. Couples prefer this hotel for a perfect romantic time, but it's also the best for groups of friends and families. It has a Grand Hall, an altar, and a series of ice slides. The ice bar offers the best drinks to tourists. Yes, on wine glasses made up of ice!

Hotel Kakslauttanen Igloo Village, Finland:

Finland's Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is an enigmatic place to stay. It's indeed the most exquisite ice hotel of all because tourists can witness the Northern Lights, i.e. Aurora Borealis from the glass ceilings. 

In Finland, the Northern Lights can be witnessed from August to April. Thus, tourists can book their vacation packages at their convenience and observe the earth's natural light show put up in the sky in this ice hotel. Well, who would say no to sleeping under the stars and the beautiful lights? 

Schneedorf Igloo Village, Austria:

The Schneedorf Igloo Hotel is Austria's first ice hotel that is ideally preferable for couples. What attracts tourists to this wonderful igloo hotel is the set of interesting activities that are included in the vacation package. Your stay in this hotel will be worthwhile with various activities to do such as snow skiing, snowboarding, etc. The mountain sauna offers a replenishing experience and is not to be missed. Spoon yourself within the warmest blankets made of pure sheepskin, drink hot cups of tea or wine, and enjoy your good time! 


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