Things To Know About Domestic Travel Restrictions For August 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic put the whole world at a toss and has been the sole ruler over the world for quite a long time. The world has seen some dark scenes and conditions that have hardly come into the picture in the past. Unarmed over the social, economic, political, and all other kinds of losses of a country, it had to undergo lockdowns, social cut-offs, starvation, and many other difficulties. Specially the Indian subcontinent even couldn’t mark their collective ace through the battle against this dreadful pandemic even with its lockdowns. Countries like India have observed as many as four complete lockdown sessions adding up to over three months in a continuous sequence. 

Even now, there is no cure or specifically, no weapon to fight against this adverse ailment. Implementing the maximum stretches of safety measures, the government handed over the safety and care of each individual at their stake and introduced phases of unlock-periods. 

Air Travel:

The new guidelines regarding air travel have come into effect from July 1, 2020. In detailed guidelines, the domestic flights and passenger trains have been led open, but in a limited manner. At all major airports, the number of flights was fixed by the respective states. The precautionary measures to be undertaken for safety are - 

  • Make sure to wear gloves and sanitization of hands every half an hour to one hour.

  • Not touch any surfaces in the vehicle for travel. 

  • Avoid touching nose and mouth, unless necessary. A clean napkin should be carried to wipe off sweat and should be stored properly.

  • Carry tissue papers to ensure not sneeze/cough on others. Proper disposal of tissues is very important.

  • PPE kits further add towards the safeguard of an individual.

Rail Travel 

Railways of some countries have reformed their Standard Operating Protocol (SOP) with a few new sets of rules and regulations to be obeyed by the passengers.

Passengers with confirmed e-tickets will be permitted to enter the railway station premises.

  • All the passengers will be screened and entry will be permitted to only asymptomatic passengers to board the train.

  • Passengers will have to arrive at the railway station at least 90 minutes before the departure time of the train.

  • Passengers are advised to carry hand sanitizers on their journey.

  • All the passengers will have to wear masks on the station premises and during train travel.

  • Social distancing is the responsibility of one and all and has to be strictly maintained during the train journey.

  • Trains will be barred from being equipped with linen, blankets, or curtains. 

  • Tatkal, Premium Tatkal, Unreserved Tickets (UTS), and current bookings have been suspended for quite some time. 

  • Amtrak has made several changes to their norms which is followed by the cutting of plummeting demand. They have shortened the route of California Zephyr.

  • Amtrak has reduced its booking percentage by 50 percent to maintain the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Road Travel

From my point of view, in these tough times, travel by road is safest. This course of time is not a suitable one for any trip. People must refrain from traveling to the most compromised limits possible, but even in the most urgent or emergency case encountered, road travel can be taken as an intellectual option. It could safeguard an individual up to his family-level. Although the government has released its prohibitions on government buses and travels, in the present day scenario, many districts have laid down their own set of rules. Inter-district or inter-state travel is allowed to a very minimal extent.

Few guidelines related to travel by the roads as laid down by the government of America are - 

  • The central government has recently removed the restrictions on interstate travel of the country, excluding the containment zones. This means that travel across the country is possible via the available means of transport, including private vehicles.

  • Whereas for containment zones, the rules are slightly different. If anybody out of the containment zone wishes to travel to another state, they will need to apply for a movement pass. To apply for a travel e pass, official state government websites have been released.

Briefs about other countries

California sees a recent surge in new coronavirus cases. As a measure of step, they have employed closure for the most indoor activities such as bars, cardrooms, wineries, tasting rooms, family entertainment centers, movie theaters, and zoos, and museums. 

Chicago’s cities are implementing their domestic travel restrictions like enacting a 14-day quarantine as and when any individual travels to 15 most affected cities of the United States of America. Alaska currently requires a 14-day self-quarantine unless one provides results of a qualifying negative COVID-19 test.


Excluding a few countries where the coronavirus cases are going on increasing at alarming rates, most countries, cities, and states have made use of the 14 days quarantine policy as a safety step. Although New Zealand is one of the safest places to visit as it completely diminishes the COVID-19 cases. Other than that, the frontline warriors, particularly the doctors, are taking charge. Safety and well-being are the responsibilities of an individual himself. Preferably unimportant travels and recreation are not a favorable deal at this present time, neither for the doer nor the people closely related to them. Once the chain of the attack on the effect of the diseases begins to build, it becomes tough to check on it or even control its widespread. The consciousness and alertness of every individual are of prime need now. 

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