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Author: Meenakshi

In one of our articles, we discussed the mole people which inhabit the underground and away from the bright sunlight. It is not newly found HIDDEN COMMUNITIES and has been there for thousands of years. Very few people know about these communities which consist of the nomads or the homeless people who have been rejected by their families and society. For us, they could be someone who failed to live a normal life but in their community, they are the people who are talented and capable enough to earn their bread. There is no discrimination on the basis of color, race, sex, etc. This society believes in living together and being the pillar of strength for each other. If you wonder where they can be found then here is the list of countries where you can find these communities.

Freedom tunnel in New York

Ever since the freedom tunnels were abundant in 1918 they have been used as a space for hundreds of mole people. Interestingly they have basic facilities like electricity and a space for themselves. Homeless people have even set up their own shops in these underground tunnels. This freedom Tunnel is basically a railroad tunnel that is now serving as home to many HIDDEN COMMUNITIES that are still living in it.

Flood tunnels in Las Vegas

These are the channels Under The Last Vegas where you can find many of the homeless people setting up their own community. Las Vegas is considered to be an unsafe place for a homeless person when it comes to living on the ground but under the Labyrinth tunnels which are also known as flood tunnels, it is completely safe for them. You people living here have been poor or may have to face some unfortunate circumstances. But there are many people who have chosen this Lifestyle over their normal ones and are happily living underground as HIDDEN COMMUNITIES.

The Catacombs in Paris 

There is a large catacomb in Paris that is underground and made up of skulls. The walls of this catacomb are lined with human skulls and the human bones it makes is very easy for anyone to get lost into it. It is basically a large Necropolis that is now home to many homeless. The authorities and government have tried their best to close down its daw but the SECRETIVE COMMUNITY finds its way. The community has gone a little aboard by also putting up signs which say "do not try to find us".


In the article ‘The Shocking Secret About the Mole People of Romania’, we have discussed the unknown facts about the mole people of Romania. It is a country where this community is led by a man named Bruce Lee who is the leader and also the Saviour of this group. He has been able to maintain the activities of his people very smoothly and protect the children and it also his community. He tries his best to earn money illegally so he has enough funds to help in the survival of his people. Also one needs to take his approval for joining this community. The police have the right to stop them living underground because it can be harmful to their health but they have found their own way to live under. They not just have set up shop here but also carry out their illegal activities for their survival. There are many organizations that are trying to help these homeless people so that they can lead a better life. These people are so used to their current lies that they don't want to go back leading a normal life in the broad sunlight but are more comfortable living in these tunnels. Sometimes they have to sleep on the garbage bags and it is completely ok with them.

 LoEss Plateau in China

The people in China have built their houses either underground or into the mountains. Thousand Years there is a group of people who have built their small community and call themselves a loess plateau. Even if they have been able to raise their living standards the people are not willing to be the plateau because they believe it is their home. They have actually inherited the homes of their ancestors who used to live underground or in these mountains. Many tourists have also gone to explore the places and consider them as peaceful and welcoming people. When you are in China on your next vacation you can visit this community and you would feel completely at home.

Moose jaw tunnels in Canada

A museum that was once a series of the tunnel was a habitat of the community known as Al Capone.  Not just this community but many gangsters and criminals resided here. It was once a hub of colorful activities and the home to many smugglers. Illegal activities were happening and this tunnel full stop was also a very happening place where you could have a look at many shops and factories which were home to many people. This tunnel was also a place where you could see many colorful bars. Hence it would not be wrong to say that now abandoned tunnels were once a very happening and lively place for all the criminal activities and gangsters. It has now been converted into a museum so that one can see how a hidden City can be there under any City.

The Giza Pyramid in Egypt

The pyramid of Giza is a very famous tourist location and one can easily see a network of many Chambers and tunnels inside it. People believe that it was once inhabited by people and HIDDEN COMMUNITIES. These tunnels are known as the city of God. Many  Egyptologist is discovering its history and are still exploring these tunnels. Few people believe that there was in Egyptian civilization in it but some also believe that it was a hub of alien activities.

Shanghai tunnels in Oregon

These are not abundant but it is believed that once it was one of the largest underground towns. It is located underneath the Chinatown district and has many tunnels in it. This series of tunnels are known as Shanghai tunnels. They were famous for many illegal activities and were famous for shanghaiing activities. Sending is a term that is used when someone is kidnapped and sent off to work on the ship.

Coober Pedy in Australia

If you have visited Australia then you must have heard of the mining town. It is now a very lavish tourist attraction. Coober Pedy is known as the world's largest producer of Opal. In the year 1915 when the discovery of Opal took place, many people started settling down so that they could work in mind. The heat which was produced to look their life and hence they were forced to live deep underground. Now this case has been turned into houses where around 1600 people reside. It is one of the lavish towns as it contains different kinds of pubs and churches, motels and it also has a Graveyard of its own.

The Gully in Jamaica

What would you do if your society completely denied your existence and did not accept you well? All the people who are rejected by the Jamaican society have found Solace in Kingston. It is known as the Gully. It is quite different from what we have imagined of these people. It is not filled with poor or addicts or criminals instead these are the ones who have been rejected or outcast by society. You may find some home sexual people or physically handicapped people who stood for themselves and are now living with each other as HIDDEN COMMUNITIES.


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