How Much Is A Disney Cruise? Here Are The Important Details

Author: Saumya Khanduja on Mar 17,2022

Since the Disney Cruise Line first started its operations in 1998, the line has gradually become extremely popular among travelers who want to experience the Disney magic while they voyage out at sea. With their fifth ship debuting in the summer of 2022, the Disney cruise line is now all set to offer multiple options and destinations to all kinds of travelers. 


But how much is a Disney cruise? Is it really worth it this year as cruising resumes after the pandemic? Multiple factors actually contribute to how much your Disney cruise will cost you overall. A significant portion of the overall cost of your Disney cruise will depend on the fare. Apart from the fare, several other factors include add-ons, drinks, gratuities, excursions, etc. The overall cost will depend on the person. 


Here are a few things to consider before you set sail on your Disney cruise this summer! 


The Basics 



1. Fare 

A significant portion of your Disney cruise cost will depend on its basic fare. The fare includes your accommodation, food, refreshments, activities, entertainment, and some kid-friendly activities. 


According to Disney, the fare for a random cruise itinerary to the Bahamas can start from as low as $629 for a person. It can go up to $5,000 or more for the best amenities. But something that Disney cruises can be applauded for here is the fact that they display all of their fare, inclusive of all kinds of extras, unlike other cruise lines like the Norwegian cruise line or Carnival, or even Royal Caribbean. 


2. Length 

In order to grasp how much is a Disney cruise, it is also essential to be looking at the prices based on the number of days. Yes, exactly like we look at hotel prices depending on the number of nights we are going to be spending there. This will make it easy to compare Disney cruise itineraries with other cruise lines’ itineraries. 


Shorter Disney cruises, ranging from three to four days, can cost you lower, but they are not necessarily cheaper than other cruises each night. For instance, a 3-day Disney cruise itinerary to the Bahamas on their ship “Disney Wish” will reportedly cost a person $362 for each day. When chosen for four days, the same itinerary will cost $279 every day. 


3. Cabin 

Inside every room on a Disney cruise, you will find the most cost-effective and comfortable cabins. Of course, the suites on the cruise ship are the most decadent of all. 


There are four room categories on various Disney cruise ships:


1. The Inside Room - This type of cabin does not come with any exterior view or balcony and is approximately 169 square feet overall. 

2. The Oceanview Room - This type of cabin is almost 200 square feet overall and comes with 1-2 portholes, giving you a picturesque view of the ocean outside. 

3. The Verandah Room/ The Balcony Room - This cabin is almost 245 square feet huge. It comes with an added outside space to give you your personal space to feel the ocean breeze from the comforts of your cabin. 

4. The Concierge Suites - These suites will vary in terms of the pricing depending on the size. The size of the suites can range anywhere from 300 to 1781 square feet. The overall level can offer multiple added benefits and amenities like a lounge area with snacks and food, concierge, private deck, and more. 


Let’s consider the prices for the Caribbean cruise itinerary by Disney cruises for seven days. Here is the lowest price for each category of room/suite, for one person for one day:


1. The Inside Room - $189

2. The Oceanview Room - $217

3. The Verandah/Balcony Room - $244

4. The Concierge Suites - $741


When choosing a cabin, you should consider the amount of time you are looking to spend inside your room. Will you require a balcony, or are you all set to splurge on the vacation? There are always choices you have to make to choose the best room for yourself and your loved ones. 


The Other Considerations 



1. The Season 


“How much is a Disney cruise worth?” is a question blatantly staring at us! Apart from the overall fare, length, and cabin type, it also depends on the time of the year you choose to travel. Your cruise cost will significantly go up or down depending on whether it is the peak season. 


Therefore, as always, try to avoid traveling during the peak season. You must avoid major holidays, school breaks, and other peak seasons not to be entrapped by high prices. The less popular times, i.e., the shoulder season, are great for traveling on a cruise. You will be guaranteed low prices for the overall fare you pay. So, if you travel during September instead of Christmas, you are going to be saving almost 50% of the overall cost. 


2. The Ship 


Remember- this is not just with the Disney cruise line; this applies to every single cruise line out there - new ships will always come with a premium attached! Disney Wish, a relatively newer ship in the cruise line, asks for $500 extra for the same 3-day Bahamas cruise compared to the Disney Dream ship. Think about it! 


Do you really want to spend $500 per person extra just to be allured by fancier amenities present in the other ships in a much more subtle way? 


3. The Destination 


Generally, cruises to the Caribbean are more popular than other destinations. However, there are many other eccentric locations to which Disney offers incredible itineraries. Some sailings to the Mediterranean and Alaska are on the expensive side. The base fare for cruises to Alaska for seven nights can be 30% more expensive than others, while those to Europe are 40% more expensive. 


Reaching some ports is an expensive affair than reaching others. Consider the destination before you start booking! 


The Extras 

There are a few other onboarding expenses you’ll have to incorporate into your budget for a Disney cruise:


1. Beverages

There are plenty of options for bars and lounges on Disney cruise ships. The alcoholic beverages and specialty coffee is not a part of the actual base fare for your cruise trip. But, unlike other cruise lines, Disney will offer you a free soda or pop with your meals.


Here is how much you’re going to pay for some of the beverages on a Disney cruise ship:


1. Beer - $5 a bottle (average)

2. Cocktails - $6-$10

3. Wine (by the glass) - $6-$10

4. Wine (bottle price) - $95 -$300 and above. 


2. Specialty Dining

Aboard the Disney cruise line, plenty of specialty dining options are available, like Palo for Northern Italian food or Remy for some French-inspired dining experience. The fee for such specialty dining options can range anywhere from $45 per meal to $125. Room service is also available from these unique options depending on a la carte dining prices. 


3. Shore Excursions

There is a massive difference in the prices for shore excursions. They can be as low as $20 per person for renting a bike and go up to a few $100 bills for other activities! The good news is that Disney cruise offers access to its private island, the Castaway Cay, on trips to the Bahamas. Here, meals will be all-inclusive, and there will be no extra charges levied on people to hang out on the beach chairs. 


4. Gratuities

Though not a mandatory thing, gratuities are customary! Disney does offer a few suggestions for the same as well. Gratuities can run approximately $95 for a person and cover a few staff members on the ship. However, when it comes to bills for bars, beverages, and wine, an 18% gratuity is already added to the same. 


5. Internet

Like us, you will need the internet while cruising to catch up with Leisure's fantastic blogs! 


Your data plans will not be working in the middle of the ocean. To curb this issue, Disney has you covered. You can purchase their program “Connect@Sea” for anywhere from $19 to $89 depending on your usage plans and packages you invest in. 


6. Miscellaneous

We need to consider a few other extras onboard, like photo packages, spa, etc. They are not exactly a part of the fare you pay, but the prices for the same can be anywhere from $20 to $100 and above for different services. 


7. Cost of Traveling 

You need to include the cost of traveling to and from the ports of the cruise ship. They are, after all, a part of Disney cruise vacation. All flights, transfers, pre and post-cruise hotels, food outside, everything must be a part of your overall budget. So what are you waiting for?


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