Important Things To Skip When Booking A Flight

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Aug 24,2020

Everyone loves to travel and enjoy places that mesmerize instantly. To reach the destinations of your dream, there are numerous mediums, most common among them are airways, railways, and waterways. 

For long-distance destinations, airways are popularly used. We use technology to make things more simple and book flights by simply using your fingers. But taking flight is not the only task you have to carry out, there are so many tasks before you book the ticket, so let's see what are the main things that you shouldn’t forget while booking the ticket.

1) Know about the actual cost of the ticket:-  

Costing is the most important factor everyone will look for while booking a flight ticket, the cost of the ticket will depend upon whether you are booking a one-way ticket or a round trip. 

Generally, a person who wishes to travel decides the ticket by looking at the price-list.

The cost of the ticket varies from airline to airline, so it is very crucial to check whether which airline provides you the most economical as well comfortable journey.

2) Make sure that no other event overlaps the day of your flight

While booking tickets we often think about the destination, things, we will do there, what to take with us, and various things. Due to over-excitement, we forget to check the calendar. 

We book tickets blindly and later realize that important events are overlapping on the same date of the flight, and it will cause some problems. So make sure that you check all the events on the day of your flight.

3) Check the important information on the ticket:-

You may be pretty much excited about the air journey but don’t be in a hassle. Before confirming your ticket, you should check important information, including, your Name, Date & Time of flight, Airport, etc. on the ticket to skip misleading information on your ticket. This may result in the cancellation of the ticket at the last moment if not checked thoroughly.

4) Use of Debit/Credit Card:-

There are times when you hire travel agents to book your air tickets, which is not a bad option to avoid mistakes while booking tickets. However, this travel service costs you much to punch a hole into your pocket. Instead, you should try to book online with your Debit/Credit card to avail of some amazing perks that are given by the online flight booking by the sites. 

5) Selection of Seat:-

We always dream of taking window seats while traveling, but this dream can make you frustrated if you don’t choose it wisely. If you are traveling on a sunny day then the window seat will give you a lot more discomfort throughout the journey Since the sun rays will directly come through window glass, which will make you uncomfortable. Therefore, you should prefer to go for a non-window seat.

Also, there is another case, if you want to enjoy the aerial view of the area, then the window seat is the perfect way to enjoy it.

6) Book the tickets beforehand:- 

It is always a good option to book your air tickets in advance; for example, if you are planning to travel in the month of December, then you should book the tickets 3-4 months in advance. This may result in cutting the extra cost of tickets than booking at the last moment. Also, it will give you enough time to plan your journey schedule well in advance.

7) Be aware of the things you carry:-

If you are planning for a long duration of a trip in August, then this is the main factor you have to look for.

The airline usually allows you to take up to a certain limit of baggage free of cost, over that they cost you according to your weight of the bag. So, it is beneficial to check with various airlines & their rules for baggage weight allowed.

8) Understand about the class of tickets:-

Traditionally, there are 4 travel classes: 

i) Economy Class:- These tickets are cheaper than other classes. Generally, these tickets are purchased by the people who are traveling for leisure purposes.

ii) Premium Economy Class:- Rate of these tickets are slightly more than economy class so the comfort is slightly at a high level in this class. The distance between rows of Seats is more in this class.

iii) Business-class:- This is a higher quality class generally booked by the people who are traveling for business purposes.

iv) First-class:- Ticket-fare in this class is at a high level compared to the other three classes. The Comfort level for this class is absolutely mind-blowing.

The price of tickets & comfort levels differ from class to class, so it will be good to check for your requirement and confirm your ticket.

9) Be well-educated about the ticket cancellation policy:-

Considering an unfortunate side of our luck, you should look for cancellation policy of tickets,

Whether the airline is giving you a refund or not?

Are they ok with cancellation?

Time periods available for the cancellation of tickets, such are the things one must look for.

10) Get benefitted by promo code & discount:-

Some travel agents provide discounts for grabbing customers towards them, so you should check on them for your benefit. Sometimes we may find better deals there also so it will be good to check for that thing also.

11) Grab the Combo offer or Journey Packages:-

Looking for combo offers such as flight + hotel will allow you to have some savings in your fare cost. Some airlines provide such combo offers which result in our money-saving, also this reduces your time to look out for hotels.

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