International Destinations That Will Welcome Tourism Soon

Author: Mansi

The entire world was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Stringent lockdowns were implemented almost in every destination to flatten the curve. 

Now, many destinations have reported lower coronavirus rates. This has paved the way to resume International tourism and flight operations. Tourism is the backbone of many economies. Although various governments do not recommend traveling, some locations are unlocking their borders. Travel restrictions are being eased and health protocols are being put in place.

Hence, if you are a traveler who is eager to explore the world again, here’s a list of places you can add to your vacation package.


Barbados resumed flight operations and is welcoming International tourists from July 12. 

It has not banned any country from arriving but strongly suggests travelers from high-risk countries test themselves for the virus at least before three days of departure to Barbados. Whereas, tourists from low-risk nations can test themselves a week before departure.

Barbados’ government has set up an online portal wherein Embarkation/Disembarkation Card will ask several COVID-19 related questions to travelers. Travelers should complete the form and upload the required documents. A customized barcode will be sent to travelers via email. 

Tourists will have to submit the negative results of their test report and show the barcode to the authorities before getting an official entry into the island. Social distancing is to be followed strictly and face masks should be worn by tourists when in public. 

Barbados offers the typical Caribbean experience to tourists. It is the heart and soul of the Caribbean. Famous for its otherworldly beaches and enchanting sunrise, Barbados can be visited now by the people who crave an excellent vacation. Some worth-visiting beaches include Bridgetown, Oistins, Bathsheba, Silver Sands, and Folkestone Beach. Apart from the shores, Barbados has some amazing destinations to visit such as Animal Flower Cave, St. Nicholas Abbey, Andromeda Botanic Gardens, Flower Forest, etc. 

Bonus tip: Tourists can have a one-year “Workation” for those who are interested. Remote workers who have to follow the work-from-home culture can live in the country’s islands all year long facing the sea with their laptops! 


No one will deny visiting France, but the country had to deny allowing International tourists owing to the pandemic.

But from July 01, on the recommendation of the European Council, the country reopened its borders. The Council had released a list of 14 countries from which nationals can travel to Europe. France, at present, welcomes travelers belonging to these 14 countries. They include Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay. 

Paris was affected by higher coronavirus rates. It was termed as a hotspot zone. By mid-June, the city has become a green zone, meaning tourists can visit this beautiful destination. The world-famous Louvre Museum has been reopened from July 06. 

Hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafés are working at 50% capacity, though the seating capacity will be drastically reduced. Historical sites, stadiums, theaters, and events will start commencing from mid-July.

Travel experts suggest tourists seek the advice of their tour operators and plan their vacation packages accordingly. 


Croatia, a European destination, has chosen to reopen and welcome International tourists from all countries as against the enlisted 14 countries mentioned by the European council.

In the post-COVID-19 world, Croatia’s Zagreb has already hit the Forbes list of top destinations with booming tourism. It has been also mentioned as the safest location in Europe. As of June, more than two lakh tourists had already visited Croatia as a part of their vacation packages.

European member nations can enter the country with no restrictions, Whereas, people from other countries including the U.S. need to show a few mandatory documents. They include their vacation package proof, fill the “Enter Croatia” form, and show their negative coronavirus test result that is not older than two days.

Tourists who show their negative test results may not self-isolate themselves. But, those who don’t have the test reports may be subjected to screening and mandatory quarantine for 14 days. 

Currently, hotels, camping sites, and Air BnBs are open in Croatia. Restaurants and cafés are working with limited seating capacity. Tourists can visit famous beaches and have a good time, provided they don’t compromise on social distancing. The Zagreb Zoo and a few important islands are allowed to visit. Ferry boats and public transportation are working with health protocols in place. 


Aruba did not resume International tourism altogether but adopted a phased system.

Tourists from the neighboring Caribbean destinations were permitted first. After there were no issues reported, the Aruba government started to allow Canadians and Europeans from July 01. Finally, tourists from the United States had been allowed in the country from July 10th. 

However, American tourists need to test themselves for the virus and upload their negative test reports online in the Embarkation/Disembarkation procedure before departure. Americans will not be allowed to test themselves at the airport. Tourists from other countries can upload their test results via the online portal or test at the airport at their expense.

The Aruba government has introduced the Aruba Visitors Insurance which is mandatory to be availed by everyone traveling to the country. The insurance covers the medical expenses if any tourist contracts the virus anytime during their trip. Likewise, the Aruba Health app must be downloaded by all travelers on their mobile phones. 

Restaurants and cafés have been reopened with limited and indoor seating. Diners are not allowed to be open after 10 p.m. Other places such as spas, saunas, shopping complexes, and theaters are reopened for tourists. Tourists should wear masks and maintain social distancing. 

Aruba’s government has introduced the “Aruba Health and Happiness Code.” It is a certification program that needs to be availed by all hotels if they want to cater to International Tourists. Some leading Aruban hotels that are deemed safe by the public health authorities include Divi’s Resort Portfolio, Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort, and the Boardwalk Boutique Hotel.


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