Socially Distanced Vacation Trips To Pick This Fall Season

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Nov 24,2020

Travel is the word itself is enough for enthusiasts everyone. We all love to travel, and we can travel in any season. Either if it is summer, then everyone plans for the summer vacation trip, or if it is rainy, then could prepare for the weekend trips. But Covid-19 had given full stop for our vacation plans. We can not travel wherever we wish to. 

This pandemic of COVID-19 has brought us the concept of social distancing, which means you have to maintain a distance of at least 3 feet when you meet somebody anywhere in the entire world. This concept is fundamental to all of us because if we do not follow these social distancing guidelines, we'll feel sick due to the virus COVID-19. 

Trips mean fun, and due to this coronavirus, we have left the fun of trips behind. But the term of socially distanced travel can be a solution to this. As we can see that corona is taking over the entire globe, we have to be safe and secure, using masks, gloves, and face shields. These preventive measures are helping us to overcome this COVID-19 pandemic. Since social distancing is one of the preventive measures to unsuccessful spreading out of corona, socially distanced trips can help us. 

We must pick the option of a socially distanced trip this fall season because in the fall season, due to less heat than that of summer, droplets of our cough are not going to evaporate as soon as possible. As a result, the virus can live longer than its expected lifespan. So in a country like the UK, they have declared the second lockdown till December 2020. 

Socially distanced trips can be a solution to the lesser transmission of the virus. This can be a change we have to make in trips to anywhere in the globe. The entire human being is suffering from this virus, and this pandemic, so being severe and taking serious precautions can help us fight this war with COVID-19.

The best pick social distancing vacation trips for this fall season are as below - 

Boulder, Colorado 

Boulder is the best place to travel in the fall season. Nature is too beautiful there, and you can feel like you are in heaven. In the fall season, trees change their color from green to yellow.

Here are some ideas of what you can do at Boulder:

  • Walking while looking at nature would be the most peaceful thing while maintaining social distance. There are many small hills in Boulder. Mapleton Hill is one of the historical places in Boulder. 

  • Biking at Boulder Creek Path, Take a bike and ride at Boulder Creek Path. it is where trees are lined along with its banks.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming/Montana

In Yellowstone, fall arrives in late August. Wildlife is the thing that makes Yellowstone popular. Photographers prefer to visit Yellowstone national park for clicking on some most adorable images. You can also go hiking at Yellowstone.

Black Hills, South Dakota

There are so many things that make black hills more beautiful in the fall season, like the crisp autumn air, fever crowds, etc. Fall season arrives at black hills in October. You can also go hiking at the badlands national park and explore the wind caves too.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

The best place to visit in the fall season is the outer banks. The travelers who want to avoid the crowd should visit outer banks in the fall season. The best time to visit outer banks would be March to May or September to November. You can go here for a social distancing vacation.

Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

Fall arrives at Nantucket island in September. It is a peaceful location with less crowded. The best thing to do at Nantucket island is pumpkin carving. You can enjoy Nantucket island. 

Austin, Texas

You can explore more social distancing activities in Austin, Texas, including pumpkin carving and corn mazes. You can visit Austin in February because, in Austin, fall arrives at the starting of the year. You can enjoy fall festivals and have some delicious food too.

Arches National Park, Utah

You can give a visit to the arches national park to enjoy a fall in September. To visit the whole park, you need to have three days. You can also have a road trip to arches national park. There are even options for hiking and camping.

Taos, New Mexico

In Mexico, the leaves start changing their color in September. Taos is the best place to visit in the fall season. You can plan for a road trip as well as enjoy the art events at Taos.

Sedona, Arizona

In Sedona, the fall season starts in late September. There are so many options to do great activities at Sedona. You can Hike Cathedral Rock or Enjoy a Scenic Drive to Oak Creek Canyon. If you plan to visit Sedona, you should give a visit to the devil's bridge. Also, you can take a phenomenal experience of stargazing at Sedona. Sedona is the best place to plan your social distancing vacation trip. 

Final words 

There are many locations to plan a social distancing vacation trip. You can prepare for it without worrying too much. Ensure you wear a mask all the time and take all the appropriate precautions at the location and while traveling.

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