Charismatic Spots Where Couples Should Marry

He put a ring on your finger, vowed to make you his partner, and never leave your side. What’s next? The big day, of course! 

Well, who doesn’t dream of a dreamy romantic wedding? It is one of the most special and exciting days in one’s life. Yes, some prefer to keep it simple and sweet. But the temptation to dream of a marvelous backdrop to marry in is alluring. 

It is common to see celebrities, and star couples to tie the knot in castles and exotic locations in the world. At first, they do seem otherworldly and next to impossible. But truth be told, it is indeed possible to pick a location of your choice and enter the new stage of your life with happy memories.

Here are a few unique jaw-dropping destinations for couples to plan their weddings.

Taj Lake Palace, Rajasthan, India:

Hands-on, one of the most serene destinations in the world is located in Rajasthan. No wonder why, because every year, various celebrities, as well as common people, plan their weddings here. The name Taj stands for royal and aesthetic. The Taj Lake Palace, as the name suggests, is located right next to a pleasant lake. Prepare your wedding plans amid imperial stewards. The feel will be nothing less of a king and a queen!

Tuscany, Italy:

If you are someone who loves the countryside, then Tuscany will top the list. Surrounded by red poppy fields and greenery, a marriage here will enchant you and your partner. It is a famous spot for weddings because choose any place; the garden, the fields, the hillside, or the castle: every area is charming as it can ever be. Overall, Tuscany is for those rustic and vintage weddings.

Santorini, Greece:

When one hears the name Santorini, it rings a bell: seaside and beach weddings. Stay assured, a wedding in Santorini will be the most beautiful a person can dream of. With the azure sea facing you and cerulean-white villas all over, marriages in Santorini will be a fairytale. Saint Antonio Vineyard, Santa Irene, Andromeda, Gem Villa, etc. are some of the best destinations fit for your big day! 

St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, Rome: 

For Christians, it may be a dream come true to get wedded in St. Peter’s Basilica. The holy church does have too many rites to be followed to do so and several restrictions. But once you get the approval, and you will never regret the kind of wedding that is waiting for you! Weddings are conducted in the Choir Chapel, Cappella del Coro. It accommodates about 200 guests. It is surreal with beautiful paintings and divinities surrounding all over it. 

Dubrovnik, Croatia:

Dubrovnik is a smaller destination, but every place is fit for conducting a wedding. It is a sunny region which makes it a bucket list destination for so many reasons. People can choose to have a church wedding, garden wedding, or even beach marriages by the Adriatic Sea. The Sponza Palace, Lounge Terrace, Fortress Lovrijenac, and Saint Ignatius Church are some prime spots for destination weddings. 

Copenhagen, Denmark:

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark; a Danish town that is enthralling. There are two major reasons why this destination proves the best choice for weddings: the town allows international couples to marry quickly with fewer formalities and several beautiful places to revere. You can plan your wedding at your ease with various options. Copenhagen has splendid nightlife and cobblestone streets that make up the best backdrops for photography. 

The Wiblingen Monastery, Germany:

This marvelous monastery in Germany stands for its baroque architecture features. The style of architecture attracts people from all over the world. But did you know that the monastery can be your dream wedding destination? The aesthetic library in the monastery is open for those who want to wed here. Getting married in a prominent 300 years old building will feel the best. 

Istanbul, Turkey:

Turkey is an amalgamation of Asian and European cultures blended unanimously. Right from the cities to the food scene, everything is about perfection here. There are innumerable star hotels for those who prefer the posh in everything. Lest every destination in and around Istanbul is scenic for planning your wedding there! One of the first things that come to mind when one imagines Turkey is Cappadocia. It is known for its bizarre rock formations and hot air balloons. A wedding here with the backdrop of floating air balloons will be beautiful as well! 

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