Disney Cruise Line Destinations You Should Not Miss

Disney Cruises are a fantasy vacation for hundreds of families. The cruise line amalgamates the magic of Walt Disney with the fun times of a cruise. 


The cruise lines have been around since 1998 and since launch has become a favorite among people. Loyal followers swear by Disney Cruise Lines. 


Though the cruise lines are not huge in terms of the total number of ships, the cruise line does offer an experience of a lifetime that you will not find anywhere else. Every ship on the cruise line gives you enough opportunities to meet and enjoy with your favorite characters from the Disney universe. Not only this, but you can also enjoy Disney-themed entertainment and dining. 


For an unforgettable Disney cruise line destinations’ experience, combine your cruise with a trip to Disney World. Your family will love the experience. 


Disney Cruise Line Ships 



The Disney Cruise Line does not have a vast fleet. There are four ships part of the line right now, which, in no case, skimp on the extravagance and amenities. 


The four ships part of the Disney Cruise Line are:


- Disney Dream 

- Disney Fantasy 

- Disney Magic 

- Disney Wonder 


There will be another addition to the cruise line with a new ship, Disney Wish, all ready to set its first sail in the summer of 2022. 


Departure Ports for Disney Cruises 


The Disney Cruise Line sets its sail to more than 60 different destinations from 13 North America and Europe departure ports. 


Departure Ports of North America 


- Galveston, Texas 

- Honolulu, Hawaii

- Miami, Florida 

- New Orleans, Los Angeles 

- New York

- Orlando (Port Canaveral, Florida)

- San Diego, California

- San Juan, Puerto Rico 

- Vancouver, Canada 


Departure ports of Europe 


- Barcelona, Spain

- Dover, England 

- Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy 

- Copenhagen, Denmark 


Disney Cruise Line Destinations and Itineraries 



An average year sees around 280 departures on the Disney Cruise Lines, ranging from 3 to 14 nights sailings. 


Usually, the Disney Dream has the highest number of annual sailings at 104, ranging from 3-14 nights sailings, from Port Canaveral to the Bahamas. These sailings all go to the part of the private island of the Disney cruise line destinations, in Castaway Cay, with a few stoppages in Nassau. 


Some Disney Cruises also do a “double-dip,” i.e., making two stops at the Castaway Cay private island, where travelers can step ashore yet not get out of the beautiful and magical bubble of Disney world. 


The Disney Fantasy cruise line does shorter sails from Port Canaveral, while the longer sails head to the Caribbean. Eastern Caribbean sails go to ports like Antigua, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and St. Maarten. 


The Western Caribbean Sails reach the ports of Mexico, Jamaica, and the Grand Canyon. 


The Southern Caribbean Sails visit ports like St. Kitts, St. Lucia, the Virgin Islands, and Antigua. 


Disney Wonder cruise line starts the year with sails from Galveston, then New Orleans, going further to ports around the Caribbean and Mexico, and then finally heading to the Panama Canal to California. There are both shorter and longer cruises. 


The Disney Wonder ship also sails during spring, from San Diego to Mexico, and then moves on to Vancouver for summer sails to Alaska from May to September. From there, the cruise line heads back to San Diego for early fall sails, taking some long sails toward the Panama Canal and back to Galveston, ending the journey for the ship. 


Disney Magic, as compared to other cruise lines, has a more fun schedule, spending the first part of the year around sailing the Caribbean, starting from Miami, before crossing the Atlantic during May, further getting ready for European sails


This includes sails from across the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. There are ports in Iceland, Norway, Greece, Finland, Russia, Italy, Spain, England, France, and other countries. Come September, the ship sails back to New York for a month. The ship then finishes the last two months of the year on Caribbean sails departing from Miami. 


Things To Know Before You Go


You should know a few things about the cruise line before setting your voyage to the best Disney Cruise Line Destinations. 


Required Documents 


Depending on the cruise you are sailing on and your destination, the list of documents you will require will vary. Carrying a passport will always be a great idea. However, in some cases, it would not be necessary. Some cruises departing from ports like Miami, Galveston, San Diego, San Juan, Puerto Rico, New Orleans, New York, Port Canaveral can be done with a simple state-issued birth certificate and a Government-issued photo ID card. 


Whenever required, the passport must be valid for at least six months. For cruise lines from international ports, a passport is a necessity. It is important to remember that the name on your reservation ticket should match the name mentioned on your passport or your proof of nationality. 




A great thing about Disney Cruise Line is that they allow you to add a service gratuity of about $13 per person per day to your overall bill. If you are not happy and satisfied with the services on the ship, you can lower this amount, or if you are happy, you can easily raise the amount upward. 


Traveling to different Disney Cruise Line Destinations could not get any better than this! 




Disney Cruise Lines do offer you WiFi facilities onboard. However, they are either a little on the expensive side or are not good, so you cannot do much if you want to connect to the world outside your ship. The WiFi on-board is connected by Connect@sea, and you will need to pay to use the same, based on different data packs. The smallest pack starts at about $19 for 100 Mbps, and the largest pack was for about $89 for 1000 Mbps. 


Carry-on drinks 


Guests on the Disney Cruise Lines are allowed to carry a maximum of two unopened bottles of wine or champagne, which are no larger than 750 ml, or they can have six beers (no larger than 12 oz) at the beginning of the journey at port of call. These beverages must be carried in carry-on bags and not in check-in luggage. 


And, of course, guests need to be 21 years or older to carry alcoholic beverages. 


Smoking zones 


Smoking is permitted in a few areas onboard, which are designated smoking zones on the deck. Smoking in your cabin and cabin balconies is forbidden. People who violate the rule will have to pay a $250 cleaning fee.


Laundry service 


Disney cruise lines also offer laundry services and dry-cleaning services directly from your stateroom. There is also an around-the-clock self-service guest laundry area that is equipped with state-of-the-art washing machines and dryers with detergents and ironing equipment. 


Electrical outlets 


Every stateroom is equipped with multiple 110-volts outlets that are a standard in the United States and Canada. Rooms on the Disney Dream cruise line and Fantasy cruise line are equipped with combined 110-volts and 220-volts outlets. The 220-volts outlets are suitable for European countries. 


The staterooms will also have small electrical appliances like a hairdryer. 




On all Disney cruises, regardless of the location, the currency is US Dollars. Your Key to the World will serve as an onboard payment method. Credit cards and cash are not required onboard unless you are interested in tipping someone at specific points. Your key will help you charge everything you do onboard to your stateroom folio for the final billing. 


All things said and done, you should carry some cash for different port visits to participate in various excursion activities. 


Drinking age 


Disney cruises set the drinking age limit to a minimum of 21 years. In cases of round-trip Disney Cruise Line Destinations departing from Europe, the drinking age is a little lower, where those of 18-20 years in age can also drink with signed parental/guardian consent. 


Dress code 


There is no requirement for a specific dress code on Disney cruise lines during the day. People can dress as they please. 


However, there are a few things to be kept in mind for packing your essentials for different Disney cruise line destinations. For example, if you are traveling to warmer-weather destinations and are bound to a top deck, carry more t-shirts, shorts, and bathing suits. 


During your evenings on the cruise line, dining attire in the three main restaurants is “cruise casual,” so you can put on your party dress and shoes but no tank tops or swimwear. Some guests do like an extravagance, and they tend to dress up a bit, but it is unnecessary unless you are dining in Remy or Palo. 


For cruise ships sailing for more than seven nights, there will be a “formal night,” where you would want to carry your formal attire, like suits, sports coats, cocktail dresses, and other clothing items of the like. However, all things considered, this is only encouraged and not compulsorily required. 


PS: If you are looking for more fun, carry your pirate gear for the Pirate Night on your ship. 


Final Word 


As per the reports by CDC, cruising has resumed. So whether you are planning to go on a three-night trip to Castaway Cay or over a bigger journey through the Panama Canal, Disney Cruise Line Destinations will mesmerize you as much as the fun and frolicking on the ships. 


The styling, the number of inclusions, rotational dining, private islands, waterslides, kids clubs, entertainment, and how can we forget, sailing with our favorite Disney characters just adds up to the charm of a vacation after so long. 


For those who are already familiar with Disney cruises, there is nothing more we can tell you about them; however, for those who are not familiar, Disney Cruise Lines are all set to take you out on a voyage of a lifetime! 


Happy sailing to you! 



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