Easy Asian Recipes That You Can Try At Your Home

Easy Asian Recipes

‍Did you know that Asia has the most number of people who are vegetarian or vegan? That’s because Asian cultures tend to be plant-based and have a wealth of recipes that use a lot of plants. Many Asian dishes are also fat-free, which is great news for anyone who’s watching their weight. If you think Asian food is all about soy sauce, ginger, and other pungent flavors – think again. The flavors in these dishes tend to be subtle, but they’re also packed with hidden nutrition. As mentioned above, many traditional Asian dishes are plant-based and have no added fats (or are fat-reduced). You might not even know it just from reading the ingredients. There’s so much more to Asian cuisine than just chicken satay skewers!


1. Asian food culture


Asian food culture


Asian food culture is rich and diverse. If you travel to Asia, you’ll find that each country’s food has its own distinct flavor and feel. For example, Chinese food is more of a stir-fry; Japanese food is more about the dashi broth and fish; Indian food is about curry and spices; Thai food is about fresh herbs and spices like ginger, lemongrass, and turmeric. The ingredients used in Asian food vary depending on the region, but most of the foods have one thing in common – they’re packed with lots of fresh vegetables and are naturally low in fat and high in fiber. What’s more, Asian cultures like to share their food, so you’ll find that a lot of the dishes are for sharing and to be enjoyed with others.


2. What makes Asian food healthy?


For starters, Asian food is predominantly plant-based and is rich in vegetables and fiber. You can find vegetables in almost every Asian dish; some of the most commonly used vegetables include carrots, bok choy, broccoli, cabbage, and green beans. Many Asian dishes are also naturally gluten-free and are often prepared without butter, which makes them a great choice for people on a diet and trying to lose weight. Asian dishes also tend to be low in added sugars and sodium. Unlike other cultures that use a lot of oil and animal sources, Asian meals are often low in fat and sodium.


3. Benefits of eating Asian food


  • Asians tend to have the lowest rates of heart disease and stroke, which is perhaps the biggest benefit of eating Asian food. 
  • It’s thought that the amount of vegetables in Asian cuisine is what makes it so healthy. They’re rich in fiber, low in fat and sodium, and full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – all of which are great for keeping your heart healthy. 
  • Eating Asian food also keeps your blood sugar levels balanced, which is great for diabetics. Asian food usually contains very little sugar and is rich in proteins. 
  • Asian food is also rich in B vitamins, which provide energy and help to lower stress levels. 
  • Asian foods are also good for your digestive health. Many of them are naturally gluten-free and are packed with probiotics, which are good for keeping your gut healthy. 
  • Asian food is also rich in protein; a serving of vegetables contains about 5 grams of protein, which is about half of what the average person needs in a day. 
  • Eating Asian food is also good for your bones, especially if you consume a lot of fish. 
  • Asian food also contains a lot of calcium, which is important for keeping your bones and teeth healthy.


4. Easy Asian chicken recipes 


asian chicken


  1. Asian chicken stir fry: This recipe is a great way to enjoy a delicious Asian dish that’s healthy and low in fat. First, you’ll want to cook your chicken with ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and sesame oil, which is a classic Asian stir fry. After you’ve cooked the chicken, you’ll want to add your veggies, like broccoli and carrots. For a finishing touch, you can add sesame seeds! 
  2. Thai red chicken curry - This is a classic Asian chicken recipe that’s rich and creamy but also low in fat and high in flavor. It’s made with coconut milk and Thai spices, including ginger, lemongrass, and cilantro, which taste amazing when combined. 
  3. Chicken fried rice - This Asian chicken recipe is a great way to use up leftover chicken and rice. All you need to do is cook the rice, dice up your leftover chicken, and fry them together with some vegetables.


5. Easy Asian veggie recipes


  1. Asian vegetable stir fry - Like the chicken stir fry, this vegetable stir fry is another simple Asian recipe that’s low in fat and packed with nutrients. You can use carrots, broccoli, and red peppers; just make sure to add them to the pan in the right order, so they all cook at the same rate. 
  2. Asian vegetable and tofu stir fry - If you want to add some protein to your Asian vegetable stir fry, this tofu stir fry is a great option. You can choose your favorite vegetables and tofu, but some good choices are broccoli, peppers, carrots, and tofu. Just like with the chicken stir fry, you’ll want to cook the vegetables first before adding the tofu so that everything cooks at the same rate. 
  3. Asian vegetable and tofu soup - If you want to eat even more vegetables and soup, you can try this Asian vegetable and tofu soup. It’s loaded with veggies, like broccoli, peppers, carrots, and edamame, and is low in fat and sodium.


6. Easy Asian seafood recipes 


  1. Asian salmon with Asian broccolini - This Asian salmon recipe is one of the best Asian recipes you can make. It’s super easy to make and is low in fat but still has a rich flavor. You can make this recipe with salmon or any other fatty fish, like mackerel or sardines. 
  2. Asian salmon and beans - This recipe is a great way to use up leftover salmon or beans. You can also make it with fresh salmon and canned beans. All you need to do is cook the salmon and beans together, and you’ll have a tasty Asian recipe. 
  3. Asian salmon and rice - Just like with the chicken fried rice, this is another great way to use leftover rice and salmon. You can also make this with fresh salmon and rice.


7. Easy Asian vegan recipes 


  1. Asian tofu and vegetable stir fry - This is a great vegan Asian recipe that you can make with minimal effort. You can use any vegetables that you have lying around, but this recipe is great with carrots, broccoli, and red peppers. 
  2. Asian tofu and vegetable soup - This is another easy Asian tofu and vegetable soup recipe. It’s great if you’re trying to eat more vegetables and stay healthy. Carrots, broccoli, and edamame are great choices, but you can use any vegetables you want. 
  3. Asian tofu and rice - This is a great Asian recipe that you can make with leftover rice and tofu. You can also make this with fresh tofu and rice.


8. Other easy Asian recipes

easy Asian recipes


  1. Asian rice salad - This is a great Asian recipe for vegetarians. It’s perfect for making for a party, as it’s easy to make and can be served at room temperature. 
  2. Asian rice crackers - These crackers are a great Asian recipe that’s easy to make, low in fat, and full of flavor. You can make a pretty stacked batch, and they’ll last for a while. They’re also gluten-free, which makes them good for those who are on a diet. 
  3. Asian rice porridge - This Asian recipe is perfect for a quick breakfast or dinner. It’s super easy and quick to make and is full of nutrients.




Asian food is a great choice for those looking to lose weight and eat healthily. Many Asian dishes are naturally gluten-free, low in fat, and rich in nutrients. These healthy Asian recipes are simple to make, but they’re packed with flavor and are an amazing way to start or end your day on a healthy note. Moreover, Asian food is a great way to try new flavors and expand your palate. Asian cuisine is diverse and comes from a number of different cultures. From the bold and spicy tastes of Thai food to the fresh and delicate flavors of Japanese sushi, there is something for every palate. Asian food is also a great option if you are following a diet, such as Whole30, Paleo, or a vegan diet. Many Asian dishes are naturally gluten-free and are packed with nutrients. Additionally, many Asian restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan options, making it an easy choice if you are trying to cut back on meat.

Asian fusion is also growing in popularity, making it easier than ever to try new Asian dishes. As with any food, it’s important to eat a balanced diet, but Asian food has many benefits. This type of cuisine is often rich in nutrients like iron, zinc, and vitamin B, as well as healthy fats like omega-3s. Asian foods are also often low in fat, sugar, and salt, which makes them ideal for anyone trying to maintain or lose weight. Visit Leisure.com to discover more exotic recipes and travel and living experiences around the world!

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