The Biggest Travel Trends To Follow In 2020

We worked hard and followed a lot of industry experts to understand what are going to be the key trends for travel in the year 2020. We are glad to have the result which shows a bright side to the travel trends in 2020. With the research, we have also found that travelers will have a great time following these trends in 2020.

For the year, the travelers will be striving on the planet, on local communities, on destinations, and on themselves. This is a rising trend we have noticed and believe is on the edge of rising even more. 

With climate change reports and concerns for the planet, sustainability is the key to everyone’s mind right now. 

Rather than taking a vacation to shed off the heat and relax, travelers are looking for their travel to mean something in the long run. To learn and to leave an impact is the new trend that is keeping the travelers flowing. 

Keeping the same in the limelight, our trends for 2020 does not talk about the places you can go to but about the person or a traveler, you can be on your exploring time. 

Carbon Reduction 

The world is running around considering climate change to be a calamity. The travel industry is taking measures for a challenge and is trying to mitigate the effect as much as it can. The subject of the conversation starts right from the start with the emission of greenhouse gases from the flights. 

Climate change has come out to be a crisis after several incidents in the last year alone. The world witnessed a 240 wildfire in Amazon that will take years of a-forestation. Forests target on cleaning the air and in the reduction of the carbon content from the air. 

To reduce the effect, the travel industry is taking steps with moderation to keep up with their conservation in any stance possible. 

The industry is still working on finding more ways to do it along with the travelers. 


In recent years, the trend in taking long-overdue trips has changed. What was attractive before is not the same anymore. As per several travel companies, rather than taking a long-overdue vacation of a month or so, people prefer.

Spending more than a day in a business class flight to get to a trip that sits far far away only to spend weeks on the vacation is not the idea anymore. Travelers are attracted by short and precisely curated travel trips. Shortcations have become very popular recently. 

The schedules of most travelers do not allow them to take trips to faraway lands. The always bustling schedules only give a window of a few days to the travelers, sufficient enough only to travel to a destination close to home. This has influenced a rise in domestic or closer travel. Again, this also helps the travelers to ditch jetlag. 

Green Hotels and Eco-Lodges 

Green hotels or eco-lodges have an exceptional charm to them. Humans always feel calmer and pleasant when surrounded by plants and nature. Eco lodges and green hotels make sure they have enough plantation in the campus to keep the air cleaner, the ambiance calmer, and the travelers happier. 

The travel companies say that they have seen a special demand influx for eco-lodges and green hotels in recent.

In surveys taken, it has been observed that 70% of travelers go for a greener place in comparison. This somehow also helps them in favoring the idea of reversing climate change by supporting places supporting plantations.  

Recycling, reproduction of green energy, and cultivation and growth of proper local and organic food items are the elements sitting very high on the list of travelers. 

Single-Use Plastic, NO

More and more travelers every single day are changing their approach. What was considered a mark of travel someday, is only considered to be a wrong approach now. 

One time using plastic is only contributing to climate change in the terms. Just like eliminating carbon has become a priority, one-time plastic has also become a no. 

Travelers prefer keeping water bottles of reusable bottles provided by the hotel to make sure the plastic wastage is reduced. 

Plastic straws are also a major contributor to plastic waste and hundreds of hotels around the globe have banned and completely discarded the use of plastic straws. 

Travelers also take a keen interest in booking a hotel that believes and is practicing plastic recycling to support planet conservation. 

Women Only Trips

With the rise of women empowerment around the world, women are finally being motivated to live and travel alone or with their girl gangs. Women around the world are ditching men to take on a trip alone or with their girls to mark a time of their lives. 

Women traveling solo also look out for other women traveling solo, thus travel makers curate special women group travels. In the same, different women can come together and travel together.

Supporting other women has become a clear motivation for women around the world and the trend is entering the travel industry too. 

Following the same, the group trips that included several people have climbed a little down on the list of travel makers, with women only trip making a place on the list.

Second City Travel

The popular travel destinations are always crowded with no sign of the possibility of discovering a new aspect of culture, life, traditions or anything the city holds. This comes out as a major disappointment for several travelers. 

Second cities are considered to be the less popular cities. The cities that are left raw and have a lot to offer to the travelers no one has talked about before. 


The second city travel takes travelers on a journey that allows them to explore and derive so much more out of a destination. Second city travelers are also a lot more welcoming and are open to travelers with unexplored edges, giving them a phenomenal experience.

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