Mark These Destinations on Your List for Next Solo Trip

Author: Priyanka Saxena on May 13,2020

What's the most annoying thing while you travel in a group or even with a partner? Well, we would say making decisions. Sometimes you have a budget for a backpacking vacation, but your partner or other people might want to have a luxurious one. You can't help but have to give in, and your entire budget turns upside down. If you ever have been on a solo trip, then you know that these things won't cause a problem. It is always better to travel solo, and once you start doing it, you get addicted. One is their leader and the sole decision-maker. You have every right to decide whether you want to eat or sleep for how long you want to make your vacation. Sometimes we plan out an itinerary, but while traveling solo, we can amend it quickly. But there is so much advice that one needs to follow for their safety during a solo trip. A solo traveler might be lucky to decide the journey of their journey, but the hardest decision is to determine the place where they want to travel. The essential step to determining what kind of vacation you are looking for?. Is it work-related or a meditative one. Sometimes you just want to visit for getting relaxed and rejuvenated or having a complete social washout. It plays a crucial role in deciding our vacation venue and our budget. There are many places which are a hidden gem and are so offbeat that people have to put an extra effort to reach there. 

These destinations can satisfy any kind of solo Traveller by giving them the experience of a lifetime.

Spirit Island:

It is a dream come true. We all have a vision of a place that is very calming and adventurous at the same time. Spirit Island is just out of our dreams and is an excellent place for everyone who is looking out for some adventure. It is not only soothing to the soul of an adventure lover but is also very relaxing for the people who want to spend some time with themselves and need a vacation for meditation. The water here is either of a sky blue color or is deep green, and this entirely depends upon the time of year you are visiting. However, the landscape here is pretty pristine clear.

The Uyuni Salt:

Who doesn't love taking photographs on a salt flat? But the actual photographers know that Bolivia is the hub of it. If you are looking out for some fantastic shots over a salt flat, then you must visit Uyuni salt and experience a majestic view. It is once in a lifetime opportunity for everyone to visit here and sunken in the fantastic beauty of the landscape. Don't forget to bring in your favorite lenses as you never know what might be a great or memorable frame for you to flaunt.

Nova Scotia:

What could be the dream of any solo traveler? A safe destination. Nobody wants to be in an unsafe place and that too alone. Strangers could be your friend or maybe a foe who knows?  Hence, one should always travel to a safe destination. It is not just a safe destination but is also a great place to start your travel journey. Nova Scotia offers excellent starting and fantastic food options. There are many places to explore, and friendly strangers or the local people are amazing. Even if you are not prepared with the proper gear to hike or do some adventurous activities, the locals will help you to grab some required pieces of equipment. It should be in the priority list of every solo traveler, and if you want to have a fantastic start to your travel journey, then this could be the place you need to start from. Also, females can be on their own here and not have to worry as it is not the type of Countries Solo Female Travelers Must Avoid.

New Mexico:

Do you know where most of the fantastic artists come from? You might have guessed it right. Yes! It is in New Mexico. New Mexico offers new things whenever you visit here. You may experience the best of this place when you have a long travel itinerary here. Every artistic person should visit New Mexico once in their life so that they can look out for the fantastic talent it offers. On every path or every step you climb, you are going to find something unusual and Picture Perfect. It is a world of selfie, and New Mexico is undoubtedly going to fill your Instagram with lots of it. You can never fall out of the beauty of this place. It is also a favorite spot for many hikers and climbers. One should visit here to experience this mesmerizing beauty on its own. 


It is always believed that good things come in small packets. It is right for every word when it comes to Ikaria. It is an island that is small in size but has a huge personality. Greece is made up of many small islands which attract lots of visitors every year. These islands are a perfect place for any kind of family vacation, but they might give you a little surprise when you are here traveling solo. Ikaria is an island that is quite small but is known worldwide for the fantastic hospitality and the relishing Mediterranean food which is offered here. The blue waters make it a perfect place to click so many pictures and to let you enjoy the sunset and Sunrise in an entirely different Aura.


Have you ever planned to hit a pause button and reset your entire life? Well, we all have imagined or prayed we could reset our life and come back more refreshed and energetic. If you want to experience it, then pack your bags and book a ticket to Banff in Canada. It is a picture-perfect location. It is a location that we see in sceneries or postcards. The images of this place are so enchanting that you can't believe that it exists for real. Every traveler should plan at least a 5-day itinerary here and wander like a local. This place is pretty small and very easy to navigate. You are surely going to Remember the Stellar memories you gather here for your lifetime.

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