Top Travel Movies That Inspire Your Wanderlust Soul

Haven't you felt the desire to magically drop a destination just because you saw it in a rom-com? Don't you end up on Google even before the movie is over and end up imaging your best self at the dream location? Well, start to kindle your wanderlust soul with some of the best travel movies of all times, and with all the time in the world save yourself some excuses to not watch these enchanting movies with exotic locations:

Under the Tuscan Sun

The romantic story shot in the rural part of Tuscany will make you pack your luggage for Italy. The picturesque countryside has stunning landscapes to be visited with your loved ones. The warm sun and colorful sky are perfect for sipping wine. Cortona which is made famous by the novel version of the same story has a beautiful architecture that will make you fall in love with the gorgeous vintage walls. The place is perfect if you want to take a solo-trip and feed your travel bug. This will inspire you to pick the best vacation packages when the lockdown is over. 

The Way

The soulful movie revolves around the story of a father and a son. The former has to go to Spain to accept his son's body. His son happens to pass away in the thrilling hike on the Camino de Santiago route. Due to this reason, the father decides to take his soulful journey in the remembrance of his son. So fasten your seat belts to see the most thrilling pilgrimage. The protagonist discovers colorful locals and learns a lot many things throughout his beautiful journey. The Spanish mountains make you want to go for a hike to experience the serenity and peace offered by the place. It automatically stirs in calmness inside you.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The enchanting movie is the perfect selection to watch with your loved ones on a night-stay. The movie is shot in Iceland, the place meant for nature enthusiasts. It is breathtaking and has been listed on must-visit places. The place is the most cinematic landscape with glittering glaciers, geothermal lagoons, and the pinkish sun every evening. The place clams down our nerves and stimulates the process of imagination. Imagine yourself in a foreign land, with warm sun helping you get cozy and the serenity in the crisp-clean air. The movie has also depicted scenes from the Himalayan ranges and Afghanistan however; the beautiful scenery is from Iceland itself. 


The movie is inspired by a true story; a woman travels more than one thousand miles because she needs to recover from the sudden tragedy of her life. The movie is weaved beautifully by depicting the Pacific Northwest area of the United States. The lush area is known for the green forests, beautiful snowcapped mountains, and stunning coastline. The coastal views of the place are very peaceful and calm. It inspires your wanderlust soul to take up a road trip on the beautifully laid roads of the Pacific Northwest area. 

Before Sunrise-Before Sunset-Before Midnight

The movie is a good package of a high dose of humor and meaningful dialogues. The significant film's trilogy of the concept makes you fall in love. The movie is shot in Vienna, which is known for its baroque streetscapes and musical masterpieces. The engaging and vibrant culture of the place is very enchanting and the nest thing you want after watching the movie is a move to Vienna. The second part is shot in Paris, the place which is known for the square streets, enchanting gardens, and cathedrals. The journey of the beautifully scripted movie in Paris makes you feel love around you. The next thing you know is that you're in Paris. The third part of the movie is shot in Greece, the ancient city under the blue skies which has the most delicious food and the most passionate movie. The places in all three parts have been beautifully captured that will compel you to pick the best vacation packages

Lost in Translation

The movie has knitted the unexpected pleasures which you gain from traveling in a foreign land. The unfamiliar country holds many adventures and it is more fun when it is the only option you have. The movie is shot in Japan and revolves around the plot that small journeys help you create a plethora of memories that can stay with you throughout your life. The beautiful island is packed with surprises for every backpacker. The country is an abode to serene temples, enchanting mountains, lovely gardens, peaceful shrines, and stunning palaces. The mesmerizing place will force you to cancel all your upcoming appointments and save dates for your travel. 

A Good Year

The movie is all about the character who fails at his only profession hence decides to inherit a piece of land from his relative. His farm lies in the gorgeous countryside of France. The sunny countryside, Provence is responsible for the stunning shots in the entire movie. The places seem to feed your soul. The hillside village tempts you to explore the wilderness and lie down in the beautiful flower gardens simply staring at the blue sky. The outskirts of the place are described as mini-Paris with small cafes and restaurants lined up on the beautifully laid streets. 

In Bruges

The movie is very different from the movies mentioned above; however, this is a must-watch film because it is shot in the beautiful country Belgium. The country is known for its crazy carnivals, Bruges canals, chips and meat, stunning castles and belfries. The delightful country has fine galleries depicting art and rural chateaux. It is also known for its amazing culture and topography. The lovely market-squares and gabled houses are found everywhere.

This film is a dark comedy but has been set at the most eye-capturing place. If you have not been to Belgium, after watching this movie I vouch you will.

In no small measure, all the beautifully scripted movies feed your wanderlust soul. After watching the movies you just hope that the coronavirus crises come to an end so that you can take a lovely trip with your beloved pack. 


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