Learn How Google's New Travel Features Make Booking Easy

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Dec 03,2020

Google Travel or Google Trips is a one-stop destination for planning your vacation package. Just as Google Photos and Google Docs integrate all your photos and documents in one place, Google Travel helps you to meticulously streamline and organize your flight bookings, accommodation, places to see, and much more. 

It brings together Google Maps, Google Flights, Google Hotels, and many other aspects of travel on a single platform. The significant idea of Google Travel is to make one his travel agent and personalize travel planning as detailed as possible. 

Speaking of the pandemic, the travel industry had come to a standstill. Since transport and travel are the cardinal reasons for the transmission rate of the virus, people were forced to forget traveling for months. Yet, several destinations have come ahead to resume tourist operations with safety measures in place. 

Now that the travel industry will be forever changed, people need to plan their trips efficiently. Below are the updated features of Google Travel that will help tourists undertake a safe and systematic vacation package

Notifies your about the latest travel information: 

You don't want to hinder your vacation with constantly changing information. When you plan your trip with the help of Google Travel, you get to know about the latest ongoing information about the destination you have chosen. It shows the COVID-19 travel advisory as well as the necessities one should have to visit the place. Also, people get hold of various other necessary details that will further assure a good trip. Right from fights to hotel availability, you have all the information at your fingertips which is updated from time to time.  

Makes you a smart travel planner: 

Google Travel will be handy for all your travel purposes. It's easy to navigate and has in-built vacation package itineraries. They are constantly updated based on the preferences of people, accurate reviews, and detailed studies. What's more, if you are already a user of Google Maps and Google Photos, Google Travel will show you information based on your search history and preferences.

Know the accurate costs:

Traveling and budgeting go hand-in-hand. Be it a short road trip or a luxurious abroad trip, a detailed budget is necessary to start in the first place. But it often becomes tedious when you don’t know the accurate rates of the places you want to see. 

Google Travel shows you the exact cost of a particular hotel or place you want to add to your vacation package. That includes the taxes and other fees too if applicable. This makes the person plan accordingly. You don’t have to end up paying a huge sum later. 

Updates you about the COVID-19 related information:

Traveling at this point and further comes with responsibility. As a tourist or traveler, you have to update yourself constantly about the COVID-19 rate and local guidelines of the particular destinations you visit. Google Travel in collaboration with Google Maps provides you easy access to reliable sources of information knit picked for you. This helps you to alter your plan on the go rather than juggling with various options and hassles at the last minute. 

Free cancellation filter:

Since the current situation and the future is unpredictable, travel and tourism are bound to face several changes at the last minute. In that case, if you have to cancel your trip, you are supposed to receive a refund. But not all franchises have a refund policy.

Google Travel’s all-new “free cancellation” filter helps you find flights and accommodations that are ready to refund you. 

Lists the safe accommodation properties:

It is important to keep yourself safe when you travel in the present due to the pandemic. But, care on an individual level is not just enough. Even hotels and rentals you stay in should also follow stringent health precautions timely. Thanks to Google Travel, it specially marks hotels and accommodation properties that follow adequate health precautions and cleaning procedures. You can check for hotels that make efforts to keep their tourists safe. 

Walk down the memory lane through Google Maps:

People who cannot get back on their feet and travel again can revisit their old memories and trips. The new “Trips” menu in Google Travel registers all your trips in one place. You can see each of your past trips along with the places you visited. You can share it on your social media handles as well as with friends and family.

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