Top Ways to Satiate Your Wanderlust at Home

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 14,2020

COVID-19 has affected the world! And, nothing has been left untouched because of this unwelcomed health crisis. 


Traveling if one sector has been affected directly and so are the travelers. In the wake of this highly contagious health crisis, social distancing & lockdown are extremely important precautionary measures we are advised to take.


So, while you are locked-down inside your homes, you cannot help but dream about those trips & vacations. So, here are the top 10 ways to satiate your wanderlust at home. Get started:


Take Traveling Inspiration by Reading a Books 


Stay Home, Stay Safe! Are you looking for an idea to get inspired to travel when it all gets to find and the universe completes its restoration process?  Do you want to utilize this period of quarantine for something good? Do you want that social distancing, gets you something valuable for you? NO worries, there are plenty of ways you can make that happen. One of the best ways is reading books that inspire you to travel. Make a list of Must-Read Books For Every Ardent Traveler and create your reading plan and get inspired to travel. While the COVID-19 has led the libraries to be closed, you can create your own Quarantine library of travel reads. Just go for it! It’s an interesting idea.


Take Traveling Inspiration by Watching a Movie


Another traveling Inspiration? After reading books, another way of quarantine travel inspiration would be watching movies on traveling and exploration. While you cannot go to theatres, there is another better way of getting inspiration to travel. While COVID-19 has locked us all inside our houses, we can find ways to deal with it and still keep that connection with our hobbies & interests. For the ones who are keen travelers, creating your list of Top Movies that Inspire You to Travel during this time of quarantine would definitely do the magic.


Try Cooking Local Dishes from Place where you Want to Travel


So are you a hardcore foodie? Have you planned for a food tour and have to postpone the same because of the COVID-19 lockdown. If that’s the case then you must have been craving for local cuisines of your favorite tourist destinations. Hey...There’s nothing to worry about it, you can have that on your platter right here, right now, if you really wish. If you really wish for something then the Genie says, “Your wish is my command”.


Wondering how you are going to make this dream of yours come true? If you can afford a trip, you can afford to cook it at home, right? You are rich enough, don’t panic! And, believe it or not, this opportunity of such a food tour will not ever come in life. Which local cuisines do you crave for? International or national?  pad Thai? jerk chicken? Get set Go! Just taste it right now, right here!!


Learn a Language of a Place where You Want to Travel


Nothing can become a hurdle to your life if you really want to do something ~ so do you think lockdown can stop you from doing what you see every day in your dream? No that’s impossible! No one, nothing can stop you. 


Even if you crave for something as big as learning new languages, every time you travel to a place. So, if that’s something that has occupied your mind for a long time, then you have got the right opportunity, right here, right now. 


Not only this will feed your craving, but this will also help you through your next International travel plans. You can start off with this by downloading an app from the AppStore or you can also join an online training program that will help you with learning whatever language you want to. 


So, what’s more, you could have ever demanded from life. You are literally getting everything. Bringing this new language into your life will feel nothing less like actually living the place. And, as a traveler and an explorer, what else do you want from life? Let’s be positive, squeeze something useful & satisfying from the period of quarantine. 


Some other creative ways to quench your thirst to travel around:


5.Listen to Music from Across the Globe

6.Create Memory Book from Your Past Vacations

7.Work on  Your Bucket List

8.Plan Your Next Vacation


So, these are some of the most interesting and creative ways to Satiate Your Wanderlust at Home. But, most of all the most important thing is having a positive frame of mind till the time you are quarantined inside your homes. There’s always hope, there’s always something good about whatever situation you are in. 


Stay home, learn new things & be Safe!!

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