These Facts Will Change Your Outlook About the Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is considered to be one of the biggest human achievements as it is a man-made Marvel. The only thing we know about is that it has been constructed by millions of laborers and it has been a witness to many great military battles. The Great Wall of China has stood very efficiently and has faced the wrath of the time and was very well. On your China vacation, people are always advised to visit this great construction. It is a very strict construction because the surrounding here and its origin are quite contradictory. People have been to the Great Wall of China but have never ben able to learn its Complete story. There have been many facts revolving around this great construction but everything seems to be quite distorted. There are many questions in the mind of people but they have not been answered well. 

It is a result of punishment

The Great Wall of China was built in the queen dynasty and was constructed by the service labor. It is believed that construction as a result of a punishment that was given to the criminals. During that time there was no proper machinery available and the construction required a huge amount of Manpower. It was the duty of the outlaws to look over the construction of this great wall. The crimes which were not that serious were punished by sentencing them to join the construction of this great wall.

Failed to keep away the invaders

We all know that the Great Wall of China was built to keep away the enemy but very few know that it was not able to protect The Empire from the Enemies and was not able to serve its primary purpose. It was able to keep away the Nomadic route from the Northern side but it faced the invasion by Manchus. Hence we can conclude that the Chinese were able to serve the purpose but not completely.

Built over centuries

The construction of the Great Wall of China took at least 22 centuries to finish. It was constructed by so many dynasties. The final build was done by the Ming dynasty. The Ming dynasty almost spent 200 years for the construction and reconstruction of the Great Wall of China. The final construction that we see today is at least 2300 years old. The Great Wall covers entire North China and has been able to serve as a defense mechanism for the Chinese territory.

A great number of visitors

The Great Wall of China is a man made marvel and many people from around the globe come here to experience it. The Great Wall has many sections that you can visit and you need to choose yours wisely. There are almost 30,000 tourists in a day visit in this Marvel and it has been serving as a popular destination for tourists for millions of years. You can see a large number of people walking in the same direction and it is sometimes very cluttered during the peak season. Hence if you want to experience the beauty of this wall then you need to choose your day and time along which section you visit very carefully.

Unusual fact

It is believed that a great Chinese poet had already predicted the construction of this man-made Marvel. According to some people, a poem named shijing was written in the XI or 77th BCE as it predicted the construction of the wall even before it was land. In this poem, it is clearly written that China needs to start defending itself by the intruders of different military forces and a great structure should be constructed so that we can protect China. it is not just a poem that predicts this great wonder but is also one of the oldest collections of any Chinese poetry that exists in today's scenario. Also if you think that the Great Wall is a complete line then you might be wrong. Instead, it is a series of many walls. It was a defensive network hence there were many walls that were constructed around the Fort which were built in different errors. Hence every dynasty completed this great wall by protecting their territory. In a few of the places, there is double and even triple were built in the same parallel direction. It also must be in your must-visit vacation spot for China Vacation Packages and to know more such places read; ‘Your Vacation List After Quarantine Must Include These

There are many legends

They already told you that it is a very mysterious man-made Marvel and very ancient hence different dynasties had different Stories related to it. There are so many legends and stories attached to that you might get confused about what to believe and whatnot. The Great Wall is a very important symbol of Chinese culture and its peaks of great Chinese history too. Once this construction was completed people started spreading myths around and some believe that this was spread because they wanted to protect the construction from getting invaded and some believe that it is all true. The most famous story which is spread across the globe is about a woman who weeps in certain areas of this great wall that made those sections collapse. These stories have also been produced in the books and have been mixed in the songs. Another story that relates there to this construction is that the workers who were constructing this wall were buried in it. People say that the workers who died working for this construction buried into it so that the construction work doesn't stop and now their ghosts haunt it.


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