These U.S. Places Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Author: Mansi

The U.S. is one destination that will always be there in every vacation package. The reason is it has everything: natural coastlines, forests, mountains to urban cityscapes, and buzzing modernity. It is the lighthouse of the West; and considered to be the symbol of 21st-century culture, modern science, art forms, lifestyle, and whatnot! 

 The U.S was the sole contributor to the idea of the Great American Dream. Once it was the collective dream of every youngster in the world and today, a significant leitmotif in literature. This vast country never exhausts to amaze the world with its charm, open-minded thoughts, progress, development, and also sometimes with its friendly quirkiness. 

 The U.S. is endless in the amount of what is there to discover- you will experience some of life’s best expeditions here. The people here are with the “we can do it!” kind of attitude which will boost you to the core. Natural yet sculpted with equal man-made wonders, U.S will be the best vacation package to gift yourself and your family. 

 If you are still not convinced, these places will make sure you add them to your travel bucket list!

 1. Grand Canyon, Arizona:

The Grand Canyon is formations of red rock and is undoubtedly one of the top locations of the U.S.A. Its formation looks like a puma taking a big leap from an aerial view. Merely looking at photos itself will excite one, but that will not do them justice. Such is the massive and iconic structure of the canyon. The best time to visit this place is in the morning. That is when the sun’s rays fall on the rocks and will make you startle with the grandiosity of the view. The gorge of the canyon welcomes every geologist to inspect it intricately, only to know that it is never-ending. 

Half as old as our planet Earth, these canyons can be visited first by tourists since it is like the gate of the U.S. Vacation packages offer helicopter tours, railway adventure packages, jeep rides, etc. to this location. 

 2. Maui, Hawaii:

Cached in Hawaii’s wondrous landscape is the island of Maui. Limitless to what its beaches can offer, this destination is the best for water activities as well as relaxing on the warm sand with a tan. Vacation packages offer zip-lining, farm tours, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding, parasailing, and other adventurous activities to get your adrenaline rushing. The accommodation is also second to none. A scenic balcony view from your resort facing the ocean will rejuvenate your mind. Maui is also a growing wedding destination with its mind-blowing romantic venues. 

 3. Yellowstone National park:

Yellowstone National park is an amalgamation of all- high mountains, crystal clear lakes, hot springs, and other attractions. Vacation packages suggest April to May as the best time to visit this location. Right from a horse ride among the primeval landscape to hiking through the peaks, Yellowstone National park is the best choice for adventure tourism. Mammoth hot springs, Hayden valley, Old Faithful are a must-visit. Beyond a simple vacation, this place is ideal for that group campfire, gossips around it late at night, stimulating streams and crazy backpack adventures. 

 4. San Antonio, Texas:

One of the oldest cities in the U.S is San Antonio, where nature and township exist in collaboration. Bustling with history at every pace, this city has got a tinge of Latin America. A beautiful mix of historical monuments, museums, churches that stand strong to date, and people and various cultures living as one, San Antonio will be an unmatchable destination. Vacation packages offer valuable insights on its locations such as the Alamo, Pearl district, River Walk, Briscoe Museum, San Fernando cathedral, SeaWorld San Antonio Amusement park as revered amongst tourists.  

 5. Boston, Massachusetts:

Boston is history, already made and in the making. The world-known Boston Tea Party will be present in every history book and so will its art forms, cultural activities, sports, and food. The city is known as the Athens of America and has significantly contributed to the nation’s contemporary form of every field. Right from symphony orchestras to museums and libraries, Boston sets a paradigm for every state. Freedom trail, Harvard yard, Harbour islands, North End are some places to add in your vacation package.

 6. Seattle, Washington:

What proudly resides in the core of Washington is the giant city of Seattle which underwent an infinite number of changes in such a short span. You cannot trace how it changed but it did, enormously. If you want to explore brands and tech giants of the world, enter into Seattle and you will be mesmerized by its machinal attitude. Innumerable micro start-ups are going on here and there- you can only be assured that the future of its citizens will be an efficient one. Museum of Pop Culture, Pike Place Market, Space Needle are landmark destinations that will make you feel awe. Microsoft, Starbucks, Paccar, Costco are just some of the businesses which flourished here.

 7. Miami, Florida:

If you missed your flight to Latin America, don’t worry just head to Miami! Well, that may sound too all of a sudden, but Miami will be open for you any time of the year. Charming art deco style of architecture is a motif of Miami. Also, beaches here will give you the tropical setting, exactly why it is compared posthumously with Latin American beaches. Speaking of the people here, they are bold to experiment ideas, good or bad. You will find the next best chef trying his culinary skills on one side and an aesthetic canvas getting painted by an artist on the other. It is busy with creativity and will soak you in too. Nightlife at the shores is another feature it is well visited for. By day time, you will see people getting a tan while on the nights, candlelit dinner tables will be filled with tourists enjoying the moon in the sky. 


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