Top Movies that Inspire You to Travel!

Conquer the world, watch inspiring “Travel Tales”! With pessimism, grief & the super occupied days shrouding us every day, the only thing that comes to mind to feel rejuvenated & relaxed is Traveling. Only nature - the pleasing vista, the sweeping towns, and the craggy mountains can be the anecdote to all the pains of your life.

And, if you want to get inspired & travel, then watching travel-oriented movies is one of the best ways. Before you plan your vacation packages, take time and watch some movies based on traveling. Make your list of films that will inspire you to get into the shoes, pack your bags, and get your brain start buzzing with plans of best places to travel.

The list below has been specifically designed to push you out of your bed happily and inspire you to travel.

Into the Wild:

It’s a true story!

The movie highlights the story of a top student & athlete, Christopher McCandless who has graduated from Emory University. After graduation, he abandons all his possessions and donates a sum of $24,000 to the charity. He then gets on to this adventurous journey of explorations and hitchhikes to Alaska. This entire journey and the people he meets on this journey help him discover himself and shape his life. If you want to travel, you must watch this movie!

The Darjeeling Limited:

It’s this beautiful story about three brothers who have not communicated for a long time. But, life turns optimistically, when after the death of their father decide to go on a train journey to India to mend their relationships. In this quest to discover who they actually are, they discover beautiful India and the chaos all over. This beautifully narrated story will definitely make you feel like getting off your bed and discovering the world.

The Motorcycle Diaries:

The Motorcycle Diaries is the real-life story of Che Guevera’s motorcycle journey and how it turned around his life. Post his adventure motorcycle journey he became a legendary American revolutionary. This wonderful dramatization has beautifully narrated the story of how he became a commander of world-class fame. And, after seeing some of the spectacularly beautiful South American destinations  ~ Miramar, Machu Picchu, Patagonia, Atacama Desert, Nahuel Huapi Lake, Buenos Aires, and Caracas, you won’t be able to keep calm and plan a vacation.

The Way:

This one is a must-watch for all those who really want to travel. It’s a heart-touching story of a father’s love for his son, which he showcases by walking along the Camino de Santiago trail in Spain. He goes on this incredible journey to honor his son who dies trekking along the same trail. The film is the perfect representation of the rollercoaster of emotions that this father experiences and how he forcefully makes friends with strangers on this journey.

The Beach:

If you want to see Leonardo DiCaprio then this is the perfect thing! It is the story of Vicenarian Richard and his travel journey through Thailand. He finds a strange map that takes him to the beautiful beach paradise. This film is the story of his journey through this beach paradise. This will inspire you to explore the unexplored!


This one is the story of a woman and her one hundred solo hiking trip that she takes to fight one of her life’s tragedies. It so beautifully tells the story of this girl named Cheryl Strayed, who is a writer by profession. It’s the story of how she covers 1,100 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail after the tragic death of her mother. On her way, she loses her toenails, walks through dreadful forests, snowfields, but it’s beautiful to watch out how clearly she can think now! She learns the art of self-acceptance!

One Week:

This movie tells the story of Ben Tyler’s motorcycle trip from Toronto to Tofino, British Columbia. The movie will tell you how he gets to find the real meaning of life while he stops at different landmarks on his way through the journey.

Before Sunrise:

On a trail journey in Europe, a man and woman meet, they befriend and end up spending a day together in Vienna. But, it comes out as a tragedy when they come to know that they are going to be together only for a night. It is inspiring to see the bond they develop, the stories they share & how they develop love interest for each other.

The Bucket List:

The Bucket List is the story of two people who are struggling for their lives in the hospital bed. They together make a bucket list of their wishes and decide to do everything at the end of their life whatever they have not been able to do. This tale is a complete tearjerker and at the end of this movie, you will literally feel inspired to create your own Bucket List.

Finding Nemo:

It was only after the release of “Finding Nemo”, that travelers are more likely to plan trips to Cairns and Sydney. It is the craze of discovering where the Nemo actually came from that has inspired them to travel around. After watching the movie, you will feel inspired to discover the amazing underwater world.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty:

The movie tells you that one should not confine themselves to their comfort zone or they will miss a lot of important things in life. It tells that exploring different places, people, and things, is an enriching experience.

Couples Retreat:

This one is a gift for couples! Loaded all with humor, emotions, and life, the movie gets you the mesmerizing picture of Bora Bora. Watch this movie and this will have you inspired to plan Bora Bora vacation packages.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara:

A triplet (friends) plan to go on a long-standing vacation they have in mind together. This happens when one of the three gets engaged and when they together plan a bachelor’s vacation. It basically shows you what and how you discover so many interesting and enriching things when you embark on a journey to discover the undiscovered.

The Art of Travel:

This is the story of a boy named Conner Layne whose wedding plans fail. He was about to get married to the first love of his life. When it fails, he goes on a solo honeymoon trip in Central America.


If you want to plan a solo vacation then you must watch this movie. The movie is based on a book that is about a woman who goes on a solo trip. She spends around 8 months traveling through the country across the vast land of Australia.

Eat Pray Love:

This is based on the book called “Eat Pray Love”! If you have been procrastinating your travel plans, this movie will give you that much-needed boost.  

The movie is about a married woman who is into an unhappy marriage.  Finally, she decides that it’s not working anymore and she should take some other path. After her divorce, she embarks on a journey of discovery of the self around the world.

Away We Go:

This is the story of a couple who are expecting their first child and so they decide to travel all through the U.S. to discover the perfect place suitable to start a family. Throughout their trip, they explore a lot of connections with friends and relatives who help them discover their home of dreams. The story gives you a picture of the discovery of different ways of living and the lifestyle in different parts of the world.

Roman Holiday:

Roman Holiday is the romantically inclined tale of travel! It takes you through an inspiring journey of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Rome. If you really want to become an avid reader & conquer the world, then you must watch this movie and get inspired.


“Highway” is a film that is based on the story of a young girl who gets abducted a few days before her marriage. And, what she discovers is amazing to experience with her. While she has to forcefully travel along with her kidnapper, she develops a beautiful connection with him. Unaware of the destination (where she has to land) she begins connecting with the journey. 

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