Top Beach Destinations In The U.S. For Family Getaway

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jul 13,2020

The world is huge with so many amazing places to see. So why miss it? 

Taking your family on a vacation brings back so many good memories and helps you create new ones. Yet, making a vacation package considering everyone’s choices may be hectic.

If there’s that one place in the world which will be loved by all is the beach! The sea allures everyone with its crystal blue vibes and water adventures. The minute we hit the shore, we feel the calm vibes filling in us, giving us that much-needed peace of mind.

There’s no perfect time for a beach vacation. Countless beaches in the world but most probably, the best ones are located in the United States. America’s seashores are ethereal and serene. With a good backdrop and an umbrella above your head, the below beaches will impress you!

Cannon Beach:

Cannon Beach has been the most favorite beach of the Americans since the 19th century. It has been the family trip location, romantic destination for couples, and a good hanging spot for friends. The beach received its name from the cannon that hit the shore, supposed to be related to the USS Shark in 1846. 

Cannon Beach is a quaint seaside hamlet that switches back and forth from modernity to classic like the sea waves. The Haystack Rock is the world’s third-largest monolith that stands on the beach proudly. Visitors can climb on top and admire the beguiling view it has to offer.

Your Cannon Beach vacation package will be incomplete without Ecola State Park. It offers some cool dramatic views of the rock formations and the sea. Tourists can indulge in various adventures such as whale-watching, hiking, trekking, surfing, etc. 

That’s not all. Cannon Beach is well-known for its artistic ventures. Tourists can learn the art of glassblowing, painting, jewelry-making, and whatnot! It is the best place for shoppers too. Handicrafts, vintage paintings, home décor, souvenirs, postcards, apparel, and other accessories can be bought from shops that are quite nearby the beach. 

Santa Barbara beach:

Santa Barbara is excellent for a quaint solitary vacation as well as a family trip. This beach encourages both indoor and outdoor adventures to tourists. It is surprising to see that the mainland city is just a mile away from Santa Barbara but the beach is filled with fresh air, and calm vibes.

Splash in the waters with a good swim or choose between some hardcore adventures such as stand-up paddleboarding and surfing. Great for a picnic, the beach is a cool destination for a good summer vacation. Play volleyball games and relax with a good book during the afternoons. 

Stearns Wharf is a famous harbor known for its chain of restaurants and boutique shops. Enjoy mouth-watering seafood dishes with a good view ahead. The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History is a must-visit. Watch giant yet beautiful cacti in Lotusland. The Old Mission is a group of vintage buildings such as museums, galleries, cathedrals, and other religious sites. It offers a glimpse of the city’s early origins and how Roman Catholicism evolved in the place.

Innumerable national parks, gardens, shops, and sanctuaries are located near Santa Barbara. Thus, tourists can make their vacation packages a full-fledged one by lazing on the beach and attending nearby places that are worth visiting. 

Outer Banks Beach:

North Carolina gets its grace from the Outer Banks beach. Tourists flock here to spend the summer. This beach is known for camping. So get ready to fix your tent and enjoy it! Also, it is the best way to save money on your vacation package as you don’t have to spend too much on accommodation. 

It depends on the tourists to decide how to spend time on this beach. There are too many options such as paddle boarding, surfing, fishing, kiting, swimming, etc. At night, you can set a barbecue, stargaze, sit beside the fire, and spend quality time together with your family. 

Don’t miss to check out Duck Donuts, a famous donut brand. There are many Duck Donut stalls in the country but the one near Outer Banks is the original one. Tourists can customize donuts and pastries. 

The Outer Banks Brewery Station is the first wind-powered brewery. Vacation packages offer tours to the brewery accompanied by food. Beer lovers will love this destination for sure.

Did you know that the Wright Brothers tested their first flight in Outer Banks? The Wright Brothers Memorial is to be visited without fail. Tourists can see the actual place where the flight was tested and the campground where the brothers had lived. 

Ocracoke Island Campground, Portsmouth, Frisco Woods, Rodanthe, Cape Point Campground, and Buxton are other significant places near this beach.

Carmel Beach:

Monterey County in America has an extensive 99 miles of the coast. The destination has a beach for every activity you prefer. 

Carmel Beach is the most loved beach in Monterey. It looks splendid with a classic storybook setting. Excellent for reminiscing the sunsets, surfing, swimming, and walking, Carmel Beach is laidback in nature. It feels like a home away from home, with its relaxing atmosphere and aura. 

The locals join every evening to watch the sunset together and converse. Tourists can mingle with them and attend other community events. The surreal setting of Carmel Beach allures, not just people, but even dogs. It is canine-friendly and you can see many dog owners flocking the beach, throwing tennis balls, and playing fetch. 

Start from Ocean Avenue, a cove with an extended stretch of soft gravel sand. Tourists should note that swimming is not allowed here. Embrace the scenery as it makes up for swimming. 

The Carmel Mission is a parish that has been in existence since the 18th century. Unlike other Spanish churches in America, this one is still working. It has beautiful décor, adorned with beautiful Spanish liturgical art. Some various museums and galleries showcase Spanish-Californian history. 

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