Taste The Royalty Of Germany When You visit These 7 Castles

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 12,2020

Germany has been very famous for its past and historical value. It is a country with Hills of vineyards and the Gardens which are bountiful. It is home to many Castles. All these castles have historical values and the antiqueness of the furniture here is just impeccable. They have been a house of royalties and of the wealthy people. Few of them are famous for their Haunting stories. There are around 20000 such castles in Germany itself. This clearly shows why people love to visit Europe. When you go on a vacation to Germany then you might not be able to visit each and every castle but there are a few that you should not miss. We have curated a list of unique castles that you must visit for an amazing history tour. These are surely going to make you feel like a royal guest and mesmerize you.


Neuschwanstein Castle


No picture can do justice to the amazing landscape of this castle. It is a magnificent place with a beautiful landscape surrounding it. If you happen to be in Germany then you only need to pay 13 Euros and can pay a visit to the entire Castle. It was home to King Ludwig 2 you and ever since it has been famous as a tourist spot. There are Bridge and amazing valleys that you can take a walk to. There is also an ice water stream nearby which you can visit with your loved ones and spend some romantic time with them. The valley around it is vast enough to let you travel solo and guess the enchanting sky and Stars from theirs. Your visit to this castle is surely going to fill your soul with royalty. It has a striking resemblance to one of the Disney movie palace, read ‘Travel to the country of your favorite Disney princess’ to find out.


Liechtenstein Castle


Do you want to experience how it feels like hunting like Royal? Well, you can gain 50 minutes of this experience at Liechtenstein Castle. It is located at the mountainside and is a Dream Castle. If you had a royalty then you would surely love to own one such Palace to yourself. Well, it is not exactly a historical place because it has been rebuilt many times and not just that but it has been exchanged as a gift amongst Royals frequently. Its half portion was rebuilt as a hunting lodge where you can easily go and hunt the wilds in the surrounding Hills. When you visit here you can go down into the lanes of imagination where you and your buddies can experience a hunting experience in the German forest.


Heidelburg Castle


This one has an unfortunate past. This castle was struck by lightning twice in the same year. But this didn't let the Royals stop them from rebuilding it. It has been rebuilt twice and when you pass the halls of this castle you can easily see The Renaissance from the previous ages. You can travel this entire Palace only for 13 euros. We suggest taking your partner here for a beautiful stride. It is believed that it was once a very mesmerizing Castle but due to the lightning and continuous re-building it has lost its charm. It is also believed that it is not fully completed and hence has a mysterious touch to it.


Hohenzollern Castle


What if we tell you, you can spend an entire day feeling like a royal? You can spend 12 Euros and there for as much as you want in a day. They have privately don't room along with privately on the ground. It is a Russian royalty Castle and you can even check out the Russian Royal Crown located here. It is completely displayed for the interest of tourists. This Castle has all that you need to spend a royal affair. You can pass by the royal Gardens and even dine into the restaurants inbuilt here. The meals here are quite lip-smacking and you won't regret your 12 euros.


Reichsburg Cochem Castle


If not then you can visit her any time of the year but if you want to visit and take in English to the end you need to wait for the summer. Even if you happen to be an inventor here inventors you'll obviously be getting the translation sheets that are provided to you in 12 different languages. You can have a tour of this castle in around 60 Euros and can experience its enchanting beauty. The amazing history related to this palace is that the workers used to throw empty barrels on the Rival Army. You can actually see the empty wine barrels here even during these days and can imagine how they once were used as a weapon.


Wartburg Castle


Do you ever want to visit the castle where even Martin Luther worked? Well, Wartburg Castle is the first castle in Germany which was bestowed an honor of being a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is very uncommon to be appointed as the Heritage site being a castle. You can visit here at the price of 10 Euros and experience the lavish Lifestyle that once a great Duchess lived. However, if you don't understand Germany then you need to wait for a certain time slot when the entire tour is given into English. This entire Castle is filled with amazing artifacts from Luther's era.


Eltz Castle


If you want to feel like a Disney princess trapped in a castle which is located in between the forest then this is It stays together. It is 850 years old and still is run by the descendants of the original royal family. If you happen to visit here You only need to spend 10 Euros to experience a 40 minute of pure royalty. There are old furniture pieces that date backs to the original era. Also, it is located between the Eltz forest which gives it a secluded look and adds a mystical charm to it.


Germany never fails to give you a Royal Outlook. If you happen to visit in Germany when visiting these Royal Castle should be at the top of your list so that you can get a taste of its ancient royal touch. The architectures here are a great way to experience luxury meeting royalty.

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